Echinacea Benefits

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Echinacea benefits are vast and varied. The all natural properties of echinacea can help cure many common maladies without the need for harsher remedies.

The Benefits of Echinacea

The many benefits of this herbal remedy...

Echinacea has been known for its medicinal qualities for centuries going back to the Native American peoples who inhabited North America. This herbal remedy is considered a panacea or "cure-all" because of its many practically proven healing properties. From cancer prevention to curing the common cold, there is a significant and growing population that swears by the health benefits of this humble little plant. Echinacea has migrated from an alternative medicine used on the fringe to a growing niche and mainstream recognized medicine.

Here is a Quick List of the Benefits of Echinacea

- Cure the Common Cold

- Cure the Common Cough

- Cure the Common or Seasonal Flu

- Cancer Preventative Measure

- Strengthens the Immune System

- Curing Urinary Tract Infections

- Treatment for Burns

- Treatment for Insect Bites

- Soothing Arthritis

- Soothing Inflamation

- Combating Herpes

- Curing Eczema

These are just the most well known illnesses that can be treated by echinacea. While some of these treatments have not been proven empirically through academic medical research, some has, and there are thousands of people who have used echinacea (either orally ingested or topically applied) to great effect. It is by no means the most powerful way to cure everything, but it is often the most appropriate. This about it. Would you rather take a glass of water and hydrate that way, or get hooked up to intravenus liquids and hydrate that way? The benefit of using echinacea first is that it is a non-invasive, chemically free, all natural remedy. If it does not work, stronger medication is always available. But in our heavily medicated society, the immune system and the overall vitality of the body can be protected over the long term by using herbal remedies as an intermediate step in treatment.

Video - Echinacea Benefits

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Side Effects of Echinacea

Are there any?

The side effects of echinacea are generally quite minimal. That is part of what makes it should a great alternative to many generic pharmaceuticals. A study in 2006 did show that echinacea can change the composition of the gut, but it was not determined whether this was a positive or a negative outcome. That said, those with a history of gastro-intestinal problems may want to do some further research before choosing echinacea right away. Some people also do report nausea, but this is generally not a common side effect. Keep in mind that every body is unique and can react in different ways. If you experience an allergic reaction or an unfavorable reaction to echinacea in any way, talk to your health professional as soon as possible.

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What Are Some Additional Echinacea Benefits?

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