Green-Colored Technological Gadgets Gift Ideas For Saint Patrick's Day

by CeresSchwarz

Give presents that are not only perfect for St. Patrick's Day but which can be used throughout the year. What are some of these technological gadgets gift ideas?

Instead of giving gifts that can only be used on Saint Patrick's Day or that may look nice but are actually useless, why don't you get presents that are useful to its recipient and that can be used even when the aforementioned holiday is long over? It's more practical to get items that are of use as opposed to getting things that will just be forgotten and neglected as soon as the holiday in question is over.

The recipient of your present will surely appreciate the fact that you really took the time and effort to make sure that you're giving him/her something that he/she can continue using and that he/she might actually have a need for. A good example of this are technological gadgets like laptops and cell phones. You can say that these kinds of products can always be considered to be useful and helpful to its recipient especially since most, if not all, have gadgets like this already in their possession.

Many use these items for various tasks and activities, whether it be related to work, studies, hobbies or just for plain entertainment such as watching movies and playing games. While these products are indeed useful and can be used all-year round, exactly how can these items be appropriate for the aforementioned holiday?

The answer to that is getting green gadgets because said color also symbolizes St. Patrick's Day. This is especially a good choice if the recipient of the gift actually loves viridian or wouldn't mind receiving a verdant gadget. With that said, what are some of the green-colored technological gadgets that you can consider giving as gifts for Saint Patrick's Day?

Green-Colored Technological Gadgets Gift Ideas For St. Patrick's Day
Green-Colored Technological Gadgets Gift Ideas For St. Patrick's Day


Laptops are so useful that it's no wonder they make for such good gift choices. They are portable so one can easily carry them around wherever they may go. They can be used for both work and entertainment purposes. You can make presentations, write articles, do reports as well as watch movies, play games and listen to music.

But one negative thing you can say about laptops is how there are just so many of them and how they come in different brands, sizes, types and specifications that, sometimes, it can be downright impossible to decide which one you should get.

For those having a hard time choosing a laptop, why don't you also consider the color of the product to help you narrow down your choices? Of course, you'll want to get one with good specifications but, for many laptops out there, it's practically already a given that they will have great specs with the highest quality.

So, once you find several laptops that fit the description of exactly what you're looking for and exactly what you want in a computer, and you find that you're having a hard time choosing which of these you should get, you can take a look at the shades that these items are available in.

Asus Envy Green-Colored Laptop

Only $1168.00

From there, you can choose the one with the hue that you like best. However, for the holiday in question, green is, of course, naturally the color that you ought to go for. If you or the recipient of your present doesn't mind having a viridian laptop, then it's definitely a good idea to get one with that shade. You can see an example of that with the item featured above. 

Doesn't this Asus laptop look wonderful with its stunning and bright hue that isn't just some plain, ordinary green but is actually what is known as envy green? If you get a PC with the right specs for you, then the shade should not get in the way of the usefulness of said item.

Rather, it should serve as something that will make your laptop stand apart from all others and which can give what would otherwise be just a normal and ordinary black or white product a bit more color and beauty.

Music MP3 Players

For those who love listening to music or are music fans, music players like iPods and the like definitely make for a good gift choice. To fit in with the theme of the aforementioned holiday, you certainly can't go wrong with getting a product with a verdant hue.

A good example of that can be seen below.This Apple iPod Shuffle comes in a very nice light shade of viridian, which, when combined with the white color of the controls, gives this item an appealing and interesting look.

The iPod shown below is also a good example of what makes music players such good presents aside from the reasons mentioned above. If someone loves music, then it shouldn't be too farfetched to think that this person will no doubt already have his or her own gadget so he/she can listen to music anytime.

Green Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB

As such, what would be the use of giving this person yet another mp3 player even if it is in another color? That's a good point but there is another thing to consider. This is the fact that these music players all come in different sizes.

So, if your intended recipient has a large gadget, you can get him or her a smaller one like the Apple iPod Shuffle so he or she can easily listen to music even while running, jogging, bicycling or doing other such activities. With something as small as the shuffle, it will be easy to slip it into one's pocket or clip it onto one's clothing.

However, if the person already has a small and portable iPod, then you can consider giving him/her one of the larger ones like the iPod Classic or iPod Touch. The screen can make it easier for the person to see the title of the song he/she is listening to and it would even let him/her watch movies.


It goes without saying that cameras are perfect for those who love taking pictures and who are interested in photography. Just like laptops and other such technological gadgets, there are also many different kinds of cameras out there, so much so that it can be easy to have a hard time in trying to decide which one to get.

But for St. Patrick's Day, it's only fitting to get a camera that is colored green like the one you see featured below. This Fujifilm FinePix digital camera has a very fine and lovely verdant shade that really makes it stand out. But what makes this particular item even better is how it's not just the appealing hue that'll make you adore this camera.

