Why Google Blogger May Not Be The Easiest Blogging Platform To Use

by CeresSchwarz

Many would suggest that beginners to blogging should try making use of Google Blogger as their blog platform because of how easy & simple it is to use. But is this really the case?

Even those that are new to blogging would have surely heard of Google Blogger as a possible blogging platform. Blogger is touted as very easy to use, which is doubly perfect for those that are beginners to blogging and don't really know much about how these things work yet.

Newbies could easily create a free blog by using this platform without much trouble, hassle or problem at all. But is Google Blogger really as easy and simple to use as it is made out to be, especially for the beginners?

Why the Google Blogger Blogging Platform may not be the easiest to use especially for beginners?
Why the Google Blogger Blogging Platform may not be the easiest to use especially for beginners?

Google Blogger

A short introduction

Google Blogger is a free blogging platform wherein one can create a blog of their own. The web address of this blog will be YourWebSiteNameHere.blogspot.com unless you get your own domain but that's another article entirely as this one is about the free Google Blogger.

For some people, the free Blogger with the blogspot subdomain is more than enough and they don't need to purchase their own domain or at least not right away. But it is important to remember to be absolutely certain before deciding to purchase your own domain so you don't end up regretting things. It's also a good idea to first check out Blogger and see if you really like it. If you don't, you might choose to opt for Weebly or WordPress or some other platform instead.

Blogger Account

Creating your free account

It's really easy to create your very own Google Blogger account.

If you already have a Google Account such as for Gmail or Google Analytics, then all you need to do is go to the sign up page for Blogger and log in with your Google e-mail and password.

Otherwise, just click on the sign up link and proceed to create your account.

All you need to do is fill up the sign up page with the correct and appropriate information such as deciding on your preferred username and your password.

Free Google Account

Creating your free account only takes a few minutes at the most

As soon as you have your free account, you're ready to start making your very own blog. You can even make more than one blog.

Features of Google Blogger

What's so good and special about this blogging platform?

Google Blogger has a lot of really cool and awesome features that you can make use of and add to your blog to make it stand out and add more oomph to it.

You can choose from many gadgets or widgets, such as labels and blog archives,  to add to your sidebars and footers.

Google Blogger has many different features
How Do I Use Google Blogger To Make Money?

You can add a favicon to your blog, change your blog's fonts (sizes, styles and type), and even easily monetize said blog through Google AdSense. These are just some of the many features of Blogger that can really make it a good choice for a blogging platform.

Furthermore, Blogger is said to be really easy and simple to use that even beginners shouldn't have a problem with it. Many have suggested that newbies make use of Blogger as their initial blogging platform in order to get started and learn more about blogging. With all that said, what could possibly be bad or wrong with this platform?

What's wrong with Google Blogger?

Why isn't this blogging platform for everyone?

Actually, nothing is wrong with Google Blogger. It is a really fine platform where one can create and publish their blog. It does have fantastic features which people can make use of to make their blogs the best they can be. And, depending on the person in question, Blogger can be really easy and simple to use. How could Google Blogger be a perfectly fine blogging platform for some while for others it could be less than stellar?

Perfect Google Blogger

How can Blogger be a perfect blogging platform?

Once you have a Blogger account and once you're signed in to said account, you can start creating your blog right away. Click on the "Create a new blog" link and then input the title that you want for your blog. Decide on the blog address that you prefer.

After that, choose a theme that you want for your blog. Google Blogger does offer a few templates that you can freely use. Then click on the "create blog" button and you're done. All you need to do now is start filling up your blog unless you want to change your chosen theme.

Create A Google Blogger Blog

It's so easy to create your very own blog on Blogger that it seems anyone can do it
Create a new Google Blogger blog easily
Create a new Google Blogger blog easily

Anyway, filling up your blog actually couldn't be any easier thanks to the features offered by Blogger.

Add gadgets or widgets to your sidebars and footers by simply clicking on the Layout tab and then the "add gadget" link.

You can even rearrange the gadgets to your liking, depending on where you want them to appear in your blog.

For example, if you want the labels gadget on your right sidebar, then all you need to do is drag said gadget onto the position you want it to go.

By selecting the the template tab and clicking on the customize button, you'll be brought to the pages where you can change and modify the fonts and background of your blog, among other things.

Google Blogger Gadgets

You can easily add a variety of widgets to your blog such as a Google search box

You can also decide on the blog layout that you want such as opting for a left and right sidebar as opposed to just a sidebar or choosing to add 3 columns to your footer instead of just 2. After you finish fixing all of that, you can start adding your content. Once everything is to your liking, you can already change your blog settings so that it is visible to search engines and so it can be indexed.

Imperfect Google Blogger

So, what makes this blogging platform imperfect?

With all that said, what makes Google Blogger imperfect for some people?

The answer is that, for some people such as some beginners to blogging, Blogger really isn't all that simple and easy to use.

