10 St. Patrick's Day Gift Ideas With A Shamrock Design

by CeresSchwarz

Items with a shamrock design, theme or shape make for appropriate gifts for Saint Patrick's Day. What are some of these possible gift ideas for the holiday in question?

Shamrocks are one of the things that symbolize or mark St. Patrick's Day as even just looking at these leaves would surely remind one of the holiday in question. This is one reason why products with this shape would make for such good gift choices for the aforementioned occasion.

You don't have to get or pick a real clover when you can just get an item that can be of use to its recipient while still having an appropriate theme. So, what are some of the many items, with a shamrock design, that you can choose to give as a gift for Saint Patrick's Day?

10 Saint Patrick's Day Gift Ideas With A Shamrock Design
10 Saint Patrick's Day Gift Ideas With A Shamrock Design

1. Watch

Never be late for any event whether it be an important meeting, an appointment or just a plain get-together as you make use of a trusty watch to remind you of the time. Wear a watch with a shamrock theme so you can really get into the spirit of the holiday in question.

If you like, you can even decide to keep on wearing your new watch even after said occasion is long over. For those that aren't too fond of wrist watches or would want to try something different, you can go with a pocket watch like the one featured below.

This particular item looks simple and yet elegant. What saves it from being and looking too ordinary is the way it appears to be exquisitely and finely-made as well as the beautiful clover design you can see at the back of the watch. It even comes in a gift box, which is perfect if you're planning to give it as a present. If you're getting one for your lover, then you can get one for yourself as well so the two of you can have a matching pair.

Celtic Clover Pocket Watch

Only $47.9

2. Scarf

Scarves can be a good choice as a present for your lover or someone that you really care about. Why? This is because, aside from accessorizing one's outfit, this item can also be worn to keep oneself warm in cold weather or cold places.

As such, by giving your loved one a scarf, you can express the sentiment that you will always be around to keep him/her warm and that you will always be there for him/her. Since we are talking about St. Patrick's Day, it's only natural that the scarf you'll want to get is one that has a shamrock theme.

A good example of this is the product featured below. The entirety of this item definitely screams that it's perfect for the holiday in question what with the interesting mixture of the different shades of viridian as well as the numerous clovers scattered all over the scarf.

Green Shamrock Scarf

Only $13.99

Cookie Cutter Set

Shamrock, Rainbow, Pot of Gold

3. Cookie Cutter

What better way to celebrate an occasion than to have some freshly-baked cookies?

This is especially perfect for all those who love cookies.

Having cookies in shapes that fit the holiday in question can only be a good idea.

This Saint Patrick's Day, why don't you bake some cookies by using cookie cutters like the ones you can see to the right?

With this particular item, you can get 3 cookie cutters, each in different shapes - a shamrock, pot of gold and rainbow.

The clover-shaped cookie cutter is even colored a dark green. How fitting is that? If you make cookies with a viridian color, like the one you can see below, it will be even more of a hit on the aforementioned holiday especially with said cookie having such an apt and fitting shape. Of course, instead of gifting someone with a cookie cutter set, you can always just present this person with a bunch of cookies, all shaped and designed according to the holiday in question.

Cookie made with a clover cookie cutter

A shamrock-shaped cookie
Enlarged one of the product images of the product above from Amazon.com

Green Locking Pencil Box With Clover Design

4. Pencil Box

For those that are looking for or needing to acquire a new pencil box, then why not go for something like the one featured to the left?

This particular item is definitely perfect for the holiday in question what with its stunning green color and the large shamrock shape on it.

It looks very sturdy and it even has a lock for security.

Aside from school supplies like pencils and pens and the like, you can decide to put other things in this box, turning it into a jewelry or money case or whatever else you want it to be.

5. Socks

Who says that the shamrock you may be wearing or that you have on your person has to be visible? If, for some reason, you just don't want to show off that you're wearing something with clovers, then you can always just go with socks that have the aforementioned leaf design.

Of course, you'll want to wear socks that aren't over the calf or knee-length. But if you want to show-off what you're wearing, then you can consider getting socks like the one featured below. This item and its marvelous design can be clearly visible even if you're wearing shoes.

The socks look very warm and appear to be perfect for those who would want to warm their feet. The dark background makes the viridian clovers stand out even more, making them look prominently bright.

Black / Kelly Green Socks With Clover Prints

Only $14.99

6. Glasses

What better way to have fun on St. Patrick's Day than to wear such cool and funky glasses like the one featured to the left?