Fujifilm FinePix Green Digital Camera

Only $169.95

There are so many other great things about this item such as the fact that it's actually waterproof, dust or sand-proof, freeze-proof and shock-proof so it's really like you can take this camera with you anytime and anywhere. Isn't that just plain awesome?

For example, if you're going swimming, then you can easily take some cool underwater pictures without having to worry about getting your camera wet. With this camera, you can easily capture and frame countless memories. Don't miss being able to document all the fun times you'll have with your family, friends and loved ones just because you didn't have a decent camera with which to take some photographs.

When it comes to celebrating the holiday in question, be sure to take lots of pictures so that, even after the occasion is long over, you can always look at all the images that you took and be reminded of how much fun you had.

Gaming Consoles

Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, etc

For those who love games, are certified gamers or who just love to play games whenever they have a moment to spare, don't hesitate to give these guys a gaming console for the aforementioned holiday especially if said console happens to be green in color.

An example of this is the Nintendo DS Lite featured to the right.

This is a very good bargain because, not only do you get a brand new NDS with such an alluring and magnificent shade of viridian, you also get a game to go with it.

Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite Spring Green Bundle With Personal Trainer: Cooking

Only $139.5

But wait, that's not all because, aside from those 2 things, you also get a carrying case as well. Just how much more cooler can you get than that? This is wonderfully great for those that love this particular hue and wouldn't mind getting a gaming console that comes in sad hue or would actually prefer to get a gadget with a verdant shade.

More than that though, if the recipient of the gift hasn't had an NDS yet (because they make use of other technological gaming consoles like the PlayStation, XBox, etc) and you want to introduce this console to that person, then it's all the better to include a game that would go with said present.

PlayStation Portable (PSP) Spirited Green

Only $115.96

In this way, as soon as the gift is unwrapped, its recipient can start playing right away without having to wait until he or she acquires a game that can be played on his/her new console. With the spring bundle featured above, you don't have to trouble yourself with looking for a game that can be played on the NDS because this package already has one. What a bargain, huh?

It goes without saying that the case is just perfect to store the item in..It even comes in the same color as the NDS Lite but with the way it's placed on the white background of the case, it creates an interesting design that just screams funky and cool.

But there's no need to limit yourself to the NDS especially if the one you want to give a present to already has one.

You can go with other technological gadgets such as the PlayStation Portable featured above, which comes in a stunning spirited green color.

This is a good gift choice for those that don't have their own PSP or those that are looking to replace their old PSP.

Alternatively, you can also look into verdant game controllers such as the PS3 wireless one you can see to the left.

This one has an interesting shade of viridian that even seems to glow brightly or that appears to give the impression that it can glow.

PlayStation 3 Afterglow Green Wireless Controller

Only $99.99

Green-Colored Cases For Technological Gadgets

Cell phone, tablet, e-book reader, etc

While there are so many different kinds of technological gadgets out there, a lot of which come in a variety of colors, it's an unfortunate fact that, sometimes, there is just no viridian version of the item in question. Say you want to give your loved one an e-book reader that's perfect for Saint Patrick's Day but you just can't find one that has a verdant hue, what can you do?

Should you just give up or look for some other gadget that might come in viridian?

Forget the first option because there is no need to give up.

Sure, you can go with the second option but, on the other hand, you can always just find a different way of looking at things. 

What does that mean?

You can choose to look at the problem in a different angle and find a suitable and appropriate alternative by thinking outside the box.

If you can't find a green-colored version of the product you're looking for, then why don't you just find a case for said gadget?

This can be said to be the next best thing.

Green Kindle Fire KickStand Case With Built-In Screen Protector

Just take a look at the green case for the Kindle Fire featured above to see why. As you can see, with the gadget inside the case, it makes it seem as if the gadget itself is verdant.

This is exactly what you're aiming for on the aforementioned holiday so this definitely means mission accomplished.

You know what else makes giving a case with a viridian hue such a good idea?

It's how this can be especially perfect if the person you want to give a gift to already has the gadget that you have in mind and doesn't need or want a replacement.

For example, it's highly likely that the recipient of your gift will already have a cell phone so he or she wouldn't exactly be in need of a new one.

As such, rather than giving him/her a new phone, you can just get a green-colored cell phone case instead, such as the one featured to the left.

Cell Phone Soft Gel Silicone Skin Case Cover - Neon Bright Green


These are just some of the many verdant technological gadgets and cases that you can consider giving as a gift for St. Patrick's Day.

These kinds of presents aren't just appropriate for the holiday in question, they're also highly practical and useful.

The viridian hue is what makes these items very apt for the aforementioned holiday but it is the fact that they're technological gadgets that will make them highly appreciated by their recipients.

What do you think of these kinds of gifts? Would you like to receive one for the aforementioned holiday?

Will you get a green-colored technological gadget or case as a gift for Saint Patrick's Day?

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