Why? The following are some of the reasons why Google Blogger may not be the easiest blogging platform to use, especially for newbies.

Do you think that Google Blogger is imperfect?

Themes & Templates

What is the kind of theme that you want for your blog?

Do you care what kind of template you choose for your blog or would you be one to just choose randomly or settle for the first theme that you see? Blogger offers some (read: rather few) free themes that you can choose from though these may not exactly be satisfactory to some people.

Thankfully, there are many, many more Blogger themes that you can find elsewhere and a whole lot of these templates are actually free to use as long as you leave the attribution links of said template in place. This is the way that you give credit to the designer and creator of the theme that you're using for free so it's only right to keep said links intact.

If you don't like these links though, some sites let you pay to be able to freely remove them or you can just buy premium, custom-made templates. Having many blog themes to choose from can be a good or bad thing, depending on which way you look at it.

This is a good thing because you have a variety of choices and, as such, greater chances of finding something that you like and that interests you.

There are many free templates for Google Blogger blogs but, if you're up to it or if you want to, you can even try designing your own theme

But this can also be a bad thing because, with way too many choices, you might get overwhelmed and even frustrated especially if you feel like you've been looking for what seems like forever and yet you still can't find the template that you want.

The best-case scenario is finding the perfect theme that you want, which you like exactly how you see it and no longer wish to change in any way. But what if you can't find exactly what you're looking for? If this is the case, you do have some options.

Choosing a blog theme or template can be as difficult as trying to choose a wallpaper precisely because you have so many different choices to choose from

For one, you may opt to just hire a web designer to create a theme for you exactly how you want it. But this isn't a viable option if you don't have any money to spare.

Alternatively, you can just decided to make your own template, which is a perfectly fine idea if you actually know how to do this. Some may not be all that adept with coding, designing, tinkering with the HTML and CSS so this isn't an option for them.

Some may be able to find a free theme that works for them but which they would still like to further customize and modify. For example, they only like the general layout of the blog but they want to change the background image. Or maybe they would like to add floating social media icons on the right side of the template.

If you're the one who has to do all these customization and modification and you're not really adept at these things, then you'll have a hard time as this isn't exactly a walk in the park. Some changes are harder to do than others while some can actually be simple.

If you're new to all this, you'll really have to search around for information on how to accomplish the things that you want your blog to do. You'll also have to tinker with the HTML of your theme, which can be a rather daunting task as many things could go wrong. In this case, it's definitely a good idea to backup your template before editing anything or making any changes from it. Should anything go wrong, at least you have a backup.

Blog Layout

How do you want your blog to look like?

Google Blogger has a layout page wherein you can arrange the way your blog looks. If you don't like how said blog looks, then you can easily rearrange it. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the gadgets or widgets into the location where you want them to be.

For example, you want to move the blog archive gadget from the left sidebar to the right sidebar, so, all you would have to do is drag said gadget into place. However, the layout page does have its limitations. For one, it follows your blog's theme. This means that if your blog only has a right sidebar and two footer columns, then you won't be able to drag any gadget from, say, the right sidebar to the non-existent left sidebar.

Furthermore, even if you follow your blog's theme and only try to rearrange things on where they can go, it's a fact that some things stay in place and you cannot move them elsewhere. This depends on what theme you're using. This page also allows you to edit the gadgets or widgets however this is rather limited. If you wish to do more, you would have to go to the HTML page of your template or even the CSS page.

Add a Gadget / Widget

What kinds of gadgets or widgets do you want to have on your blog?

Google Blogger offers a lot of useful and helpful widgets which you can easily add to your blog.

All you need to do is click on the "add a gadget" link and you'll be taken to a page with all the free gadgets that you can make use of.

Choose the one that you want and then click on the plus button and the gadget will automatically be added to your blog.

You can edit these widgets a little bit such as by deciding on whether you want your labels list to appear in list format or as a cloud.

However, if you want to edit said gadgets further such as changing font colors and the like, you won't be able to easily do that without going to your blog's HTML or CSS.

Furthermore, while Blogger has numerous widgets that you can choose from, it doesn't offer everything.

If you're looking for more gadgets, you will have to search for the codes yourself and add them to your blog.

For example, Blogger offers the Popular Posts widget but it doesn't have a Recent Posts one.

Blogger has the +1 Button gadget and even a Google+ Followers one but it doesn't offer anything about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other such web sites.


Google Blogger includes a +1 Button gadget, which you can easily get to by going to the "add a gadget" link


Unfortunately, Blogger does not offer a Pinterest button gadget

Template Designer

How useful is the Blogger Template Designer for you?

The Blogger Template Designer allows you to easily modify and customize many aspects of your blog. You can choose to change your blog template or your blog's background image and you can even adjust widths and tinker with your blog's font colors and sizes.

However, depending on what theme you're using, some parts of this designer may or may not be applicable to said theme. If your theme isn't compatible with the Blogger Template Designer, you will get a message, which says "not applicable for this template".

