Grunge Style Seashell Home Decor

by SusanM

Grunge style seashell home decor is hard to find but you can get it

Seashells are a popular theme for home decor. Their naturalness and beauty is something that both men and women can appreciate. If you're wanting a grunge feel as well seashells also look good with this type of style added to the decor design.

Grunge style seashell home decor can be very hard to find though. But there are some good quality choices that can bring this look into your home.

Natural Grunge Wall Art

Most of the grunge style seashell home decor I found was in an online store called Seashell Style on Zazzle. 

The grunge seashell decor in this store has been created with photos of the designer's own seashell collection. So the images are original as are the designs. 

This seashell art canvas print that I've chosen to feature here is a good example of what's available in the wall art and throw pillow options. It's in a grunge style that has an earthy feel to it so it still has a natural feel. This is a good choice with the seashell theme I think because it keeps its connection to nature within the design. 

Artistic Grunge Seashell Wall Art

This seashell canvas is from the same store of course, you can tell from its style even though it's a little different. 

This design has also been created from an original photo like the other wall art design I've just mentioned. But this one has been digitally edited to create an artistic feel to it. So it's not a drawing of a seashell. It's an actual seashell. I like this idea because we're seeing a real seashell in a different way. 

The earthy design seen in the other Seashell Style design is also seen here - with the deep browns and other natural colors creating the feel. So this also has a nice connection to the natural world.

Seashells in Lots of Shapes

This throw pillow has a slight grunge feel and would look lovely on a leather, brown or natural colored sofa or bedding. 

It's also been created from a real photo taken by the Seashell Style designer. (I wouldn't have been able to write this article if I hadn't found this store. There's very little grunge style seashell decor around.) In this pillow we see a wider selection of shells than in the canvas art which focuses on a single type of shell. This means this pillow has lots of variety from the different shapes and color shades seen in the seashells. This nicely balances out the use of the single brown coloring. 

Faded Starfish Print

This Faded Starfish Print has a softer look than the grunge style items from Seashell Style. (This wall art is from another Zazzle store - Meg_Stewart.) 

In this print the starfish and seashells have a textured grungy look with with a softly faded overlay. If you want a gentle grunge touch to your home this is probably a better choice than the bold grunge style of the Seashell Style decor. Although the Seashell Style decor adds a feeling of earthiness and brightness that this print doesn't. So it's all a matter of what you're wanting to create with your grunge style seashell home decor. 

More Seashell Ideas

Seashell throw pillows give a feeling a natural beauty and peace to your home
You can get some beautiful seashell cases for your iPhone in differing styles
Updated: 01/21/2013, SusanM
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SusanM on 11/22/2012

Yes I was really pleased with the designs I found, thanks. (I love the shapes of seashells too). :)

sheilamarie on 11/22/2012

Seashells are such beautiful shapes! These are some nice designs using seashells.

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