Garage Organizing Systems Turn A Headache Of A Garage Into A Sanctuary And Double Your Usable Space

by Jerrico_Usher

Garage organizer reviews covering types, availability, use, convienience

For some, the garage is where the car is parked to avoid snow, sleet, or rain damage and to assure an easier start in the morning. For most people, however, the garage is the "hoarders" central for all family members. Out of site, out of mind, may use it some day- is the mentality (sound familiar?).

Consumers buy and store so much stuff every year it would make your head spin! Most people aren't paying much attention. When something's lost it's usefulness but they've developed an emotional attachment to it, off to the garage it goes.

For many, the garage is inaccessible, rendered inert for use as anything but crowded storage but still capable of collecting more crap. If someone did need something in there- they won't likely have the patience to find it! If this sounds familiar, keep reading. I'll tell you about some great solutions and review some of them as well.

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The Problem

Over Stock




Remember when holidays meant getting out a ladder and pulling down the box/tub marked "Christmas" or "Thanksgiving"? Are you now facing a garage so full and disorganized there is nowhere to even set the ladder down on firm ground?

It happens to EVERYONE. But what you do about it determines how it affects YOU. Organized feels so much more liberating than cluttered or DISorganized.

This is where garage organizing systems come in. One of the culprits to the problem, the enabler if you will, is that the garage is simply a dumping ground for semi-precious properties.

Nobody wants to go in there and clean it so nobody says anything. Nobody is accountable- except you. You don't have to get rid of anything, just organize it so it's both displayed for ease of finding things, and out of the way completely!

If you can't park your car AND your stuff in the garage, or have your stuff stored in there AND the ability to utilize the main space of the garage (i.e. for a band, building the next Apple, etc...) then you may not be utilizing the space efficiently enough.

Perhaps you just need some organization shelving. All you need to alleviate the loss of real-estate is a few strategically placed garage organizing systems. In this article we'll cover these and what's available.

The great thing about garage storage units is that they come in all, even non standard, shapes and sizes. You can get them in all the popular elements; solid wood, steel, vinyl, etc... 

There really is no "standard" organizer as all garages are different. For this reason they are designed for customization.

This works very similarly to how I explained the closet organizing article I wrote just before this article, however, the garage has much more potential than a closet both in space and flat wall space to spread things out so they aren't cluttered, but easily found when needed with a quick scan. You can also get away with more metal shelving in the garage (it just looks better in there).

The easy track garage storage units are unique shelving system. You start with one 72-inch shelf tower. You can then add accompanying drawers and doors as you go and need to expand. You can also retract when you no longer need that much space or if you want to change the configuration for a new slot i.e. to store your vacuum cleaner.

This way you get exactly what you need and there won't be any wasted space.

This wall-mounted system is easy to install and very useful for bringing your things to life (display) while storing them (organizer governed).

Free standing storage units are a definite option as well and may be a better choice if you have a lot of items to store, including the heavier items.


Free Your Space AND Store Your Stuff!



Clean Up And Organize

The garage has long been called the man's cave even though it's purpose is to protect your car(s) from weather, thieves, and potential damage. Over the years, however, the garage has evolved into a workshop, mechanics lair, and millions of other things.

Unfortunately this prime real-estate unencumbered by separator walls (in the middle of a large space) can't be used for much if most of it is stacked boxes, loose clothing, dolls, toys, magazines, change, and a gazillion other things we tend to throw in and/or leave there until it gets shoved over into "the pile".

The first thing you will have to do is give the garage an enema. Clear out everything from everywhere (except the rafters we're working with the ground floor space first) and do some sweeping, dusting, cleaning of the walls and floors.

Tidying it up empty is a much easier endeavor than after you put your stuff back in. You'll feel a "cleaner" feeling when entering your garage as the memory of all the work will not leave your side!

Once clean find some of those great wall racks you can slip pegs, pegged shelves, and the like to. Utilizing the walls is the first major step.

There is so much wall real-estate you can use to not only organize but display your tools and miscellaneous items.

There are loads of different designs/types of wall organizers that work from metal peg boards for hanging tools to pocketed fabric or plastic hangers for storing smaller items in see though pockets to bolt storage bins with lots of tiny drawers designed to hang on the wall or using a shelf peg.



Examples Of Different Setups / Systems





Modular Design Makes Organizers Powerful




Garage organizing systems generally come as shelves and cabinets, but with a rougher exterior than used inside of the home. These organizer kits are sold at many specialty & hardware stores and come as large sets that must be assembled.

Many of these organizers are made of solid wood or hard steel. Some organizer kits also have wire bins that come with the set. Setting up a organizer for your garage will take some tools and quite a bit of time, but it is well worth the hassle. Garage organizing systems can double as a shoe closet, store space for the kids, and a good work space outside of the home.

The shelves in the garage organizers can come in handy for tools and lawn care maintenance, as well as those miscellaneous items that you only use once a year, such as the Halloween decorations, those Christmas time lights, and tinsel.

The organizer can be set up in any way you like and can be personalized to your method or of organization. Many hardware, home improvement, and large scale home department stores sell organizer kits with or without assembly but you can often find them on Amazon and other online retailers cheaper (or comparable if delivery is free because you save on gas and hassles of traffic).



Conclusion & Quick Review/Recap




Robust and complete organizer systems on the higher end (better quality/built in) are generally priced in the $1000+ dollar range, depending on the store, particular brand, or size of the organizing systems. You can piece together thousands of configurations just using shelves and storage bins with air tight lids.

You can also use the plastic storage with 3-8 drawers.  With use this can become troublesome, your best bet is a Wooden organizer system. If your good with wood you can find plans online and build one, scaling the shelves to your needs.

Hard wood systems seem to hold up well, and can be painted or stained to suit your overall garage theme. The more modular and portable systems (that can be docked too) are more scalable in both directions, however, making them the good middle ground.

There is no one garage set up (in the $1000.00 or less range) of matching cabinetry and drawers, but there are enough components that are inexpensive that latch together like Legos for expansion when your ready (and can afford more extensions). These systems are made of steel and are very sturdy but customizable as well.

Steel organizers are also good for those heavy duty needs, or to create clean smooth lines in your garage space. Garage organizing systems are a must have for a clean, useful and strategically active garage space. The systems will make it simple to quickly figure out where something goes  and eventually it will be second nature to store and retrieve anything quickly. 

Good Luck!

Updated: 08/17/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 09/02/2012

yep we're setting ours up right now :) organizers seriously rock!

Sheri_Oz on 09/02/2012

These are great storage ideas for anyplace - garage, basement, storeroom.

Jerrico_Usher on 08/16/2012

It's usually the last place for us because that's where we shove everything- but since we added organizers (I was amazed at how much is actually out there to help you with turning a pile of stuff invisible :) it's been a lot easier. We have a place for just about everything and a junk box we go through once a week (for those lazy times)...

dustytoes on 08/16/2012

I've just spent days cleaning up my garage from last years move into the house. I saved it as one of the last places to organize. It's a great feeling to be able to move in there now. Love your ideas for storing things - especially that Tool Corner Rack.

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