Hacking Luck: How It Works, How You Can Generate It At Will, And What REAL Luck Looks Like

by Jerrico_Usher

We All Have An Internal "Genie" With Unlimited "Wishes" But Knowing How To Rub The Lamp... Ahhhh This Is What Sets The Lucky People Apart From Not So Lucky People!

Luck is real, it's not magic, it's not "hope" incarnate, not exactly anyway, and it's not something that happens by chance- even though it's manifested often without your conscious consent or awareness. Today, in this article, I want to help you re-frame what luck really is/stands for, and to help you visualize a new vantage point on the luck phenomenon that is profitable, not one that nickel and dime’s you to death with very little results (i.e. lottery tickets, lucky charms, lucky talisman). I want to clear the air for you by showing you that you do have luck on your side, if you play by the rules of the game (just one book in the game of life really).


You Should Be...


How The Genie Works:

We all have this seemingly magical Genie inside us and it’s waiting for us to give it instructions. The problem is its always listening. Even when we’re not thinking about the consequences of our thoughts, the Genie is there listening unbiased of intention; without prejudice. This Genie only knows wishes. It doesn't have time nor energy to try to figure out what your intentions are. It just takes what you think, every thought, every word you say, every word you write- everything, and turns it into an order as if an employer was giving a subordinate instructions. They don’t question it they just follow directions to the best of their ability- so does your Genie.



Wake Your Genie Up!

Introduction To What You Will Learn Here...


In this article I will cover some of the hallmarks of what "luck" really is, how it's manifested, and I'll even cover where bad luck comes from (as well as how to avoid it). For more in-depth information beyond the scope of this article I've left a link to my personal site on luck generation techniques at the end (I'm not selling anything on the site- it's purely informative at this point). For most people, however, this condensed version will suffice in arming you with the knowledge/seed that could change your life if you pursue the principals or luck, the laws of attraction, and take control of your life through action and preparation.

I want to plant the seed of awareness and help you gain phenomenal control over your life and your future through pure knowledge acted upon. In this article you will get a powerful dose of the awareness behind my book "The Luck Source [code]" coming in 2014. I will cover the realm of luck (potent condensed version), and it's definition right here, in this article- once you have a taste of this powerful skill set and what it can do- you can start diving into the source code deeper. I believe in closure so no stone is left un-turned here, although this is just the tip of a very big ice burg. Prepare to have your mind blown Mate'!

Where Does Luck Exist?

LUCK both exists in your mind and outside your mind in your manifestations, actions, and reactions to the world (think of it like how you feel you look and how you feel the world thinks you look). Weather you maintain good or bad luck is up to you, not the universe or some magical luck fairy that always seems to miss your house. Even the luck fairy requires you to step outside and wave her in! The guy in the following video is a good example- he was waved in by kind and cool people, not just anyone- those that seemed to really enjoy life and help others got 1,000 pounds!


Be Careful What You Wish For... You Just Might Get It...

You can, conversely, also have wielded a mindset of molding your opportunities perfectly to precisely destroy the fabric of your reality with the wrong choices/wishes as well. The Genie doesn't know good or bad, miserable or happy, rational or irrational- it just knows data in the form of your choices, perceptions and wishes (desires). If your mindset is corrosive to others or yourself (depression, anger, etc...) then you still  make wishes, they just don't help your situation at all, in fact they can become counter productive. 

This genie is more of a consultant than a manifestor of the wishes. Wishes are manifested through you, by you, by choice. Your reaction and power to move the world through actions to make things happen, create products or ideas into solutions, is luck in action too. The genie's magic (it's job) is formulating a way to make that easier for you to do. It needs the right information, awareness, and wisdom to do that.

Understanding the fundamentals of psychology will certainly help you navigate luck into your eco-system by pure design of how you exist in this world. Your choices and your understanding of how you affect the world can give you power.

There are two types of luck, one that you can bank on (the one that actually IS lucrative to tap into), and one that banks on you (costs you money by selling you hope that cannot become anything without the right knowledge, resources, and/or timing, and actions)..

I want you to realize that luck is not magic- its basic common sense principals that make luck manifest. Just being aware of luck’s true nature and understanding how you can tap into the source code of your own “genie”, you will discover how you can "feel" and "be" lucky all day every day and even automate it- if you play your cards right (like how a seed planted becomes an opportunity, for example).

Just remember one thing if you take nothing else from this article: Luck is awesome, but it's not free. It’s not self-perpetuating without a network , a cumulative and cultivated mindset you set up/build up to protect and sustain it, and experience to tune everything up and build the mental and physical muscles that will make it possible (mental being mindset, physical being health).

You have to work at it like any business, skill- set, or any other talent you grow into a skill set. Like any talent, once the mindset is forged and reinforced by experience, it's not easier (the outside world didn't change), you're just in harmony with preparation, action, and more aware of opportunity. You are in a sense "Lucky" because you now see a thousand opportunities at every question, every choice you need to make, and more ways to handle situations giving you more control over your life and environment/actions towards you.



 You Are One Of The Lucky Ones!

You can cultivate a mindset that fosters luck by literally putting you always in the right time and at the right place (by design of having 10 right times and right places to choose from at any given time or in any given situation) to have the opportunity to mold your wishes into reality to live the life you want seemingly effortlessly. Then, there you have it...You're One Of The Lucky People. Your Still Only A Private So Don't Get Cocky Yet...



