Pink wigs tv and anime-inspired, popular for costumes, plays and dress up

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For a Halloween or masquerade costume, dress up as a favorite anime or TV character or just for a fun evening, these pink wigs are made out of a variety of materials & so fun!

Anime Pixie Pink Felt Wig

Costume wigs are are being used by adults and kids all year long and they're cooler than ever! Look at the fun and uber-trendy materials that wigs are being made of these days. Halloween costume wigs can be used for a lot more than Halloween!

Popular pop star costumes include greats such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. Costume wigs are a big part of the look. You may make a home made costume and top it off with a wig, using the wig next time for a whole different character!

We have a big Breast Cancer walk coming up. A bunch of folks will be wearing pink wigs. For awareness events and fundraisers. Wear them at your bachelorette party, on the plane to Vegas, on Valentine's Day or at a birthday party.

They are for men, women and children. There are even some for your pets! Wigs for kids promote pretend play and socialization. When princess birthday party planning time comes, they thought of little pink wigs and costumes.

These are the times of memories and photographs. Videos to grandma and even videos on YouTube these days! What fun things can you put in a little girl's favor bag?

We have a business associate who has a yearly get-together where we play bocce ball. People form teams. The teams have names and loads of team pride for this one-day event, arriving in custom T-shirts! Imagine if you showed up in matching wigs to complement your name. Your bowling team? The Pink Ladies? Something to put the opposition off their game? The fans will love it and it can start that buzz so many small businesses need.

This page will only show a few but rest assured, the merchants offer many more for the costume or character to suit your imagination.

The anime-inspired Unisized Pigtail Pixie Anime Wig looks like something straight off your TV screen or video game. One Size Fits Most Adults and Kids

This unique layered Unisized Pigtail Pixie Anime Wig features bright pink felt hair, a cotton fabric lining, and an elastic size adjuster.

A must have addition to any anime or manga character, pixie, fairy, powerpuff girl, Japanese lola, or cartoon character costume.  Especially with colors like pink, the shade we see on screen may be different from the shade of the wig we actually get, partly due to our monitor settings. Dye lots may differ and so on. Please read descriptions carefully.

1950s Flip-Style Pink Child's Wig

A 50s Flip Pink Child Wig

This kids' 50s Flip Pink Wig features light pink hair in a shoulder-length flipped style. The medium-length bob cut features ends that curl outward at the tips in the popular flip style from the 50s. The blunt-cut bangs. This complements the shiny, straight hair to frame her face.

Does this remind you of the Frenchie character in Grease? I knew girls with this hairstyle in the 1960s, too. For the Sock Hop or the Wig Party, this will be a fun wig to round out her costume.

If your little girl is having a 50s birthday party where the kids will dress up, consider adding this wig or one like it to her outfit. It's super special and it will photograph well. She'll stand out as the princess that she is.

50s Pink Flip Wig for kids is a great accessory for her happy-go-lucky 50s girl costume or to wear out for her birthday party.

One size fits most kids.

Asian Princess Child's Pink Geisha Wig, Cherry Blossom Inspiration, Anime Style

Pink Asian Princess Costume Accessory Wig

Bring a vibrant splash of color to your girls' Geisha Costume with this Asian Princess Child Wig.

Fashion-theme birthday parties are popular. Kids and tweens are emulating shows such as Project Runway, and having fashion shows. Sometimes styling or even designing outfits is part of the fun.

Birthday Activity: Each Model may choose a color and do quick changes down the catwalk. Mom or dad can videotape the show. Leave the wig on, the wig that matches the color that she's wearing. It'll be a memorable and fun activity as well as their getting physical exercise without even realizing it!

Having dress up and pretty wigs to choose from makes the experience that much more authentic. It also makes the photos and the video that much better. These aren't items your child will use just once.

This Asian Princess Child Wig features:
Bubble gum pink hair accented with deep purple strands
Decorative green blossoms

The wig is styled with thick fringe bangs

The top portion of hair twisted into high buns and the lower portion remaining down in long, straight tresses.

This anime style wig is the perfect addition to any cosplay, kimono, oriental, Japanese or Chinese costume.

Reminds you of the spring cherry blossoms.

One size fits most kids.

How to make a yarn wig

Make one with your kids

Adult Pink Pigtails Pebbles Flintstone meets Lolita Goth

Adult Pink Pig Tails Wig Where Pebbles Flintstone meets Anime and the Japanese Lolita Goth Harajuku Girl.

Be a Care Bear, My Pretty Pony or just a night out. This wig can be repurposed for so many occasions!

One Size Fits Most Adults

When it comes to pink wigs, who's to say you can't go pink instead with famous red-headed characters like Lucy Ricardo? The mermaid, Ariel, Wilma Flintstone and her daughter, Pebbles?? Soften their looks, update them and have fun! It's you and your costume! Shake your head, darling.

Cosplay Wig, Latex Pixie

Latex headpiece available in 3 colors

The Cosplay Anime Pixie Latex Wig with Bow features a pixie boy cut hairstyle with side-swept bangs, face framing layers and a blue headband with red bow.

