Good Griddles at Great Prices

by Regi_B

Good griddles that save greenbacks are ideal.

If you want to buy a new griddle for your kitchen, this article has some sizzle for you -- in the way of money saving ideas.

I like cooking on a griddle. "Griddlin'" is good cookin'!

Lest you think me simple, I have included below ways to save you dough, so you can put more into your next batch of griddle cakes.

Yummy to my tummy!

I suppose you could say this is the typical griddle...

Quality Griddles:

  • Get the job done,
  • Are stovetop,
  • Or electric,
  • Come in many sizes, and at least four shapes,
  • Really keep things cookin'!

(Yes, I am corny. Thank you.)

The Best Griddle for the Money

Grant me if you will, that griddles do not grow on trees -- or some such statement eluding to the fact that these things cost more than a few dollars.

So granted, I really must tell you that the Ecolution Artistry 11-Inch Griddle is quite the find to my mind. (Yes -- yes -- that phrase rhymed. As did that. Moving on.) 

The makers of this griddle applied a non-stick coating called "Hydrolon", which is stated to be water-based, and PFOA-free. (I do not know a lot about PFOA, but I will go ahead and assume I don't want it rubbing off my non-stick coating, onto my food, and into me.)

All of that said, price matters, and right now, this griddle pan is on sale at Amazon for under $15. Yee-ha! And such.

How to Save Money on a New Griddle

Whether you want a griddle for your stove-top, grill, or camping gear, I am going to advise you to first shop at Amazon, because of their selection. From electric to manual, Amazon has an array of griddles at all price ranges.

Out there in real worlds-ville, there are options -- especially if you have got time to wait.

One thing you could do is take note of estate sales, garage sales, "and the like" in your area. Early birds to these affairs might luck into a griddle or two.

Or you could get engaged. My wife and I were gifted the "family griddle" by her parents at our Jack & Jill shower.

(Of course, that one was a joke. Mostly.)

Be sure to hit up you area's Goodwill Store to save money on a griddle. While griddles are occasionally donated to Goodwill, they also sell new, non-electric griddles seasonally.

No matter which griddle winds up meeting your needs, I wish you "good griddlin'!"

Updated: 06/07/2012, Regi_B
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