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by Michey

What is Google +1? It is new and intriguing and I think can help a lot in future. How we install the little button!

Introducing Google +1.

Google +1Sure you notice the little button which appear in a lot of websites, blogs, and other platforms articles nowadays, his name is Google +1.  What it really is?  New Google Button  allows your site to be rated, it will provide statistics about how many times your story has been linked.

The funniest definition is the one Google provides, when you see the +1 Button it says to you:
"This is pretty cool", or "you should check this out". With other words, adding +1 button to your pages lets users recommend your content. From Google point of view (Google search results), having recommendations your content become more relevant. 

Plus 1 buttonIt is a different approach with this button...  Usually if you have a "recommendation" of an authority site is viewed better by SEO, but in case of +1, the recommendation of friends and acquaintances produce more relevance... but we will see in time if it validates the theory.
This makes sense in the context of "Activities" which Google Caffeine requires. It is just that Google created his own tool for it!

So I wanted to add Google + 1 to my blogs... which I did this morning... how I did? 

I am sharing with you now.

Installing the Button

Initially I was thinking that the button is too new to have a plug-in for it, but I look it over anyway on Wordpress plug-ins. To my pleasure I already find 14 plug-ins about +1, so now, which is the best to use.

Doing research, I come up with a short list:

  • WP PlusOne This: it has 5 stars  and 565 downloads
  • Wordpress plugin - Google + 1: it has 4 stars and 5,847 downloads 

plug-inI decided that 4 stars from 5,847 downloads is better. You have the  plug-in in the picture,  I just click  "install now".

After the installation succeeded, I look over to see if I have some settings to take care of.

In left menu, in General settings I found Google +1, I click on the little arrow, settings plug-inand I click in settings. 

You can see the settings screens in next module.

Settings for Plug-in

setting 1This is the top part of the setting screen, and I choose standard with count. 

The default is Tall, but I change it.

Settings continue

settings 2This is the bottom part of the setting screen. 
I chose:

  • to display after post
  • live the default for styling
  • click save changes

The implementation of the plug-in

This is how Google +1 looks on my blog posts
Example of Google +1 on a post of my Blog
Example of Google +1 on a post of my Blog

More Info about Google +1

More about Google +1:

This is Google push towards Social Search. 

Important Note:

The rumors are that +1 will soon arrive on Android, YouTube, Blogger, Product Search... so it is just the first step for Social Search but more steps will follow.

In summary

In Wizzley we already have +1 button,  but I notice that in general people use buttons they are familiat with, like Twitter, Facebook and only a few use +1.

My advice is to use it here and add in all your Blogs as well.

The post was only about how to install +1 on Blogs using a plug-in. 

If you want to learn more about +1 you must read the left module.

More Knowledge About Google +1 and SEO

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Updated: 07/15/2011, Michey
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RebeccaE on 09/07/2011

this has been very helpful, and it reminds me that I'd better improve on my writing to get the +1s.

Michey on 07/11/2011

Thank you, in time you will notice a difference, it is very new at this point, but when Google is doing something, it is not an isolated event, they always have the future in mind.
Thanks for reading my post.

fitzcharming on 07/10/2011

I just installed on one of my blog following your instructions exactly and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the advice.

Jewelsofawe on 07/06/2011

Cool, this is great info!

Holistic_Health on 07/06/2011

Thank goodness for WP plugins. Added it to mine as well. Thanks for the explanation!

Michey on 06/30/2011

Hi! Nightbear, the hospital is running an "Intranet" which wants zero interference of outside their Intranet. So, I am glad you get it at home

Michey on 06/30/2011

Cace it is probably the keywords you use: "+1" vs. "Plus 1", but I am glad you get it, the plug-in I use is so easy to install.

PeggyHazelwood on 06/30/2011

Great information on what the +1 button is and how to install it. Thanks!

nightbear on 06/30/2011

Why in the world would the hospital block me seeing a 1+ button, anyway I can see it fine from home, and gave you another 1+. well deserved!

Cace on 06/30/2011

LOL! I just asked this question in the forum. From some reason when I searched here, it didn't give me your article. Interesting, thanks for the information.

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