Dragon Birthday Party Favors for Kids

by SusanM

Ideas for finding the best dragon birthday party favors for kids

Dragons are a great mythical creature - and a fun theme for a birthday party.

A dragon theme can stand alone as the main theme. It can also be part of a larger theme like knights, castles, magic or wizards. Regardless of whether it's a main or smaller theme you'll want to find party favors that suit the mood of your party - and the age of your young guests. So here's a selection of fun dragon birthday party favors to give you some creative ideas.

Dragon Stickers

I'm always saying how stickers are an essential party favor to put in your bag. But it's true. Kids love stickers and they're easy to collect for a popular party favor. 

I've featured dragon stickers in different styles here. This is to show you how the mood of the sticker, not just the bigger theme of dragon, can add to your party favor bag. Or on the flip side could look out of place. So when you're picking your sticker party favors think about more than just "is it a dragon?". Also think about mood, style, colors, is it more for boys or girls (or will both like it)? What age group is it made for? These questions will help you pick the best stickers to use. 

Dragon Dust

This is a great party favor idea for dragon lovers.

Dragon Dust is a creative novelty for kids. It'll let you balance your favors out too - so you have those essential party favor classics like stickers as well as new and exciting favors - like this one.

Now even though this party favor states it's a boy's party favor I think it's a good one for girls too. So don't be discouraged by the "for boys" label. It's a bright, pretty and magical party favor for both boys and girls that can encourage them to be imaginative.

Stretchy Dragon

This is another good novelty for your party bag - a stretchy, squishy dragon. 

Younger kids are active. This means a toy like this is a good one for quieter, active play because kids can squish and stretch this dragon. So it's a useful party favor for parents who might need to keep their child busy while they wait in a doctor's office or something. So everybody wins with this party favor. 

But I feel this toy might be better toy for boys, unless the girls at your party are real dragon fans. This is because the dragon is a classic design - so it isn't cute. The colors are also darker and may not appeal to all girls - but the yellow highlights do brighten it up. 

Dragon Bands

Bandz like toys are popular with kids. So they're a good choice for any party favor bag. I couldn't find dragons in the Bandz range but these Buddy Bands will work just as well. 

These Bands are made in great bright colors. This makes them good for girls and boys. 

But these Buddy Bands can work out expensive if you give each child one full bag. To save money think about giving each child one Dragon Band each. This way it will still be a great party favor for them to find in their bag but won't create issues for your party budget. 

12 Dragon Buddy Bands
Kringles Toys and Gifts

Paper Dragon Craft

This book is a lovely idea to put into a party favor bag. This is because it will give kids lots of fun at home after the party is over.

It's also something kids won't find in a party bag very often. So there's a big novelty factor to this party favor. Something which adds excitement to your party bags. 

The book has patterns for 8 flying dragons. But if the patterns are photocopied rather than cut out kids can make each dragon more than once.

Fire Breathing Dragons

These blow up dragons are a fun idea to add to your dragon birthday party favors list.

There's a lot of reasons why they're fun. Kids love blow up toys. These dragons are bright and cute but not too cute - so they're good for boys and girls at your party. They're great for imaginative play after the party. 

These dragons come in packs of 3 so they help out with your party budget. They're also easy to pop into your dragon party favor bag while they're still flat (without air in them). All very good reasons to include these in your party favors. 

Yummy Dragon Party Favor Treats

Dragon Cookies

You might find it hard to find good dragon shaped cookies. But they're easy to make if you have a dragon shaped cookie cutter. All you need is some cookie dough (store bought or homemade) and some colorful icing to decorate them with. 

This cookie cutter is in a classic dragon shape. So they're good for older kids too. They also look great in a party favor bag if you wrap them in colorful cellophane and tie it with a matching ribbon.

Dragon Eggs

Dragon themed goodies are hard to find. This means you need to be creative to find different  dragon birthday party favors for kids. 

These candy eggs are great for kids who like sour candy. They're also bright and colorful so with just a little imagination they could become dragon eggs. But to make them dragon eggs take them out of the store packaging and wrap them in cellophane with a "dragon eggs" label. This will make them lots more fun.

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Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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