Free themes that you find while searching around are usually the ones that are incompatible with the Template Designer. Sometimes, some aspects of the Template Designer will work with your chosen theme but other aspects will not be applicable.

In cases like this, if you really want to further modify or customize your template, you would have to go directly to your theme's HTML or CSS pages and make your changes there.

While the Google Blogger Template Designer can be very useful and helpful, it's unfortunately not always compatible with your chosen blog theme or template

Blog Post

How do you envision your blog posts to look like?

It's very easy to create a blog post on Google Blogger. All you need to do is click on the appropriate button link and you'll be brought to the page where you can start writing your content.

You can easily input your post title and even tinker with the post settings such as adding labels or tags to your article. You can even edit the HTML of your post as well add links and images to said post, not to mention decide on the fonts.

However, if you're looking to do something a bit more fancy to your posts without having to tinker with the HTML, then you're going to have a problem with that.

If you look at the create a blog post page, you'll immediately note that it's just a blank page akin to a word document.

As such, if you want to do fancy things to your post, you would have to figure it out yourself and this can be very hard especially if you don't know much or anything at all about HTML.

For a little more perspective, take a look at the create a page on Wizzley. Wizzley offers a lot of modules to enable you to create your article and make it look good.

Part Of Blogger's Create A Post Page

You can easily start typing your article's content but beautifying your post takes a bit more effort than that depending on what you want to do
Google Blogger Blog Create A Post Page
Google Blogger Blog Create A Post Page

Aside from text modules, you can easily add images, table of contents and even Amazon modules to monetize your article. On Blogger, if you want to add Amazon products to your post, you're going to have to work on this yourself.

You would have to go to Amazon and log in to your Associates account and get your affiliate links before going back to Blogger and adding said products and links to your blog.

Aside from all that, on Blogger, you might also have  a hard time in arranging the content of your blog.

On Wizzley, you can easily move modules around by using the arrows or the drag-and-drop whereas on Blogger, sometimes, what you see on the create a blog post page is different from the preview page.

You would have to do trial and error to ensure that your text and images are where you want them to be.  

It's also interesting to note that, while Blogger offers a poll in its gadgets list, said poll would only show up on your blog home page.

Some Features of Wizzley

You can easily add so many different modules and rearrange them in the way that you want to
Wizzley Add Modules & Other Features

You cannot add a poll gadget to your blog post by making use of the add a gadget feature of Blogger. You would have to search around for ways on how to do this, much like you would have to search around if you want to add more things to your blog post.


These are just some of the aspects and features of Google Blogger that don't exactly make it easy for some people to make use of. This is especially so for the beginners and those who aren't all that adept at tinkering with codes, HTML and CSS. But this is the case only for those that still want to further customize and modify their blog.

Those who don't care about such things and are perfectly satisfied with making use of a theme they'd found without needing to make any more changes would find Google Blogger to be a perfectly fine blogging platform.

Truly, Blogger is easy if you want things to be simple and don't really need to add any fancy stuff to your blog like floating social media icons or polls and maps in your blog posts. Of course, for those that are experts at HTML and CSS, they would have no trouble or problems with this at all.

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Do you think that the Google Blogger blogging platform is easy to use for beginners?

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Yes, I think Blogger is easy to use for beginners because...
jptanabe on 09/18/2013

I started a couple of Blogger blogs a while ago, and it was pretty easy to gent started. The only thing is they stopped working with Amazon so you can't bring products directly any more.

Updated: 06/30/2016, CeresSchwarz
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CeresSchwarz on 01/06/2014

@AbbyFitz - I'm pretty new to blogging too and wrote this article as I worked on my blog and continued to discover new things about Blogger and how it works. There are so many different kinds of themes for Blogger blogs that it took me quite a while before I found one that I wanted to use.

I've never tried WordPress because I heard that the .com one couldn't be monetized while the .org one couldn't be used without paying.

AbbyFitz on 01/06/2014

I like Google blogger, but the themes can be hard to use. I'm a novice when it comes to blogging, and I'm trying to figure everything out. I also tried a Wordpress one, and Google Blogger is definitely easier than that.

CeresSchwarz on 09/23/2013

@JohnnyKnox - thanks. Yes, it's easy to get started with a blog but if you want to do a lot more fancy things with said blog and don't know much about HTML and codes and the like, that's where things can get very difficult.

JohnnyKnox on 09/22/2013

For a beginner I wouldn't say it is such a difficult thing to set up a blog but as you mention it has quite a few disadvantages. Nicely written article.

CeresSchwarz on 09/19/2013

@jptanabe - thanks. Yes, Blogger has both good and bad points and it depends on a person's preferences and needs on whether they'd be interested or inclined to making use of Blogger as their blogging platform or not.

jptanabe on 09/18/2013

Good points about the good and bad of Blogger.

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