Dragon Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Do you need some creative ideas for dragon party favors for girls?

Dragons are a fun theme for a kids birthday party. But many dragon party favors are made for boys. If your dragon party is for a girl who loves dragons - or if you will have girl party guests - it's important to have party favors they'll like too.

So here are some creative ideas for girl-friendly dragon party favor bags.

Pink Dragon Bookmark

This dragon bookmark is a lovely party favor that kids won't find in many party bags. 

It's cute. It's pink. It also comes in green and blue which is good news if you don't want pink bookmarks. 

These come in packs of 20 so they're really easy to fill your dragon birthday party favor bags with.

They're also useful after the party - for saving a place in a beginner chapter book. This means they're best for younger school age girls not preschool children.

Jeweled Dragon Stickers

Special novelty stickers are always a good idea for a party favor bag - and these purple and blue glittered dragon stickers are gorgeous and sparkly.

They're small stickers though - so you'll want to give at least 4 stickers (one row) to each girl at the party.

These stickers also aren't good for very young children (definitely not for the under 3 crew). This is  because the jewel on their tummy could be a choking risk. But they're wonderful for bigger girls for decorating school stuff or for craft work. 

Dragon Theme Puppets

Dragon themed party favors that are good for girls are really hard to find. So you'll need to look at related items to get what you need to fill your party bags. 

These finger puppets have a dragon in the set - as well as a unicorn, queen and 2 princesses. This means they work just fine for a dragon themed birthday party. They're also lots of fun and are wonderful for encouraging make believe play. 

They're also a party favor that will get lots of play after the party is over.

Cute Dragon Books

There are a few early reader books with cute dragon stories and pictures that would make great party favors for girls. 

This Dragon Egg early reader is a perfect example. The purple dragon is very sweet. The story is also a lovely one for children just starting to read. 

Early reader books are always a good choice as a party favor because they're much cheaper than picture books. So they're a good price for a party favor. They're really easy to pop into a party bag because they're small. They also encourage children to enjoy reading. 

Dragon Egg (Step into Reading)
Random House Books for Young Readers

But make sure you match the age and probable reading level with the age of the children at your party. This Dragon Egg book wouldn't be good for most 9 year old children even though it's cute. This is because it would be too easy for a child of that age. But this book would be perfect for younger kids 4 to 6 years of age. So it's all about getting a good match.

Storybook Dragon Cookies

Dragon cookies are extremely hard to find but they're easy to make. You just need some store bought or home made cookie dough, colorful icing and a dragon shaped cookie cutter to make them.

I think this cookie cutter is perfect for girls. Why? Because this dragon shape looks like it comes from a children's storybook. It's not a classic dragon design.

This storybook mood is wonderful for girls. It's cute - and it's in the shape of the dragons they know from children's stories. 

More Dragon Ideas for Girls

Dragon toys aren't just for boys. So here's the best dragon toys you can find for girls
Ideas for finding the best dragon birthday party favors for kids
Updated: 02/20/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 06/07/2013

Oh gosh I've had that one on my must see list for ages. I'm hoping to get time to watch it soon.

katiem2 on 02/21/2013

BTW - How to train your dragon is one of my favorite movies. Have you seen it?

katiem2 on 02/21/2013

Dragons are a fascinating and popular mythical creature among your creative minds. Great party idea. :)K

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