How To Add Chitika Ads To A Google Blogger Blog And Post

by CeresSchwarz

The methods you found explaining how to add Chitika ads to your Google Blogger blog not working for you? Yeah, that happened to me too. Maybe this one can help. It did work for me.

"Hey," you say, "Are you really writing about this particular topic? Aren't there like a million and one plus sites discussing this matter?"

A million and one is pretty much an exaggeration because a lot of these sites talk about adding Google AdSense ads to your blog instead. There are some regarding adding Chitika Ads on a Blogger blog but that doesn't necessarily mean that the methods being talked about are effective. Well, at least not for me, but there's really more to it than that.

"Huh?," you say, confused. "What exactly does that mean? And what exactly happened?"

Okay, shall we start from the beginning then? Let's talk about adding Chitika ads inside a Google Blogger blog and post and the many things involving this topic.

How to add Chitika Ads to a Google Blogger Blog and Post?
How to add Chitika Ads to a Google Blogger Blog and Post?

Google Blogger Blog

Is your blog ready to be seen by visitors and readers?

So, you're finally done working on your Google Blogger blog and you think you're finally ready to make it visible to search engines.

You head to your blog settings to do just that. But wait, there's something missing. But what?

Let's see. You have your blog homepage, your sidebars and your footer, your tags, disclosure, copyrights and even a few featured posts so your site doesn't look empty.

Everything seems to be in place so what could be missing? If you want ads on your blog, then you'll have to go through the process of adding them to said blog.

It's best to do this before you make your blog visible to search engines so that you can check and make sure that the ads are placed properly on your site and that they fit in right with your blog. How do we add a Chitika ad to our blog then?

Chitika Ads

How do you add Chitika ads to your Blogger blog?

The very first thing that you should do (assuming that you've already signed up for Chitika) is to go to and then log on to your account.

Once logged in, you can find an ad code generator, which allows you to specify what kind of ad you want to place in your blog.

You could choose from a variety of different ad sizes, decide on the color of your ad background, border and even the colors of your links.

After you decide on all of that, you can copy the generated ad code, which you can then add to your Blogger blog.

Log on to your Google Blogger account and access your blog.

HTML / JavaScript

Google Blogger's HTML/JavaScript gadget or widget is where you will paste the Chitika ad code that you generated so that ads will appear on your blog's sidebar and / or footer
HTML Made Easy

All you have to do is follow the instructions, which involve pasting the ad code that you got from Chitika into an HTML/JavaScript widget or gadget on your Blogger blog. After that, your Chitika ads should appear wherever you placed the widget or gadget. You can arrange them in the Layout tab of your Blogger account.

"Well, that seems really easy," you note. "How could there be any problems? It should work for everyone, right?"

Yes, actually. It certainly worked for me. I was able to successfully add a Chitika ad on my blog's right sidebar and even on my footer.

"Okay," you say, tilting your head to the side and looking confused, "so, what's the whole point of this article then? It looks like we're done already, aren't we? What else is there that we need to know?"

Ad Placement & Optimization

Questions about ads

Don't you wonder where you should put your Chitika ads? Don't you want to know if there is an ideal place where your ads ought to be placed? Don't you want to know how many ads your blog or blog post should have?

It does matter where you place your ads and how many ads you have on a single page. For instance, having way too many ads can turn off readers to your blog and can even make your site appear spammy.

There's actually an article in Chitika, which explains all of this. The article recommends that a single page should have, at the most, 3 ads. It also includes suggestions on the best (and the worst) places in your blog where you can put your Chitika ads.

Part of that ad placement recommendation includes putting your ads inside or within your blog post (meaning within the text content of your article) such as below your post title or even at the end of your article.

If you think about it, of course it's a great idea to have your ads near the text of your post since your articles are what people will read when they visit your blog or site.

"Yeah," you agree. "I'm going to go place ads inside my blog post now."

I wanted to do that too after I read the Chitika article but therein lies the problem. If you notice, the instructions that Chitika provided (linked above in the previous section) only tells us how we can place ads in our Blogger blog by way of the HTML/JavaScript widget.

Using this widget, we can only place Chitika ads in our blog's sidebars and footers. While having those ads are fine and all, what are we supposed to do if we also want to add Chitika ads inside our blog post, especially since Chitika recommends this?

How can we place ads inside our blog post? I don't think there's any way to be able to place a widget or gadget inside a blog post. While you can move your widgets around in your blog layout, you can't move them everywhere. You're limited to only being able to place them in your sidebars and footers.

