Funko Plushie Super Heroes: Green Lantern, Batman, Iron Man and more

by TerriRexson

The Funko Plushie super hero toys are very cool! 7" high cute cartoon style versions of Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Iron Man and more. For kids age 3+.

Marvel and DC Comics Plush Super Heroes

I've really fallen for these cute Funko Plushie super hero toys. Each toys is around 7" tall and heavily stylized to look seriously cute, but still very recognisable as a famous super hero. 

Funko have managed to bring us our favorite DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes in soft and cuddly form. 

You can build up a collection of DC Comics Justice league plushie heroes or a Marvel comics set. Or you can mix and match and get them to prove who is the cutest, no, I mean bravest, super hero!

My super-hero mad nephew and by two boys aged 3 and 5 will be getting these for Christmas this year. They're great for older kids too and very collectible. Actually, they make fun gifts for adult super hero fans too. 

Funko Plushie Captain America

Funko Classic Captain America Plushie
Only $14.99

After the recent Captain America movie, this Funko Plushie Captain America is sure to be a bit hit with the kids. 

He even has a lovely little shield. You know he's going to defend Americas ideals. 

DC Comics Justice League brings together various super heroes from the DC Comics universe to collaborate to protect the world.

You can build your own cute version of the justice league by collecting the Funko Plush dolls in this range including Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman. (You can also get Funko Plushie Batman enemies if the Justic League needs a soft foe.)

Funko Plushie Green Lantern

Funko Green Lantern Plushies
Only $35.0

Funko Superman Plushie

Funko Superman Plushies
Only $31.01

Funko Wonder Woman Plushie

Funko Wonder Woman Plushies
Only $44.89

Funko Batman Plushie

Funko Batman Plushies
$28.99  $25.99

Who Likes Funko Plushie Super Heroes?

The Funko Plushies get excellent reviews. Lot's of people are buying them as birthday or Christmas gifts for little kids, especially boys, who love super heroes. 

Bigger kids and tweens who read love super hero TV shows are collecting them and decorating their bedrooms with them. 

Boyfriends and girlfriends who are comic book geeks are giving Funko Plushies to each other as gifts. 

And collectors of super hero merchandise are buying these cute little guys for their collections. 

Funko have created a toy that appeals to lots of people.

Funko have also collaborated with Marvel Comics to bring us a range of Funko Plushie Marvel Super heroes.

We met Funko Plushie Captain America at the beginning of this article. There's also Iron Man, Wolverine, a very cool Thor with his hammer and an Incredible Hulk who's trying really hard to look angry despite his soft and cuddly form!

Funko Classic Iron Man Plushie

Funko Classic Iron Man Plushie
Only $29.99

Funko Classic Wolverine Plushie

Funko Classic Wolverine Plushie
Only $29.9

Funko Classic Avengers Thor Plushie

Funko Classic Avengers Thor Plushie
$49.99  $44.99

Funko Classic Hulk Plushie

Funko Classic Hulk Plushie
$52.63  $49.99

Which Funko Plushie Super Hero to Choose?

My nephew loves Batman, so he's easy to choose a plushie for. My younger son is rather taken with Captain America (although we're British!), but he'd really like all of them!

My older son loves the colors read and blue so he's always been a Superman fan, though he does like Iron Man too. 

And I have to admit I'm rather drawn to Thor. I love that cute little pointy helmet and his soft hammer. 

For some reason, soft super heroes rather appeal to my sense of humor. 

Updated: 11/24/2011, TerriRexson
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