What To Consider When Starting A New Web Site & / Or Blog

by CeresSchwarz

If you're brand new to beginning a web site or blog, things can get overwhelming and fast so it's important to take a number of things into consideration before getting started.

Those who have decided to start a blog or web site have no doubt done some preliminary research to find out the important facts necessary for this planned venture.

However, starting a new site or blog is no easy feat and you can quickly get confused and frustrated at trying to figure out the ins and outs of these things, which might be cause for you to postpone your plans. What is important is to not rush into things and focus on what is necessary and what should be taken into consideration when starting a new web site or blog.

What are the things you should consider when starting a new web site and / or blog?
What are the things you should consider when starting a new web site and / or blog?

Blogging is Easy

Is it really easy?

Some might say that blogging or starting a site is pretty easy and it could be argued that maybe it is easy since you just need a lot of content for your site.

If you're a writer, then this shouldn't be that hard for you.

Veterans to blogging and Internet writing probably have not much problems either. But what about for the newbies? Are things really as easy as they seem? 

Honestly, it depends on the person in question on whether starting a site or blog could be deemed as easy or not. Some find it easy while some find it difficult and even complicated.

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Furthermore, depending on what exactly you want to do with your blog or site, things could be as easy as can be or as hard as hard can be.

Why Blogging can be Easy?

Reasons why blogging can be deemed as easy

If you want to start a blog or site, you need a platform or place to put your content.

If you don't really care where or what this platform might be, then it would be easy for you to find a place to put your content. You can simply go with such sites like Google Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, etc.

Once you have your chosen platform, you need to design your site or blog by choosing a theme.

If you don't care about customizing your theme or making your own, then you can easily choose amongst the many site or blog themes which you can find out there.

You can even just pick a random theme, if you like, then stick it in your site and that's it.

Easy Blogging

Is blogging really so easy & simple that you don't need a book to be able to do it?

Afterward, if you don't care to make any more adjustments to your chosen theme such as changing font colors and types or maybe adding social media icons to it or making any other changes to it, then you're ready to publish or get it live on the web to be indexed by search engines and found by potential readers. You can already start posting content and that's why blogging can be pretty easy.

Why Blogging can be Hard?

Reasons why blogging can be deemed as hard

Blogging can be difficult if you're hard-pressed to choose which platform you wish to put your content on. For some, they are already stumped in this process as they try to figure out the pros and cons and the advantages and disadvantages of each site.

It's not just trying to choose between such platforms as Google Blogger, Weebly, WordPress, etc, it's also trying to determine whether to go the paid route or the free route.Once you've actually managed to get past that stage, the next step is to choose the theme of your site or blog.

This can quickly become yet another complicated process as you're faced with what appears to be millions of different themes and you have to wade through each of them just to find the one that you like for your site. You might find a theme that you like but which you still want to modify and further customize.

If you're not adept at web design and don't know much about things like HTML and CSS, then this task can become near impossible as you try to search around and get your theme exactly the way you want it to be.

This doesn't just involve changing things like font sizes and colors and styles, it also includes adding things to your sidebars and footers, perhaps creating a header image and other things like that.

If you plan to monetize your site, then you need to sign up for the appropriate programs such as Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. Then, if you do get accepted into these programs, you're going to have to make sure the ads and links and the like are in place in your site while ensuring that you're not violating any rules.

Of course, you also need to add content to your site. You would want to make sure your posted content is as good as can be and that it contains, as much as possible, no errors or mistakes. As such, in this regard, blogging can definitely be considered hard.

Blogging Questions to Consider

What you need to think about regarding this blogging thing

Once you have decided to create a blog or site, then you need to consider certain important questions, which would aim to help make things easier for you.

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine what important blogging decisions and choices to make.

Remember that you shouldn't rush recklessly into things as you might just end up regretting things in the end.



This also prevents you from making mistakes and errors, which could be corrected by slowing down and really thinking things through.

The right path to take

The road which you choose can greatly impact your life so choose wisely

Free vs Paid

Which should you go with?

Many would say there is no question at all and that one should definitely go with the paid blogging route because your site will look more professional because you're not stuck with a subdomain like sitename.weebly.com, sitename.blogspot.com or sitename.wordpress.com.

You'll also have more control with a site that you own and you shouldn't ever be in danger of having your site and all your content deleted.

There are many more such reasons as to why a paid site is much more viable and these are all good reasons. However, before you decide to drop everything and get a paid site, stop for a moment and really think about things.

Money Matters

Do you have the money to pay for your own site?

While a paid site or blog may be better, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you actually have the money to pay for one.

If you're rich or you have money to spare and you're really sure about this, then, by all means, go for the paid site route.

But what about those that don't exactly have money to spare?

They would have no choice but to go with a free site until they can get funds with which to pay for a site of their own.

However, do you really think it's such a bad thing to have a free site?

There are actually a number of advantages to having a free site.

These advantages might even help you in the long run.

While you try and acquire some money for your very own site, consider the advantages of being on a free site.

Got some cash?

If you have money to spare, it's not such a hard choice to go with a paid site or blog but if you don't...
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What's your Passion?

Are you passionate about your chosen niche?
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Site / Blog Niche

What's the niche of your site or blog?

