Green-Colored Jewelry Gift Ideas For St. Patrick's Day (Minus Shamrocks)

by CeresSchwarz

What kind of green-colored jewelries, that aren't in the shape of clovers & shamrocks, can you get as gifts or wear for Saint Patrick's Day? Why would you want to do such a thing?

Shamrocks and clovers aren't the only things that symbolize Saint Patrick's Day. The color green itself is also highly appropriate for this holiday. As such, there shouldn't be anything wrong with just wearing or having something green-colored on the day in question even if said item isn't shaped like a shamrock.

There should thus be no reason why you can't wear jewelries with a viridian shade even if it doesn't have a clover design or theme. The absence of shamrocks on jewelries won't make the item any less appropriate for the holiday in question. One of the things that makes the aforementioned items a very good gift choice is the fact that you can wear these products all year-round even if the occasion is long over.

If you're just going to acquire some jewelries anyway, it is best to get something that you can wear anytime you want to and not just on a certain day of the year (of course, if you don't mind wearing clover jewelries even if it's no longer St. Patrick's day, that's perfectly fine as well).

So, what are some of the green-colored jewelries, that don't have a shamrock shape, which you can consider giving as gifts or wearing for Saint Patrick's Day?

Green-Colored Jewelry Gift Ideas For Saint Patrick's Day (Minus Shamrocks And Clovers)
Green-Colored Jewelry Gift Ideas For Saint Patrick's Day (Minus Shamrocks And Clovers)

Green Necklace

If you still want something plant-related for St. Patrick's Day without having to resort to the usual clovers, then you can just go with jewelries that have a plant or leaf design.

A good example of this is the necklace featured below. The pendant is made up of several peridot and emerald leaves that are beautifully connected together by a silver chain to form a magnificent-looking wreath. 

This necklace can definitely be classified as unique and elegant with its stunning and stylish appearance whilst its light and dark grass-colored gemstones will surely remind one of the aforementioned holiday.

Green Earrings

Who says you really need to have a leaf or plant-themed jewelry for St. Patrick's Day even if it isn't in the shape of a clover? For those that aren't too fond of this particular shape or for those that aren't keen on wearing some leaf jewelry even if they like plants just fine, then it's best to go with something that looks fabulously unique while still having a viridian hue.

You can see a good example of that by way of the gorgeous-looking earrings below. These earrings definitely fit the description of unique. With the way it looks and with how it dangles, it's sure to draw attention to itself. These earrings should have no problems standing out in a crowd, not with that lovely shade of sea green-lime and the combination of the crystals and gemstones.

Sea Green-Lime Peridot Emerald Crystal Chandelier Drop Earrings

Austrian Peridot Green Emerald Sea Green-Lime Crystal Chandelier Dr...

Green Bracelet

Wearing one or several bracelets with a viridian shade is a good way to get into the spirit of the aforementioned holiday. Those who are in the habit of gesturing with their hands are sure to draw attention to the bracelets they're wearing on their arms.

This is even more so if you choose to wear something that really stands out. If you're not too keen on just wearing an ordinary bracelet that has a simple and plain moss shade and think that that would be too boring, then you can always wear something like the item featured below.

This particular bracelet looks fantastically unique what with it being shaped like a dragon. The mixture of the different shades of viridian adds more life to this dragon bracelet because it really makes it seem as if the dragon is real. The addition of the gold tones prevents this jewelry from looking way too grassy for those who may not be fond of that.

Green Ring

Who says that green has to be so prominent in your outfit or person anyway? If you want to wear the aforementioned shade but don't want to have too much of it, you can go with a ring like the one featured below. It's got a grass-colored gemstone, which makes it look strikingly beautiful but the shade of said gemstone itself doesn't overpower or overshadow the rest of the ring.

The emerald is visible but so is the silver hue of the ring and the other parts of it. All of these go very well together. For those that have the emerald as their birthstone, this is a good choice so you can celebrate Saint Patrick's Day while also getting your own birthstone ring. 

It goes without saying that this is perfect for those who love the emerald gemstone. However, remember that emeralds are not the only viridian-colored gemstone out there. You have several other good choices if you're not too fond of emeralds.


These are just some of the many green-colored jewelries, that aren't in the shape of shamrocks or clovers, that you can choose to wear or give as gifts for St. Patrick's Day.

These items may not be shaped like the aforementioned leaves but they do come in exquisite and stunning viridian shades that can definitely remind you of the aforementioned holiday.

More than that, even after said occasion is over, you can still choose to wear these jewelries anytime and anywhere if you want to. So, what do you think of these items?

Are you going to get green-colored jewelries for Saint Patrick's Day?

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