Fun Whoopee Cushion Costume for Sale Online

by Regi_B

A neat find for someone who wants to be the life of the party.

What does it mean to be the life of the party?

Well, nothing emits more "life" than a whoopee cushion. (What does that even mean!)

And you can demonstrate your love for "life" at your next Halloween or costume dress-up function.

You'll be putting out so much "life" people won't even be able to stand near you!

Now, THAT is livin'!

Who Makes This Wonderful Costume of Whoopee?

The company that makes the whoopee cushion costume -- or I suppose you could say, the folks "behind" this creation -- is an outfit called Rasta Imposta. This company makes hundreds of costumes for Halloween and costume parties. Most are of a humorous nature.

And most of Rasta Imposta's costumes are meant for adults.

I know what you are thinking! What says "adult" more than a whoopee cushion costume!

I am with you dear reader, I am with you.

Original Adult Woopie Cushion Costume

Original Adult Woopie Cushion Costume

What Goes Into a Whoopee Cushion Costume?

Other than yourself, what goes into this costume made to look like a whoopee cushion? I am talking here about materials, of course.

The company's costumes tend to be of synthetic materials -- and you would need that to give the whoopee cushion "effect". Real whoopee cushions are rubber and ink. This costume is very similar.

Is the Whoopee Cushion Costume for Kids or Adults?

We can debate how "mature" dressing up as a whoopee cushion makes a person, but in fact, this fun costume is for both kids and grown-ups! All you need do is find your size!

And this outfit does indeed come in sizes -- it is even available in a size that fits babies. Those fart blossoms at Rasta Imposta are always thinking!

Whether you want an adult whoopee cushion costume, or one that is sized right for your child, the choice is available, so don't fart around about deciding whether you want to be the "life" of the party!

Whoopie Cushion Costume Boy

Whoopie Cushion Costume Boy
$34.99  $23.76

Parties to Attend in Your Whoopee Cushion Costume

I like the idea of attending any party in a whoopee cushion costume. Let us have a looky:

  • Kids' birthday party,
  • Cheerleading squad party,
  • Rasta party,
  • Engagement party (Hey, now!),
  • Communist party!

Parties NOT to Attend in Your Whoopee Cushion Costume

If I cannot attend a party in my whoopee cushion costume, then I don't want to attend that party at all!

Be Sure to Bring a Real Whoopee Cushion with You!

Multiple reviews from people who bought this costume on Amazon speak of how much fun they added to the experience of wearing a whoopee cushion costume by bringing along a remote controlled whoopee cushion sound box. You could do that, or bring one of the great self-inflating whoopee cushions.

I like those! They have a lot of "life" in them!

Real Whoopee Cushion Accessories

To Complement Your Whoopee Cushion Costume
Fart Machine No. 2 - Radio Control Wh...
$29.95  $15.61
Auto Inflate - Whoopee Cushion
$7.99  $5.28
Updated: 03/19/2012, Regi_B
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