4-Leaf Clover Jewelry Gift Ideas For St. Patrick's Day

by CeresSchwarz

Give jewelries with four-leaf clover designs, themes and shapes as a gift for Saint Patrick's Day. Wish people faith, luck, hope and love with these presents.

Just like the color green and shamrocks, four-leaf clovers are also associated with Saint Patrick's Day. Believe it or not 4-leaf clovers are not exactly the same as shamrocks because the latter only have 3 leaves and the former are quite rare. The 4 leaves on a clover are said to stand for faith, hope, luck and love.

Isn't it great to be able to give a present that represents or symbolizes these 4 things all at once? After all, who doesn't want luck or love or hope? Everyone could certainly make use of one of these things.

For instance, there are times when we might feel depressed, when sadness engulfs us and we feel all alone. During moments like this, what we need is a reminder that we're not alone and that we shouldn't lose hope because things will turn out all right in the end.

There are even times when we might feel or think that no one loves us. In times like this, what we need is a reminder that there are people who do love us and care about us such as our family and friends. Those looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend can also be reminded that love will soon come their way.

As for luck, well, aren't we always in need of luck? Surely, we could always use some luck. You'd want some luck to be able to get your dream job, to win the lottery, to be successful, etc. Of course, one shouldn't depend entirely on luck as one still needs to work hard and exert effort but it's still nice to have some luck anyway.

If you're planning to give someone a 4-leaf clover as a gift for the holiday in question, why don't you consider getting them some jewelries with a clover shape or design? Not only can jewelries last longer, they can also be used to accessorize and accentuate one's look.

The best part is how these items can be worn throughout the year because, really, we can always use some hope, luck, and love all the time, right? With that said, what are some 4-leaf clover jewelry gift ideas that you can give for St. Patrick's Day?

Four-Leaf Clover Jewelry Gift Ideas For Saint Patrick's Day
Four-Leaf Clover Jewelry Gift Ideas For Saint Patrick's Day


What better way to show off that you're ready to celebrate the aforementioned holiday by wearing a necklace with a 4-leaf clover pendant like the one shown below? Proudly wear this necklace, allowing it to add to your chosen outfit and letting it dazzle those who see your lovely pendant.

The item itself looks remarkably unique and it's not just because the leaves are actually shaped like hearts. It's also because of how each of the heart-shaped leaves have been designed differently.

You have one that appears to be just plain silver, one that's got light green rhinestones and crystals and even one that's brightly verdant and looks as if it's made of emerald gemstones. When you combine these 4, you can see that they fit perfectly well together, giving you what appears to be the perfect pendant.

Swarovski Crystal Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Only $14.95


Really want some genuine and real four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day?

Yes, it would be nice to have the real thing for the holiday in question and even as something that you can just keep with you at all times especially when you need your daily dose of either hope, love, luck and faith.

However, as previously mentioned, these clovers are very rare indeed so you'd have to be very lucky in order to find one.

But then again, if you're actually lucky enough to find a real 4-leaf clover, then maybe you don't really need one.

Kidding aside, if you're looking for some real 4-leaf clovers, why don't you consider getting the earrings featured to the right?

Sterling Silver 4-Leaf Clover Dangle Hook Earrings

Not only will you be getting a marvelously gorgeous pair of dangle hook earrings, you'll also be getting 2 real 4-leaf clovers. Yes, the clovers that you can see in the image of the earrings featured above are said to be the real thing.

How awesome is that? Know something else? You even get a black velvet pouch with this item, which is absolutely perfect so you can easily give this jewelry as a gift to your family and friends and loved ones.


The ring featured below appears to be the definition of cool. Just look at it. Isn't it great how it looks as if you have a total of three rings with the way the 3 bands that make up this 4-leaf clover are stacked on top of each other?

This really gives this jewelry a unique and original look. After all, most rings consist of only a single circular band. Another thing to take note of is how the leaves in this ring are shaped like hearts and they're clearly noticeable even with the bands stacked together and forming the clover shape.

While many other rings might have gemstones and crystals to add a splash of color to the jewelry, the item below comes across as ordinarily plain with how colorless it is.

Sterling Silver Stackable Four-Leaf Clover Heart Ring

Only $28.49

It's a simple sterling silver hue and yet it is this shade that helps to add to the interesting charm of this ring. This is especially perfect for all those that prefer the simple and ordinary things in life or for those who aren't too fond of wearing what might be seen as gaudy jewelry.

Who says your clover jewelry really needs a verdant hue anyway? If you really want a dash of viridian for the aforementioned holiday, you can always wear a shirt or grab some other item to go along with this awesome ring.


Can't get enough of 4-leaf clovers? Want more than one? Well, why not? After all, surely, we could always use more luck, faith, hope and love, right? But, of course, with these clovers being so rare, it might be downright impossible or at least really, really, really (you get the point) extremely difficult to obtain one much less a whole stack of them.

And this is why we have jewelries like the bracelet featured below. For those who want a lot of 4-leaf clovers, you definitely can't go wrong by acquiring this bracelet. Just look at how many green clovers it's comprised of.

One of the really great things about this item (aside from the fact that it's made up of several clovers; just think of all the luck, hope, faith and love you're going to get with these things) is how it looks.

Who knew that stringing together several clovers can look this good? The bracelet comes across as elegant and refined with how it's been put together. The green opal clovers contrasts quite nicely with the sterling silver so you get a fine balance between 2 colors without having one overpower the other.

Silver Green Opal Celtic Jewelry 4-Leaf Clover Bracelet

Only $72.99

Complete Set

Earrings, Necklace, Ring, Bracelet

Can't decide if you should get a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings? Well, why don't you just get all of them then? It would be more expensive if you get them each individually so, as an alternative, you can choose to get them in a set, which would be far cheaper.

Getting them in a set will also ensure that you can wear these jewelries all at once without having to worry that one might clash with the other. A good choice is the item shown below, which comes in such a nice shade of olive that is utterly perfect for the holiday in question.

But for those who don't like the color or think it would be pretty out of this world to get a clover-themed jewelry that is actually not green, know that this jewelry set also comes in a lovely shade of blue or sea-blue. The latter is lighter than the former.

Swarovski Elements Austrian Crystal Jewelry Set: Heart-Shaped Four-Leaf Clover Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring


These are just some of the jewelries with four-leaf clovers that you can choose to give to someone or acquire for yourself as a gift for Saint Patrick's Day.

Now you can celebrate the holiday in question, without having to wear anything verdant or in addition to wearing green, just by donning any one of these jewelries.

Get your daily does of faith, hope, luck and love with these clover-themed items that can also be perfect as accessories as well as accentuating your chosen outfits.

What kind of 4-leaf clover jewelry are you planning to get for Saint Patrick's Day?

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What kind of green-colored jewelries, that aren't in the shape of clovers & shamrocks, can you get as gifts or wear for Saint Patrick's Day? Why would you want to do such a thing?
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CeresSchwarz on 03/17/2014

@Mira - thanks. Have a good Saint Patrick's Day too. I like that particular 4-leaf clover pendant too. It has a unique look to it and really seems perfect for the holiday in question.

Mira on 03/04/2014

It's a great idea to wear 4-clover jewelry for St. Pat's. The first pendant you showed, with the Swarowski crystals would look really nice with a black and green outfit. And its price is so good! Enjoy St. Patrick's Day! :)

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