Green wigs tv and anime-inspired, popular for costumes, St. Patrick's Day, plays and dress up

by ImagineMDD

For Halloween or masquerade costume, dress up as a favorite anime, TV character, veggie or just for a fun evening, these green wigs are made out of a variety of materials & so fun

Go green. Are you a jolly giant trying to get kids to learn to love their vegetables? Are you an anime character, a monster creature you made up yourself with green hair? Famous film and mythological characters sport green hair and headpieces, The Incredible Hulk, Shrek and Princess Fiona, The Joker from Batman, Medusa with the famous snakes instead of hair. Witches and Zombies often have shades of green hair. Maybe it's time for St. Patrick's Day, Halloween or Earth Day?

Green Wigs: Zombie Lady Green Wig, zombie make up

Zombie Costume


If you participate in Fun Runs, wigs and costume hats can be some of the easiest and fastest costumes you can get. Just add them to a brightly colored T-shirt and shorts set.  You may want to pin them down!

The Shrek series is a big hit. Shrek even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Going to a green eco-conference in a green wig would get people laughing as they get down to the business at hand. Want to create a costume that is iconic such as the Statue of Liberty? Something representing our current economy?

The Zombie Lady Green Wig is "a ghostly hue of gray and green hair" in a Victorian hairstyle.

Get in on the zombie apocalypse action with our women's Zombie Lady Wig. A fun run, flash mob or just an opportunity to cut in line.

Your hunger for flesh and brains will be apparent in all of your undead Victorian splendor.

The women's Zombie Lady Costume Wig features:
Long-length wavy hair falling past the shoulders
While the layered top section is pulled back into an elegant updo
With a few strands falling around the face

Pair this zombie lady wig with your walking dead, Victorian ghost or women's zombie costume, Swamp Woman, Nessie's wild granddaughter for an authentic and unmistakable look.

One size fits most adults and older teens.


Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup 1 oz One of the best known and trusted names in makeup, choose the shade(s) to mix and wear to get the look you want  



Hollywood wigs, get a green wig for your occasion

Friends may wear green wigs to show school and team pride at sporting events. Support your favorite team or cause in green. Christmas and St. Patrick's Day festivities call out for a costumes including fun green wigs.

Costume wigs are are being used by adults and kids all year long and they're cooler than ever! These days, you'll find wigs made of latex, vinyl, yarn and felt. Halloween costume wigs can be used for a lot more than Halloween!

Have them on hand for a birthday party activity. They may be worn to show support at events and fundraisers for colon cancer and child abuse awareness. Blue is the color of their awareness ribbons.

They're for men, women and children. There are even wigs for your pets! Still on the look-out for green wigs for pets. There is green temporary hair color and green false eyelashes.

Wigs and dress-up costumes for kids promote pretend play and socialization.

Maybe you're off to a taping of Let's Make a Deal! You'll be in the crowd at The Early Show or The Today Show and want the cameras to notice you and what your sign has to say?? You want to make an impression at karaoke? Have fun!

This page will only show a few but rest assured, the merchants offer many more wigs for the costume or character to suit your imagination. More choices of costume and more makeup types are to be found, too.

Princess Fiona Ears and Tiara, Princess Fiona Shrek costumes

Costumes for kids, teens and adults

Princess FionaTiara with Ears, One Size Shrek

 Whether you are drop kicking a band of outlaws or are being swept away by Shrek, this Princess Fiona Tiara with Ears is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your Princess Fiona Child Costume.

One Size Fits Most Children
This is an officially licensed Shrek™ Product.

Also Available:

Shrek Child's Deluxe Costume, Princess Fiona Costume is just one of the child, tween and teen Princess Fiona costumes available. Many come with the headpieces.

Princess Fiona Wig with Tiara and Ears A family story and film, the costumes come in sizes for adults, teens and kids.

This Shrek 2 Princess Fiona Wig with Tiara and Ears by Rubie's Costumes may not have green hair but the ears sure are green!

This set is a great accessory for any Princess Fiona costume and you'll look right out of the cartoon movie!

Rubie's Costumes specializes in making high quality costumes at great prices. They're a family company that's been around for a long time.

Princess Fiona Adult Costume is just one of the adult Princess Fiona costumes and check out their many Shrek costumes.