Looking for the answers, just like a detective

Did you feel like a detective as you scoured page after page of Google search results just to find what you're seeking?

Ads Inside Blog Post

Searching for the answers

Since I didn't know how to put the Chitika ad inside my blog post, I searched for the answers in Google.

I found lots of articles... on how to put Google AdSense ads on your blog.

"Oh wonderful," you sarcastically say, "if only that was what we're looking for."

I did also find some articles that shared methods on how to add Chitika ads to your blog post.

I tried these methods, which involved adding some codes to the main HTML template of your Google Blogger blog, but none of these worked for me.

The Chitika ads still didn't show up in any of my blog posts. So I searched around some more.

At times, it felt like I was apparently finding the same articles, but only on different sites or perhaps the articles just spoke of the same method but worded differently or with slightly different instructions. I remember that I even found some YouTube videos, some of which were rather long, but I watched them anyway, in the hope of finding the answers that I sought.

I don't know if any of the methods that I found actually worked for other people. Maybe they do work but they certainly didn't work for me. Anyway, eventually, I believe I found an article or perhaps it was a YouTube video, which suggested that the Chitika ad code be placed inside the blog post's HTML itself.

At this point, I was wary of just heading on over to my blog to try whichever method that I found (just to see which would work) and being disappointed that it didn't work, yet again, which was why I didn't try this method right away. Besides, I was also not sure if we were actually allowed to paste the Chitika ad code in the blog post's HTML.

Numerous Questions

Feeling confused and have lots of unanswered questions?
10k Yellow Gold Diamond Question Mark Pendant (0.02 cttw,...

Chitika Support

Contacting them and asking questions

As such, I decided to contact Chitika Support.

By this time, I had a number of questions I wanted to ask:

  1. How many times can we paste the Chitika ad code on our site?
  2. Chitika suggests that we only have 3 ads per blog page but what if we want a little bit more than that?
  3. Could we have maybe 4 ads per page? (I considered having an ad each on my blog footer and sidebar and then 2 ads on my blog post, which would make 4) 
  4. Is that really bad?
  5. Is that allowed? 
  6. How are we supposed to know if we correctly placed the ads in our site so that it is working properly?

I also wondered if they knew how to put Chitika ads inside a Blogger blog post since their article was the one that suggested this.

I also had a question on domains but that's not part of this article.

Anyway, upon taking note of the questions that I wanted to ask, I headed over to the Contact Us page of the Chitika site where I composed a message containing all these questions. After sending the message to Chitika, I didn't expect to get such a prompt reply but I did and this was indeed very surprising and pleasing.

They were also very helpful as they answered my queries and they even said that they would check my site to make sure that my ads were in place and working correctly (that is, after I give them the URL since I had mentioned in the message that I sent that my blog was still under construction). 

They said that 3-4 ads per blog page was more than enough. If you think about it, it really is, because who wants to see a page full of nothing but ads with only a small portion of content? Anyway, they also suggested asking Blogger about adding ads inside a blog post since my blogging platform was Google Blogger.

Adding Chitika Ads Inside A Blog Post

How can this be done?

First, I decided to try adding the Chitika ad code inside the HTML of my blog post. I opened one of my blog posts in edit form then clicked on the HTML tab. I then proceeded to paste the Chitika ad code at the very top since I wanted the ad to appear below the post title, just like what the Chitika article suggested.

I saved the changes I made and went to view my blog, hoping this would actually work. Well, guess what? It did work. I can see the Chitika ad. All is not well though, not well at all, in fact. Why?

To explain, let me start by saying that part of my blog's homepage lists the titles of my blog posts along with a short snippet and an image as well as a read more link below it so that those interested can be brought to the full article.

Blogger's Create A Post Page

If you go to the Compose view, you can find the icon for the jump break
Part Of Google Blogger Blog's Create A Post Page
Part Of Google Blogger Blog's Create A Post Page
Enlarged one of the product images of the product above from

The ad I placed on one of my posts also shows up in my blog homepage, right underneath the post title and above the snippet of the post. It didn't look nice at all since the snippet and the image were no longer the focus but the ad.

More than that, my blog homepage was set to show up to 8 posts at a time. If I had added ads on all of my posts and placed those ads below the post title, then they would all show up in my blog homepage and that page would thus show a total 10 ads (including the footer and sidebar ads).

This was really the only problem because when I view the blog post itself, the ad does appear below the post title and it looks just fine. One solution was to make it so that the Chitika ad will appear below a blog post's title but will not appear on the blog homepage. This was easier said than done though as I had absolutely no idea how to do this.

