Foam Rollers for Runners

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Foam rollers can be used to stretch after a workout to alleviate sore spots and stretch overworked muscles. Check out cheap foam rollers for sale and get fit!

Used in therapeutic exercises, stretches, and other fitness techniques, myofascial release foam rollers are simple, durable devices used to relieve muscle tension, especially in overworked muscles, and are some of the most inexpensive physical therapy devices around.

For such a simple device, they've become rather versatile, useful for runners, and expanding into Pilates and other uses as techniques are developed for them, from flexibility to balance exercises and more. They're inexpensive, ready for sale, and you can enjoy quite a diverse fitness regimen with them. Pick one up today!

Exercise Benefits of Foam Roller for Runners

Myofascial release foam rollers and physical therapy

Because the uses of foam rollers are diverse and continue to expand, there are a variety of applications, whether for therapeutic needs or actual training, from strength, to balance, to self-massage techniques, which are the best-known uses for them. The devices exploit the user's own body weight, as the users are generally lying on top of the rollers, which press into the back or other muscle groups to do their work.

Since the exercises generally soften muscle tissue, they are useful both before and after a workout, whether for a pre-exercise stretch routine, or a post-workout cool-down, as well as the physical therapy applications of softening or relaxing overworked muscles. Any situation which would benefit from softening muscles, whether a warmup or stretch routine, can benefit from their use.

Foam rollers look rather similar, differing mostly in size and density; longer foam rollers are usually more stable and can be used for more exercises, while smaller ones will be more portable and storable. Some of them are semi-circular, which is a more stable shape, but suitable for less exercises, and thus somewhat less versatile. 

Density is displayed by how dark the material is; the industry has agreed that the darker the foam, the denser it is. Black rollers will be better for larger people or more experienced athletes, who have larger, tougher muscles (some brands don't always follow the rules, offering colorful choices, so check details before buying).

Black Foam Rollers for Advanced Athletes

High density foam for softening strong muscles

The darker the foam (in general), the denser it is, making it more suitable for larger or more advanced athletes, whose tough muscles need the extra strength. Since foam rollers are used for self-massage purposes, think of this as the strength of the masseuse; tougher bodies need tougher massages to loosen up the muscles.

It shouldn't actually hurt, though, and remember that denser foam will last longer, keeping its springiness better than softer options.

White Foam Rollers for Beginners and Smaller Athletes

Low-density foam for softer muscles

For smaller athletes, or those with softer muscles (beginners, for example), a softer-density material can be more suitable, offering a softer cushion than some of the tougher models shown above, though it's not entirely necessary.

Remember that since these models are softer, they will start to lose their loft sooner than denser rollers. Moderate use won't wear them down too quickly, but plan accordingly if you're planning on using it frequently.

Low-Density White Foam Rollers for Sale

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Foam Roller Exercises Demos

Learn how to use a foam roller online!

Foam Roller Exercise Books

Learn how to use a foam roller

Quite a few techniques can be performed with a foam roller, from strength training, to balance, to its aforementioned therapeutic, muscle-relaxation self-massage techniques. If you want to make the most of your new purchase, make sure to learn how many different exercises you can perform with foam rollers and get some serious mileage from the investment.

More Foam Roller Videos

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