Green Gifts for Eco Friendly Kids

by TerriRexson

Lots of ideas for green gifts for kids. Kids are increasingly environmentally aware. Lots of parents prefer eco-friendly gifts. This green gift guide for kids will help you choose.

Green Gifts for Kids

Green gifts for kids are getting more popular and there are some great options for toys and other gifts that kids will appreciate and are eco-friendly too.

Having children does tend to make you think about the future of the planet. Many parents will appreciate it if you choose a green gift for their child, and don't worry, you won't have to compromise. I've found some wonderful toys at reasonable prices with good environmental credentials. 

As kids get older many of them learn about environmental concerns and become interested in saving the planet. They usual learn about the importance of being green at school. I've included toys that encourage in interest in thinking about reuse and recyling and alternative energy sources. 

We start with toys for younger children at the top of the page and work our way up to older kids. 

Green Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Green Toys Recycling Truck

From age 1 / 12 months, Infants and Toddlers
Green Toys Recycling Truck
$15.29  $15.28

Eco Friendly Recycling Truck

The recycling truck is a familiar sight to many kids these days. They will enjoy having one of their own to push around. 

This Green Toys recycling truck has good eco credentials. It's madefrom 100% curbside-collected recycled milk jugs. How cool is that! They've even managed to make the wheel axels without metal. 

It's suitable from 12 months of age. It's a satisfying 1 foot long. A nice big truck to push around inside or out. 

Green Toys Tea Set

Age 2+, Toddlers and Preschoolers
Green Toys Tea Set
$18.63  $17.88

Eco Friendly Tea Set

All toddlers should have a tea set! This one is gorgeous and it's made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.  

The Green Toys tea set includes 117 pieces:

  • A pink teapot with purple lid
  • A purple sugar bowl and lid
  • A blue creamer
  • 4 blue teacups and greeen saucers
  • 4 yellow teaspoons.

You can even put this teaset in the dishwasher if it gets a bit grubby. 

Well designed, child-safe and eco-friendly. 

Eco Star Crayons

Age 3+
Crazy Crayons Eco Stars (100% Recycled Crayons)
Only $15.95

Eco Friendly Crayons

These Eco Star Crayons are a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers. 

I love the bright colors and the star shape. Gorgeous. Actually I'd like some of these!

The stars are about 2 inches across, just right for little hands, and of course they have lots of drawing points. 

These crayons are 100% recycled and recyclable. They are non-toxic. 

The set includes an impressive 20 stars in a box. 

Eco-Friendly Bio Degradable Stickits

Received -Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Stickits
Only $12.99

Green Craft Kit

Stickits are an eco-friendly and bio-degradable craft for children from age 3. 

Just dampen Strickits with a little water and they stick together to make 3D models and pictures. 

Stickits are made from all natural and renewable materials using corn starch. 

When your child has finished with their Stickits creation you don't need to put it in the trash, you can just dissolve it in water. Clever. 

Green Gifts for Kids Age 5-8

Make Do Kit

Age 5-9
Make Do Kit
Only $15.0

Make Do Eco Friendly Craft Kit

We love Make Do in our house! My partner bought me a set for my birthday as he knew I'd enjoy sharing it with our boys. 

The idea is very simple. You get a set of fixers for cardboard and other scrap materials which you can use to make models from junk. 

It's straightforward and addictive. You get a tool for making small holes for the fixers to go through, and sawing shapes in cardboard. Lots of fixers (pins plus clips) and lockable hinges. 

This is very very cool and will appeal to a wide age range of kids. 

Totem Tree by Kidsonroog

Age 6-10
Totem Tree By Kidsonroof
Only $29.99

Recycled Totem Tree Model

This strong recycled cardboard Totem Tree is quirky, unusual and gorgeous. 

It comes as a kit of pieces that you press out from beautifully designed sheets. You then assemble the tree to make a gorgeous room decoration that everyone will ask about. 

Assembled dimensions: 28 inches tall x 24 inches wide

When the tree is finished with it's completely recyclable. 

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

Age 5-10
Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit
Only $55.99

Eco Friendly Kids Gardening Kit

We're back to Green Toys for this Indoor Gardening Kit made form recycled materials. 

The set includes:

  • 3 pots with peapod-shaped tray (very nicely designed)
  • a trowel
  • 3 packs of organic seeds 
  • 3 soil discs

Green Toys note that recycled plastic saves energy and also reduces greenhouse gasses. 

Green Gifts for Kids Age 8-15

Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Kit

Age 8-15
Elenco Snap Circuits Green - Alternative Energy Kit
Only $69.99

Snap Circuits Green Energy Kit

Snap Circuits is an award-winning range of toys for teaching kids about electricity. 

This Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy kit adapts this popular toy with renewable energy sources including hand-crank, solar and wind-power. 

You get instructions for over 125 projects that explore alternative energy strategies.

The set contains over 40 different parts and is compatible with other Snap Circuits learning kits. 

There are lots of solar power toy kits on the market that get dreadful reviews. This one is more expensive, but it gets top reviews for being educational and actually working really well. 

Enjoy the Green Toys!

Updated: 11/08/2011, TerriRexson
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Alice on 05/12/2017

The eco friendly gardening kit looks so cute! Ah, I wish I was a kid... Inspiring ideas with meaningful purpose!

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