Unicorn Birthday Party Favors for Kids

by SusanM

The best unicorn party favors and themes for your child's birthday

Unicorns are a nice magical twist to the more common pony themed birthday parties.

Unicorns have everything girls love about ponies and horses but they have that element of fantasy and magic that their more everyday animal cousins don't have. So unicorns make a nice choice for a birthday party theme.

Unicorn party favors can be tricky to find though. So I've collected the best picks I could find to make it easier to track down what you need.

An Essential: Unicorn Stickers

Stickers are THE party favor bag essential. They're something kids expect to find in a party bag so they can be disappointed if they're not there. They're also something kids love - and it doesn't matter how old the children are. You just choose a sticker design that will suit the age of the children at your unicorn party. 

I found some lovely designs in stickers for both older and younger girls. They all come in with 20 of the same sticker design on each sheet. But you can always buy a few sheets in different unicorn designs if you would like to give a variety of stickers in your favor bag.

Colorful Soft Unicorns

12 Unicorn Plush Animals
Rhode Island Novelty

Small soft toys can be a nice party favor idea for girls, especially preschool or younger school age ones.

Unicorn soft toys are cute and cuddly. They're also a nice party favor they can take home and keep after the party is over. 

These unicorn plush toys I found come in a pack of a dozen (12) unicorns. They're simple but quite cute looking and they come in a few different colors.

Being bigger than you'd expect, 10" they're also an easy way to fill up a birthday party favor bag too. 

You can also get another small unicorn soft, plush toy in the Ty Beanie Babies range. This one is probably cuter than the ones in the 12 pack. But the only color is white. This may seem a little less fun and magical - but white is the classic color for unicorns. 

Mystic the Unicorn (who has an iridescent horn) is often on sale at Amazon. This helps you keep within a specific budget. But your timing has to be right.

If your timing isn't right the 12 pack of colored unicorns is probably a budget better choice. Otherwise if you're happy to pay the standard price for better quality then go for Mystic for your favor bag soft toy.

Unicorn Related Activities

Unicorn Coloring Book

Unicorns Coloring Book
Dover Publications

Coloring books are another bulky idea that makes a party favor bag look nice and full. They're also in a good price range for one of your main birthday party favor items. 

Luckily you can get coloring books like this one that are dedicated to unicorns rather than horses and ponies. You can also look for coloring books that have unicorns in a more general princess or magical theme. Although I like the idea of the unicorn coloring book for a unicorn themed party.

Another nice idea if you're giving a coloring book is to also include a party sized pack of crayons or colored pencils. You can find these at Amazon. So it's easy to have a look for crayons or pencils  while you check out the unicorn themed coloring books.

Craft kits can sometimes have unicorn themes too.

These craft kits can unfortunately be too pricey for a birthday party favor if you don't buy them on sale. But you can get some cheap ones on Amazon that would work well - like this Unicorn sewing kit. 

These are something fabulous in a party favor bag. Girls love crafts and a craft is not something they'd expect to find in a party favor bag. So it makes a nice surprise for them. 

You can also use craft kits like this as birthday game prizes too. 

Unicorn Jewelry Kit

Unicorn Sewing Kit

More Unicorn Related Party Favor Ideas

Inflatable toy unicorns are another fun idea that give a carnival feel to a birthday party. Kids do enjoy these novelty toys too so they're a good choice for a "take home" party favor. They're something they can keep in their room and play with after the party is over. 

This set comes in a pack of a dozen (12) unicorns and are made by the same company as the colorful unicorn plush toys. These inflatable unicorns are much bigger though. They're 36". 

These big unicorns are a fun way to encourage imaginative play. Plus you don't have to worry about squeezing a 36" unicorn into your party favor bags. They come deflated. 

Fun Inflatable Unicorns

Inflatable Unicorns (1 dz)
Rhode Island Novelty

Playmobil Party Favor

Unicorn with Foal

This small Playmobil set is another great idea for encouraging pretend play after the party is over.

Party favors like this aren't traditional but they won't fill the kids full of sugar. They will also last much longer than a couple of days and give kids lots of fun at home. 

This Playmobil set has a unicorn and its foal. It's small (as is the price) but there's enough in it for lots of imaginary stories to be created. If kids have other Playmobil sets at home this set can be a fun add on. But they don't have to have other Playmobil sets at home to have fun with this party favor.

A Fun and Creative Idea

Send your Unicorn Party invitations out with unicorn stickers...

This is fun idea to try when sending out your party invitations. Don't just use ordinary stamps. Instead get everyone into the party spirit with unicorn themed stamps. Now these are just for those in the USA - but they're a fabulous idea if you live there. 

Stamps like this are a real novelty for kids. They make getting the invitation extra special. They're also a good way to make your party invitation stand out just a little more from the others they get.

I saw a lot more unicorn stamp designs than I expected. I've just featured a couple from the site. So they're definitely worth checking out.

Unicorn Party Favors on Ebay

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