Zombie Hair for the Zombie dude in the pair

Zombie Dude Wig for the guy

He's the undead or zombie monster costume to give it that creepy, dead look.

You will look like an alien, something from out of the video games Dead Island, Plants vs. Zombies and Left 4 Dead!

Statue of Liberty Lady Liberty Headpiece & Costume

Becoming a citizen? Making a video? Party with Lady Liberty and let the YouTube community see, too

The Statue of Liberty Headpiece

This will bring patriotic appeal to your function be it Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any day.

Who knew a green wig was just right fir 4th of July? :) The statue had its dedication in New York City on October 28, 1886,

As an iconic symbol of Freedom, you will lead the party as a masterpiece of the human spirit.

The Statue of Liberty Headpiece is made of a green patina colored plastic that features the spiked crown headdress and wig that resembles the one worn by Lady Liberty.

This costume hat fits on the head like a cap and is a great accessory to pair with a green robe for your Statue of Liberty Costumes.

One size fits adults and teens.

Singing The Star Spangled Banner in Costume

Witch Wig and Witch Costume

Wicked Witch of the West Wig

Wig features:
Synthetic black hair with lime green and purple highlights streaked throughout.

The beautiful long curls give this rebel wig attitude along with sex appeal. This is the perfect costume accessory for Wicked Witch Of The West Sexy Holiday Party Costume Adult Costume.

One size fits most adults.

Green False Eyelashes

Eyelashes - Lime Green (Pictured) Long and lush lime green eyelashes have a hint of sparkle. Eyelash glue not included.

Also St. Patty's Green Lashes Larger than life green foil lashes are sure to make your Irish eyes smile.

Eyelash glue not included.


Green tinsel wig

Colorful wigs are great for sporting events, college and high school, too

Long Green Tinsel Wig Dress up your costume with this Long Green Tinsel Wig.

This wig features bangs and shiny green tinsel that makes this wig perfect for parades and sporting events since it can make a fun sound when you shake it!

Also sweet for bachelorette parties and Christmas parties!

This is also ideal for Mardi Gras. (Other colors available)

You may also find a short green tinsel wig


Emerald Green St. Patrick's Day Wig

The Peggy Sue Neon Green Adult Wig Adult Wig

Do you feel lucky?

The deluxe Peggy Sue Wig features:
Mid-length neon green hair with short bangs
Medium-length bob cut curls inward at the tips to frame the face
The wig falls midlength
Has straight bangs

Great for your rave party outfit or your Saint Patrick's Day leprechaun costume. Are you going to wearing a Shrinking Dollar costume on Halloween? Going Green?

The blunt-cut bangs compliment the shiny, straight hair and sure to give your character a look of her own.

One size fits most adults.


Batman Joker Adult Wig, Heath Ledger Joker Costume Adult, Child

The Batman The Dark Knight Joker Wig, Blonde, One Size from the Batman film The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight understands that it is extremely difficult to find a good hairdresser these days.

This wig is an essential finishing accessory to any Heath Ledger style of The Joker costume.

The Joker wig features:
Gnarled green hair modeled after the style worn in The Dark Knight Batman movie.

One size fits most adults.
Will you have a family of Jokers? Batman is the Dad and villains are the kids?

Also Available:

Deluxe Batman Joker Wig And Make Up Kit, Black, One Size

Batman Arkham City Adult Joker Costume, Multi-Colored, One Size Adult Size
Batman's craziest and worst enemy, includes:
Jacket with attached shirt
Tie and vest
Joker character mask.

Now you can be one of the tribute characters from The Dark Knight movie. This is an Officially Licensed Batman™ Movie Product.

Batman Dark Knight Child Joker 3/4 Vinyl Mask with Hair

Batman Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume The craziest villain of them all, this Deluxe The Joker Child Costume includes a jacket with attached shirt, tie and vest, pants and character mask

Joker Mask and Joker Green Color HairSpray

The Adult Batman Joker Mask is Batman's enemy, The Joker.

Comes with an over-the-head The Joker Latex Mask.

Joker Hairspray Joker Hairspray

Paint Gotham green, or at least your part, with fluorescent green hair spray worthy of the Joker.

