Google Plus Secrets Joel Comm

by Michey

Joel Comm is a IM I always listen, read, talk with as he always gives me good inside, ideas, and priceless advice.

Joel Comm's View on Google+ Platform

G Plus SecretsJoel Comm just publishes a free report called:

"G Plus Secrets" 

" How Google's New Social Networking Platform Will Change the Way You Build Your Business"

This is powerful title! Isn't it?

Google+ is Google's new Social Media Platform, I already published 2 posts about it but it is very interesting to find Joel's point of view as he never disappoints me, he always gives honest opinions, deep inside on topics, and the most important he is keeping an open eye on trends. 

Actually he was an important factor on my decision to embrace the Mobile Marketing.

Google+ Secrets in a Nut Shell

I'll just give you some ideas why you have to read Joel full report which it is Free and full of trends wisdom.

Do you know the people concern about FB, Twitter, and even LinkedIn privacy! By contrast Google makes privacy a central point in his new platform. You have the opportunity to share different content with different groups of people you choose to have in your circles. And  modifing the content of a circle... is so simple, your 7 years old grandson can do it!

With Google+ you can do things other platforms do, as:

  • find friends
  • add photos, videos
  • share links
  • post comments and sent private messages

But you can do more:

  • Handouts it is a video conferencing up to 10 people simultaneously, this is very important for business (On mobile devices, handouts is equivalent of text-based Huddles)
  • You have +1 button  to mark up content you like in a remarkable simple way
  • Sparks, this is really impressive, it is an integration with Google's Search Engine that publish content onto the platform and makes finding posts and sharing them a piece of cake 
  • The way in which G+ was constructed is more appealing for business users, you find a full explanation in the report

Everybody's question is if Google+  will survive in time as a Social Network.

I will say YES, and my judgment is based on a little factor nobody is talking enough about it. This is the aggregation with all Google Packages which already exist, which is a huge advantage, and this is why Google+ will go up.
It is a learning curve, not everybody is willing to get in the wagon, but the ones who are pioneers now they will inherit a great advantage soon.

The Free Report G Plus Secrets

By Joel Comm
Google Plus Secrets eCover
Google Plus Secrets eCover

The Report Content

Just to give you more deep feeling about what you will learn I give you the Joel's Content:


  • 1.1 Find Your Way Around .
  • 1.2 Finding People and Helping People to Find You
  • 1.3 Organize Your Circles


  • 2.1 Reach Outside Your Circles
  • 2.2 The Value of Empty Circles
  • 2.3 What You Say Matters Too!
  • 2.4 What Can a Spark Start?
  • 2.5 Get Close to Your Buyers with Hangouts


To download the free report, click now. 

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Updated: 08/13/2011, Michey
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Holistic_Health on 10/29/2011

Thanks for this!

RebeccaE on 09/07/2011

this is very helpful for me, thanks.

Michey on 08/12/2011

You are welcome Sara

sara on 08/12/2011

This is all new to me. Thanks for the article.

ohcaroline on 08/05/2011

I'm still in the thinking stages about Google+. I am interesting in learning more about it though. Thanks for more information.

Michey on 08/04/2011

Me too, I have a lot of fun with Google+ and I am amused how a platform which at the first glance looks so simple, it really has so much functionality. In the report Joel explains how Google+ can help our businesses, how we can brand ourselves, that is the part I like the most.

bev-owens on 08/04/2011

Looking forward to reading Joel's report. Thanks for telling us about it. So far, I am loving Google+

petunia on 08/04/2011

I am enjoying finding my way around Google Plus and yes, ordering the free book. Thank you,Michey!

SidewalkPhilosopher on 08/04/2011

Well, it looks good, regardless who or whom is to blame! LOL

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