This item definitely screams how perfect it is for the holiday in question considering its verdant color as well as its clover shape.

It even lights up and flashes and you can choose from three different modes - slow, fast and continuous.

How fun and cool is that?

You can wear these unique-looking glasses to a party or as part of your costume if you're planning to dress up for the aforementioned holiday.

Flashing Light Up Shamrock Glassess

7. Stuffed Toy

Know someone who likes and collects stuffed toys? If so, a bear like the one shown below, definitely makes for a perfect gift for this person. This is even more so if that person's birthday happens to fall on Saint Patrick's Day since the bear in question is colored green and white and has numerous clovers all over it.

If you're looking for a present for the holiday in question, a stuffed toy is a marvelously good idea, not just for those who like these sorts of things but even for those who wouldn't mind displaying these as a decoration.

You can even give one of these bears to those who you know or think could use a hug. Stuffed bears like the one shown below can be really fluffy and cuddly. Being able to hug these bears can surely bring warmth to a person's heart as they can be reminded that they're not alone and that there are people who care about them.

White And Green Bear With Clover Design

$12.99  $2.0

8. Technological Gadgets Cases / Covers

Cell Phones, Laptops, Etc.

Who doesn't have a (insert technological gadget here like phones and laptops)?

Most, if not all, will surely have one or more of these gadgets and will surely be carrying these items around wherever they go.

This makes presenting a case or cover for these items a good gift idea for the aforementioned holiday.

You can go with something like the cell phone case featured to the right. 

With its green color and clover design, it's very fitting for the holiday in question.

Cell Phone Shamrock White Plastic Case

Only $16.51

This is also a good choice for those who regularly change the cases and covers of their gadgets. You can present this person with cases and covers appropriate for Saint Patrick's Day and he or she can make use of these designs until the day is over whereupon they can choose to change the design again or, if they prefer, keep it until such a time that they may want to change it.

9. Shirt

Proudly celebrate the occasion in question by wearing a shirt that proclaims exactly what you're celebrating. It could be a greeting like "Happy St. Patrick's Day" or it could be a shape like clovers, which would readily be able to convey the message of what day it is.

You can choose to wear a t-shirt like the one shown below. Not only is this top very fitting for the holiday in question, it also looks elegant and stylish in a simple way. The black background contrasts nicely with the green-colored clovers.

The shamrocks themselves might have ended up looking way too ordinary if not for the fact that they come in a mixture of verdant colors and are beautifully arranged in a sort-of bouquet, complete with a bow.

Black And Green Shamrock T-Shirt

10. Mugs / Cups

Clovers can make for very nice and appealing designs on such items as mugs and cups so, if you're thinking of giving one as a present, you can consider getting one that has the aforementioned design on it.

Even just a simple shamrock pattern on the item in question can add a kind of beauty to said item without making it look too gaudy or over the top.

Two Mugs Set With Clover Design

Only $43.4

A good example is the set of 2 mugs that you can see above. At first glance, it looks pretty plain and simple but the splash of viridian on said cup thanks to the leaves on it really prevents it from looking too ordinary.


These are just some of the many items with shamrock designs that you can choose to give or get for St. Patrick's Day.

These kinds of products make for a good way to celebrate the holiday in question by virtue of the appropriate design or theme that said product has.

Furthermore, many of these items are also very useful to people, such as in the case of watches and technological gadgets cases and covers, so their recipients will surely appreciate getting such a present.

So, what do you think of these possible gift ideas? What kind of present are you looking forward to giving and receiving for the aforementioned holiday?

Will you get an item with a shamrock design for Saint Patrick's Day?

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More gift ideas for St. Patrick's Day

What kind of green-colored jewelries, that aren't in the shape of clovers & shamrocks, can you get as gifts or wear for Saint Patrick's Day? Why would you want to do such a thing?
What are some of the jewelries, with green shamrock designs, shapes or themes, that you can consider giving as a gift for Saint Patrick's Day?
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/21/2022

CeresSchwarz, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
In particular, I appreciate the three styles of cookie cutters and the green-, white- and yellow-patterned cookie image that you supplied.

I started going through the wizzley articles relevant to March 17th but wasn't finished with them in time for St. Patrick's Day celebrations Thursday through Sunday. But I will use the cutters and the pattern for Easter Sunday since shamrocks relate to Easter in their own cultural, spiritual way.

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