What are you planning to write about on your blog or site? This is important because you can't just start a site without an idea of what you want for said site.

The veterans and experts suggest that you focus on a niche so your topic of choice can't be too broad but it can't be too narrow either or you might run out of articles to write about.

Another thing to consider is how passionate you are about your subject matter.

Can you see yourself churning out post after post regarding different angles of your site niche? This is what you should be doing if you start a blog or site.

Thus, for those that are still unsure about this part, a free site is the way to go. If you decide you're no longer interested in whatever topic you're writing about, you can easily change things such as deleting the site and starting a new one without losing anything.

If you're going the paid route already, you should be absolutely positively sure that you really like your niche and that you're not going to run out of things to write about.

Commitment & Motivation

How committed are you to starting your site or blog?

Is this just a passing hobby or are you really, really interested in having your own site or blog?

Do your foresee yourself having this blog and continuing to write for it year after year after year or do you imagine that your interest will soon wane and your blog will just die down after a while?

For those that went the free site route, it's okay if you decide you got sick of your blog and you don't want it anymore. Since you didn't invest money in it, then you don't really lose anything except the time and effort you put in working on the site.

But for those that have a paid site, if you decide to just give up and quit halfway through, then you invariably lose the money you shelled out to pay for your site.

Your investment has been lost if you decide to give up and it isn't just your hard work that went down the drain but also your hard-earned cash.

As such, think about how committed and motivated you are to blogging especially if you plan on going the paid blogging route.

A Dream, Hobby, Passion

If starting your own blog or site is your dream and this is really your passion, hobby and dream, you must never give up
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Passions & Chores

Are you really passionate about blogging or will this just be a chore for you?

If you have a paid site or blog, you really need to be serious and passionately interested about adding more content to it and making it the best site you could make it to be because you're investing money and time in this endeavor.

If you find that you're not really passionate about what you're doing, blogging can end up becoming like just another chore for you.

You would end up bored and will no longer be inclined to update your site and post more articles to it.

Being on a free site or blog, it's not that much of a loss if you decide you're sick of it and want to just abandon it.

You won't lose any money since you're on a free site.

The most you'll be losing is all your hard work, not to mention all the time and effort you used in order to write your articles and fix up your site exactly the way you like it.

But you can just move your articles elsewhere if you're so inclined.

However, if you're on a paid site, if you decide to give up halfway through, you're not just losing your hard work, you're also going to lose any money that you've invested in this.

Therefore, it's necessary to really think things through.

Consider how serious you are about your plans to blog.

If this is your passion, then go for it.

Quote by Beethoven: "To play without passion is inexcusable"

In the same way, if you plan to blog, you must be passionate about it or it will just become like a chore to you and you won't enjoy it at all
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Find your Passion

Find something that you like doing so it won't feel like work
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But if you think this will just be yet another chore, then it might be better to do something else, which you are really interested in. If you're not sure about this, going with a free site or blog can help you make the decision. You can just try things out and see if you like what you're doing and if you're having fun and enjoying yourself. After some time of testing, you can now have a better idea on whether to continue with your site and eventually opt for the paid route or just stop and do something else instead.

Potential Income

Do you think you can earn from your site or blog?

Those looking to earn money from blogging definitely need to take this question into consideration. 

You need to look at things and see if your site has the potential to bring you readers, traffic, views, sales from affiliate programs, etc.

Do you have a guarantee that you can earn from your site and that it will be profitable in the long run?

If so, you can go with the paid route right away as you can be sure that you will be able to earn back your initial investment and even double or triple your money.

Quote: "Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it"

If you want your blog or site to earn income, you must work hard and do your best to make it successful
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But if you're unsure about the earning potential of your site, it's better to go with a free blog for now. This gives you the chance to test your site and see its possibilities for earning while also allowing you to try and optimize and tweak it further to maximize your earning potential.


These are just some of the things you should take into consideration when you're planning to start a web site or a blog.

Even something as simple as going with a free or paid site can have a huge impact on you depending on your choice. 

A free site may not be as flexible as a paid site and it may have its limitations in terms of features and the like, but the beauty of such a blog is that you can make mistakes without losing any monetary investment.

You can easily change things whenever you feel like it without having to worry about losing any money.

The important thing to remember is to think wisely and don't rush into things.

Are you a Blogger?

What do you think of blogging?
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Go with a paid site once you know what you're doing, once you've learned from your mistakes and from the experts and veterans out there. When you find that you're really sure about sticking to blogging and you've already gotten the hang of things, then this is the time that you could start thinking about having your own site or blog.

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Telesto on 04/08/2014

How I wish I had read this before I started blogging! I am still undecided about the whole free/paid for site thing...

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blackspanielgallery on 07/21/2015

The real challenge is to make money from the site.

CeresSchwarz on 09/03/2013

@ologsinquito - thanks. Yes, many are thinking of starting their own blogs but this really isn't something that one should take lightly. A number of things should be taken into consideration so people don't end up making mistakes or regretting their decision and maybe even losing any monetary investments.

ologsinquito on 09/02/2013

Great article and very timely because so many people are thinking of starting their own blogs right now.

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