Donovan the singer sang at Robin Williamson's wedding and a boy called Isaac danced

by BardofEly

Donovan is a singer-songwriter who came to fame in the late 1960s. He was a special guest at Robin Williamson's wedding.

Donovan was a special guest

Donovan was a special guest at Robin Williamson's wedding party at the tail end of the '80s when I was working for him as his secretary. Robin, who is famous as a founder member of the Incredible String Band, as well as his solo career, had just married Bina Williamson and the celebration of this happy occasion was held in Llandaff Court, which is a once stately home that now stands in a park in Cardiff.

Donovan, of course came to fame as an acoustic guitar-player and folk singer-songwriter in the late '60s when he had hits with songs like Catch The Wind and Colours. He had been hailed as Britain's answer to Bob Dylan but whilst there was a similarity in that the two young men both played the guitar and harmonica and wrote their own songs that was really as far as it went.

Donovan went on to forge a very impressive career with many hit singles and albums to his credit and a distinctive style of writing.

Donovan was guest star

Topping the bill

Now it was towards the end of the night when Donovan took the stage. Earlier on I had played some songs as had others and now it was the turn of Robin's personal friend and special guest.

Donovan had the guitar with the stars and moon on it that was featured on the cover of his Cosmic Wheels album

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Singer Donovan
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Singer-songwriter Donovan

Donovan: Cosmic Wheels + Maria Magenta Live, 1972

Music heroes

Now as so often has happened with me when I get a chance to meet some of my heroes of the world of music I become awe-struck and don't know what to say. Such was the case then.

Fortunately for me I was supposed to be taking photos of the celebrations so wasn't expected to be doing a lot of socialising or anything, and I could hide away behind the camera.

My son Isaac was at the event too and I seem to recall that he would have been around 11-years-old at the time.

Isaac didn't know who Donovan was and at that time in his life didn't think about how you should act in the presence of famous people. He didn't care about who people were and was not out to make an impression. He was there to have some fun and enjoy himself.

I will never forget the moment that Donovan had just been introduced as a special guest who was going to headline the night's celebrations when Isaac stepped out in front of the small acoustic stage area and spoke to Donovan.

"Hey you," he said, "Is it OK if I dance here?"

My son was addressing a legendary singer-songwriter and hero of mine as "you!" I really didn't know what to think or say so continued hiding away behind the camera and took a few pictures which I wish I had now to show you all and as evidence of my story.

I think Donovan replied something like: "I don't see why not," and Isaac danced about on the wooden polished floor of Llandaff Court as Donovan delighted us with some of his hit songs.

Afterwards I wished I had had the nerve that Isaac had and had not been suffering from some silly shyness and awe-stricken state.

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Robin and Bina Williamson

Official site for Robin Williamson
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BardofEly on 04/07/2015

Thanks for commenting! Yes, Donovan is a brilliant singer-songwriter.

chevril on 04/07/2015

What a charming article! I am a real fan of Donavan and have been listening to him a lot recently. You & your son were lucky to share this experience.

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