Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs

by TerriRexson

The Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs are big and sturdy and lots of fun. Let's take a look at the latest Dino Riders range.

Imaginext Dino-Riders Sets

This Imaginext Dino Rider range of dinosaurs is new for 2011. The dinosaurs and mini figures action sets are for kids aged from 3-7 years. They have loads of interactive features to keep kids entertained and capture their imagination.

T-Rex to the right is the biggest and fanciest dino in the range which will please lots of Tyrannosaurus Rex fans (more on him later.) There are lots of other less expensive but very cool dinosaurs in the range. 

I'm Mom to two dinosaur-mad young boys so we're always on the look out for new dinosaur toys and we already have some of the Imaginext range and like it a lot. 

Best Dinosaur Toys 2011

Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus Dino
Only $50.0

Imaginext Apatosaurus Dinosaur

This big blue apatosaurus is ready for work. He comes with a crane that can be used to pick up objects including the gliders that he can fire. He comes with a human mini figure. 

You can remove all the extra stuff and just play with the dinosaur if you like. 

Apatosaurus was a herbivore and is a familiar dinosaur to most kids. 

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex
Only $59.99

Imaginext T-Rex Dinosaurs

The Imaginext T-rex is big - he's over a foot tall! T-rex was a carnivore and is probably the most popular of all dinosaurs with kids. He's certainly a favorite with my boys. 

This T-Rex is an electronic toy which takes batteries. When you push a button, his neck moves and he roars. 

He has battle armor which can be removed and comes with a control pod with an action figure. 

Fisher Price Imaginext Triceratops Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Triceraptops Dino
Only $124.67

Imaginext Triceratops Dinosaur

The Imaginext Triceratops Dino is a very solid looking green herbivore. Triceratops with it's 3 horns and armor frill is one of the most recognisable dinosaurs.

This Triceratops has battering rams on either side of his harness to add to his own power. You press a button to extend the battering rams. The armor is all removable.

There's a tow hook for rescue missions, and a an action figure who can ride the Triceratops.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Pterodactyl Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Pterodactyl Dino
Only $32.4

Imaginext Pterodactyl Dinosaur

The Pterodactyl was a prehistoric flying reptile who lived at the same time as the dinosaurs.

This Imaginext Pterodactyl has two projectiles in his jet boosters which can be used to surprise enemies from above.

He also has trigger-operated grasping claws that can be used to pick things up. He also comes with an action figure dino rider.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Raptor Dino
Only $37.49

Imaginext Raptor Dinosaur

The red raptor dinosaur and dino rider is very cool. Raptors were small fast dinosaurs. This is one of the smaller, less expensive dinosaurs in the Imaginext range but it's still full of features. 

The Imaginext Raptor comes with an action figure, armor, a tool and a piece of volcanium - watch the video below to find out about volcanium.

Raptor has a neat running motion.  He's got a large mechanical claw for grabbing things and a place to put the volcanium. 

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ankylosaurus Dino

Fisher-Price Imaginext Anklyosaurus Dino
Only $65.99

Imaginext Anklyosaurus Dinosaur

Ankylosaurus was a heavily armored herbivore. 

The Imaginext Ankylosaurus has a cool hammering action and also a spring loaded tail! He has a shiny helmet and a place for the included action figure to sit. 

You also get a piece of "volcanium" - watch the video below to find out what that's all about and get some role play ideas for the Imaginext dinosaurs range. 

Fisher-Price Imaginext Doc & Exo Suit

Fisher-Price Imaginext Doc & Exo Suit
Only $25.99

Doc with Exo Suit - Dino Rider Series

This Doc with his Exo-Suit is also part of the Dino Riders range. Watch the video below to see Doc come to the rescue in the Exo-Suit. 

We've got a non-Dino version of a similar Exo-Suit and it's great at firing the gliders, even little hands can do it and it's quite effective. 

Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs Either Ore Episode

Featuring the Imaginext Dinos!

Best Dinosaur Toys 2011

Updated: 11/16/2011, TerriRexson
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Digby_Adams on 11/14/2011

I really want one of those Fisher-Price Imaginext Triceraptops Dino! I can just see little boys playing with any one of these four hours. I loved your descriptions of these.

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