The Problem's Solution

How can we have Chitika ads inside our blog post?

So, I thought I would just move the Chitika ad and position it somewhere else inside my blog post. How would this work exactly? Remember when I said that my blog homepage had short snippets of my blog post as well as an image?

To cut off that snippet so that it won't show the rest of my post on the homepage, I made use of the jump break. So, only the words and the image before the jump break would show up on my homepage. What I decided to do with the Chitika ad code was to paste it right after the jump break. Prior to this, I had a pretty big image after the jump break and then more text content below as well as more media to make up the whole article.

Since I added the ad after the jump break, the big image that was supposed to go after the jump break was now placed below the Chitika ad code. I saved the changes to my blog and went to see how it looked. My blog homepage no longer showed the Chitika ad underneath the post title. It looked just like it used to before with only the sidebar and footer having the Chitika ad.

Viewing my blog post showed some text underneath the post title plus an image and then, right below that, still above the fold, was the Chitika ad. To the right, also above the fold, was the sidebar ad. For the end of my article, I also wanted to add another Chitika ad. At first, I thought of placing the ad right after the post but before the image sources and notes section, which I always had at the end of all my articles.

I tried it, pasting the ad code inside my blog post HTML in the appropriate section, and it worked but it didn't look all that nice so I decided to move the ad code.

I placed the ad after the end of the image sources and notes section of my post and before the comment section. It did seem to look much better this way.

With the footer ad that I had, that would have made 4 Chitika ads on a single blog post page while my homepage and static pages would only have 2 ads (the sidebar and footer ads since those 2 appear on all my blog pages).

I wan't very fond of the footer ad though (the Chitika article did say that the footer was not a good place for ads) so I decided to remove it (I replaced it with a Follow by E-mail HTML code from Feedburner) so now I only have 3 ads.

How many Chitika ads do you have on your Google Blogger blog?

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Ad Sizes And Colors

For Your Google Blogger Blog

What ad size and color did you choose for your blog? The Chitika ad code generator allows you to choose a number of specifications for your ad. They even recommend several different ad sizes.

At first, I tried to go with one of these recommendations but it didn't seem to fit with my blog so, in the end, I just chose the one that seemed to fit even if it wasn't the suggested size. It's all up to you. You could choose to go with Chitika's recommendations but if you find that it really doesn't look good or doesn't seem to fit with your site, then maybe you can just go with the ad size that does.

As for the color of the ad's background and even its border, I initially specified a dark color to fit with my blog.

However, when I added the code to my blog, I noted that I had gotten the wrong color so I decided to try and write "none" in place of the aforementioned color codes.

The Chitika ads still seemed to work even with that so I guess it's all okay then.

Speaking of okay, once I made my blog visible to search engines, I e-mailed Chitika support about this so they could check my blog.

They soon responded that they had checked my blog and that the ads were working correctly, which was definitely great news to hear.

Chitika Ad Colors

You can choose what kind of colors your Chitika ads should have

A Few Reminders

Some things to take note of

If you're also going to be pasting your Chitika ad code directly inside the HTML of your blog post, then be reminded that you will have to do this for every blog post that you will make. For some, this may be a hassle but others may not mind.

Also, I don't know if it's just with me but, every time I edit a blog post that already has the Chitika ad codes, I find that, upon viewing the post (with the changes saved), I cannot see the Chitika ads that I placed on said post though I can still see the sidebar ad that I have.

No, I don't know why this happens. To fix this, I edit the post again. I then overwrite the existing Chitika ad code in the HTML section by pasting the same Chitika ad code.

After saving the changes I made (if you could call it that since I just copy-pasted the exact same code that was already there in the first place), I view said post and, what do you know, the Chitika ads are visible now.

Your Blog, Your Choice

It's up to you what kinds of ads to use on your blog just as it's up to you what size and color you want those ads to be or where exactly you want to place those ads and how many ads you want per blog page. It's just like choosing your own path to take

Don't ask me how that works or why it's like that as I have no idea. It is a bit of a hassle but, as long as the ads work anyway, I guess it's all right. To avoid this as much as possible, I add the Chitika codes only after I finish checking and double-checking and proofreading my post. This is usually right before I publish said post.


So, what about you? Were you also able to successfully place Chitika ads in your Google Blogger blog and inside your blog posts?

If you find that the other methods that you read about don't work for you, then maybe this one will. 

If you have questions about Chitika, you can always contact them by using their Contact Us page. They are very helpful and pretty prompt in their replies.

Were you successful in being able to add Chitika ads on your blog and inside your blog post?

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