The Anime Pixie Wig with Bow is hand painted for realistic shading. Check to see which colors are still in stock and double check on which one you're getting.

Wig fits on the head like a cap and a wig cap or hair net (available on this page) is recommended to keep those fly-away hairs under control.

This anime 5 wig is constructed of high-quality latex for optimal comfort.

Available in pink, red and yellow.

This Cosplay Latex Wig is an ideal accessory for your cosplay anime character, video game or other creative costume.

One size fits most teens and adults.

Looking for a wig you can put on at the office or out on the town? Something that's easier to put on and take off? This may be the one for you? Cool, too.

Pink Beehive and Bouffant Wigs for Adults and Pets

Cotton Candy without the calories, 1960s fashion alive again

Pink Beehive Adult Wig

The beehive hair style was 1960s fashion DO.

Top off your sexy hippie, disco diva, British Comedy, Are You Being Served? or 60's themed adult costume with this Pink Beehive Adult Wig.

Maybe she is Marge Simpson's candy-coated sister come to visit?? Are you making a video?

Don't forget a wig cap (sold separately) to keep your own hair in place.

This adult wig is washable!

One Size Fits Most Adults

Zelda Pink Bouffant Secretary Wig and Glasses Pet Costume Zelda Pink Bouffant Secretary Wig and Glasses Pet Costume

Available in Small, Medium and Large

Will your pet love to accompany you??

How chic will she (or he??) look in this outfit? Oh my goodness. I worked as a secretary back in the day, and only wish I'd had glasses and a hairdo that were this cool!

As with any costume for adults, children or your pets, be sure that nothing interferes with your pet's ability to see, breathe, get around, etc.

Instant Punk Mohawk Wig and Instant Punk Accessory Kit

Spiked Mohawk Wig (Purple and Black) is part of a Costume Accessory Kit which can be worn alone or part of a Punk Rock costume. We'd never leave men out of the picture!

Instant Punk Costume Accessory Kit includes:
Mohawk wig
Spiked choker
Spiked bracelet

The spike headpiece features a flesh-tone bald cap with a pink and black spiked Mohawk.

The black choker and bracelet feature silver points to resemble spikes.

Studded Biker Vest,Black, One Size , shirt, jewelry, tattoo not included.

The Instant Punk Accessory Kit will have you looking punked out to the full extent in your Punk Rocker Costume.

One size fits teens and adults.


Pigtails for Helmets All Colors Works on Matte Helmets Too (breast cancer logo pink) Would the mohawk fit under the Pigtail Helmet? Choose the hair color for these pig tails! This has high customer ratings. Spikes and mohawks for helmets are popular right now. A couple rode past us the other day and the lady had a a pink spiked mohawk on her helmet. Nice!

Rocker Wig, Temptress with pink-tipped tresses

Clip-in highlights

Rocker Chick California Costumes Women's Tempting Tresses Wig,Multi,One Size This Tempting Tresses wig has long layers of pink and black highlights.

Want to try out a look before you go for it with your own hair? Why not try the look with a wig?

Fits most adults and teens.

For a different look, subtle to more fancy, you can get Clip In 18" Highlights White . These come in many colors including pink!

Make yarn hair falls

Wig Cap to wear underneath the wig

This wig cap is essential to comfortable and successful wig wearing.

After you have the wig cap securely in place, put the wig on over the top of the wig cap. 

One Size Fits Most

The Wig Cap:
Controls long and short hair under wigs
Helps for an improved and comfortable fit
Keeps fly-away hairs from slipping out from underneath your wig
Perfect for both adults and children
Like a hair net, but this is made for wearing under a wig. Choose the color and style that's right for you and the wig or headpiece you're wearing.

The wig cap Is the foundation for a great look


Pink Hairspray Temporary Think Pink

Princess or Punk, to the Club or the Dress Up Party
Pink Hairspray

Pink Hairspray


Think Pink! This temporary, colored pink hairspray will give you color to coordinate with your punk costume or princess costume


Spice up your outfit for the club


Shock your friends on April Fool's Day


Other colors are available. Can be used to color some wigs. Check on instructions.

Long Cosplay Luka Party Pink

The Long Cosplay Luka Party Pink Straight Wig 100cm goes perfectly with your Sexy Candy Girl Adult Costume.

The thick, long bangs that can be parted or side swept across your forehead. High customer ratings.

Need a cool wig for your Anime rollerskating costume?! Your cosplay SuperHero?


Light Pink Wigs

Rapaliscious Wig (Light Pink) Fantasy Diva Hot Pink Wig

Look like a California Gurl in this wig.

Professional quality synthetic pink hair

Mesh interior with elastic for a comfortable fit.

Perfect for Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears or other Pop Diva costume.

Part retro and part classic. It makes a great costume wig for an alternate Katy Perry cupcake costume. 

Several other long pink wigs are available. Different shades of pink, different lengths and textures to allow for the whole family to be in pink but not identical. What are you looking for?


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