Green Curly Mermaid Wig, Pop Glam and Munchkin, too

Pop Glam Curly Green Wig Green Curly Mermaid Wig, Deluxe Munchkin Wig

May accessorize a Wizard of Oz Green Munchkin costume.

She's an 80s siren and a siren of the sea.

Don't worry about washing your hair, this is easy to top off your costume!

Green Giant Costume Adult and Little Sprout Costume

Are you the king or queen of gardening? Appearing at the local farmer's market? Have fun with it

Green Giant Costume AdultNow you can be the Green Giant stud that's advertised on canned food!

This sexy green man costume includes:
Boot tops
Leaf "tunic"


Goes great with the little sprout costume!

One Size Fits Most Adults

Green Giant Sprout Toddler Costume This cute Little Sprout Toddler Costume is a fun and cute food costume for your Toddler whether it's for a school play, dress-up, pretend play, or Halloween. Green sprout poly-foam costume includes crown, shirt, pants and leaf tunic. Goes great with the Green Giant adult costume! Promote good nutrition and respect for the earth from the start. Child size 2-4T

Jolly Green Giant vintage commercial niblets

Pot Head Costume, Wig

Pot Head Felt Wig .... Dude...

For political activists or whatever your cause this might be the fun wig for you. Add a green track suit and you're on your way! Is this Chia hair? They say chia seeds are supposed to be good for you?

This goofy felt wig is sure to inspire some green and smokey conversation at the very least, along with plenty of giggles, double-takes from friends, co-workers, in-laws, passers-by, strangers and other party guests. Answer the door wearing this?? Be sure to caution your friends that they are not to smoke the pothead wig!

The Pot Head felt wig is made of felt and cotton with fabric lining and elastic size adjuster.



Covered in weed leaves, it makes a great accessory for any fern with legs, forest fairy or pot head costume. Add flowers, add fruit and make a salad hat!

There is nothing else like this on the market and it will be sure to set you apart from anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Try wearing it at the Cannabis Cup, marijuana legalization events, medical marijuana dispensary grand openings or to bring awareness to the 420 Petition. One size fits adult 22.5 inch heads.


Also Available:

Marijuana Leaf Jamaican Lei

This guy may like to accompany the Jolly Green Giant to the party. Just sayin'.

Green Hair on Television

Do you remember any TV shows, sitcoms where a character's hair turned green?

Unexpected or unwanted hair color changes are common on TV. Laura Petrie's blonde hair wasn't a big hit on The Dick van Dyke Show.

Some people remember Greg Brady's hair as turning green on an episode of The Brady Bunch. Actually, his hair turned bright orange.

Maybe the most famous green hair sitcom episode was Diff'rent Strokes when Kimberly Drummond's hair went green.

But do you remember when on Mork & Mindy that Mindy also had green hair in one episode?!

Speaking of The Dick van Dyke Show, Rob Petrie once dreamed that his hair had been replaced by a head of lettuce. Similar.

Jackie's hair turned green on That '70s Show.

Did The Incredible Hulk have dark green hair? Herman Munster?

Green Beard and Mustache

Leprechaun Green Beard Catch the luck of the Irish with this great looking green Leprechaun beard. Have a blast this St. Patrick's Day.

Don't limit these accessories to St. Paddy's Day! For a You're in the Money party on Tax Day?

St. Patrick's Green Costume Leprechaun Moustache One Size

 St. Patrick's Green Costume Sideburns Size: One Size

Wig Cap to wear underneath the wig

Wig Cap to wear underneath the wig

This Wig Cap is essential to comfortable and successful wig wearing.

After you have the wig cap securely in place, put the wig on over the top of the wig cap.

One Size Fits Most

The Wig Cap:
Controls long and short hair under wigs
Helps for an improved and comfortable fit
Keeps fly-away hairs from slipping out from underneath your wig
Perfect for both adults and children
Like a hair net, but this is made for wearing under a wig
The wig cap Is the foundation for a great look


Green spray on hair color

Green Hairspray Green Hairspray

Transform your look in seconds!


Spray in and wash out.


This great temporary hair color is perfect for an Incredible Hulk, a St. Patrick's Day costume, football game, punk look or anything else that comes to mind!

Chia Hair Commercial

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