Let's Talk About "Hope"

For A Moment...


Hope is great to have at any level, but it’s still at its core, a power source. It can cause both great things and depressing things (crashed expectations, for example). Having hope (i.e. buying a lottery ticket expecting you "might" win) and depending on faith (i.e. saying "I'm just going to let the universe decide if I deserve the money or not) to make your "wishes" come true instead of realizing you have to take certain (often small, easy, cumulative) actions to get the ball rolling, then you've likely wasted your time. 

Buying the lottery ticket was part of a luck mindset formulation but stopping there to reach your goal of financial reward is not going to help you at all. You should be putting in other efforts as well where the lottery ticket was just one back-up plan due to its highly unlikely nature that you will pick the winning numbers. You could argue that hope was the actual product you bought when you decided to purchase that ticket and that would be a good thing, but if you bank all your dreams on achieving wealth through winning the lottery you may not try things that will actually work.

Putting too much hope into that lottery ticket winning is bad because it may create unrealistic expectations that you make changes in your life based on, like spending a raise before you've actually worked a day in the new position and haven't yet gotten paid any extra money. 

Hope is like a power source. Many tap into it in part when they buy a lottery ticket and feel "lucky" when they do win but hope can also bring disappointment if you don't reach your goal or more accurately you set your goal too rigidly. When you prepare, you not only buy a lottery ticket, you also try to plant numerous seeds for ventures that could yield the same money in a different way. It's simple portfolio diversification really.



The Reincarnation Of "Luck" Into A Serious Skill Set

In a world where all the luck seems to be handed out at birth, It may be difficult to truly define what real luck is without the right information. It may be even harder to realize the true nature of luck or that it CAN easily happen to you and is no accident, happenstance, or "bum (free) luck"!

I'm not talking about a hand out or fortune without work. 

Luck is real but it's not all pixie dust and unicorns, in fact it's all work. The difference is that if you work at it luck can become automated like planting seeds and later finding opportunities come to you. Even "work" can be eventually automated and thus your "engine" remains under the hood quietly churning out power for you without disrupting your life. Being able to outsource work is a form of luck!


The Luck Source -

The Two 'Realms' Of Luck

"How Can I Regain Complete Control Of My Life And Circumstances To The Point Where I'm Empowered And Things Come To Me Automatically?"

Many go with the fairy tale serendipitous version but that is child's play compared to the more feasible and "charming" version that is often only realized by those who've spent years looking for it.



To many who don't get it and whom think that these fortunate people are born that way, this renders a situation that feels personally hopeless where being "lucky" is concerned unless by some chance they experience luck themselves in some perceptibly valuable way but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Often, serendipitous luck fortifies the belief in the luck fairy because it seems like they got something for nothing but they actually did put in work to achieve it. Real luck is not only attainable by all if defined correctly and preparations made, but it's highly accessible if you prepare, become aware of luck's true "rule book", and above all- take action- a lot, on opportunities that present themselves.


(Means Luck)


Genie Lamp Apperition
(some great resources to go deeper down the rabbit hole!)

The mystery of how so called "lucky" people do it (even if they themselves don't know how!) is so great that it has sustained a fantasy concept (model) of "Luck" that has over the years evolved into what can only be defined truly as serendipity.

"You Have To Name It To Claim It"

- Dr. Phil McGraw

Most people are actually pretty lucky but don't realize it because they don't give themselves credit for the work. Many will give credit to God, the universe, serendipity  luck, other people, and more but never to themselves for pulling it off.

When we don't actively put in work and see a result we tend to think it's luck/serendipity, when it's just that all our Lego's lined up just right and the event was the result- regardless of if you tried or not, are aware or not, the fact is it's cause and effect- plain and simple.

If you don't give credit for lucky happenstances that happen- to the real source- your own actions, choices, and preparedness- then you will never be able to sustain it, simply because you'll never be prepared to see it, you won't plan or prepare for it, know it's even there, and especially taking action on it (the only way to truly invoke luck).

When you realize what luck truly is and how it really works, not only will you be able to sustain prosperity and awareness, but you will come to realize just how it's been staring you in the face all these years.

"You Simply Weren't Paying Attention Because Nobody Told You At An Early Age That You Should!"

This fantasy version of Luck has been brewing and evolving (really de-volving) so long I don't even know when it got started, but I don't really care either.

I'm not here to indulge you in fantasy but actual science, psychology, and powerful awareness of Luck off the set (i.e. when it's not playing a fairy on television, in books, or in the minds of people who are unaware of the true nature of luck).

The video near the top of this article (the guy giving away money to strangers and telling them they were lucky;click the link to hop up to the video in this article) is a great example of some of luck's potential results.

The people he gave money to weren't just random or nice to him that day- he actually sought out people who were always pleasant or as he put it "cool and positive people".

He gave them money (seeds) and asked that he/she do something positive with it- the results have been staggering.

To the people receiving the money they took action to be a good person, to project pleasant and helpful dispositions, (over years) and this was their reward.

Paying it forward brings on more and more- Now THAT is luck in action. You may find that luck is more common sense than serendipity!



If you want to change how your life’s path is going, how abundant you are and feel, bring love or wealth into your life, or even if you just want to make a change in career, then the short answer is to give your thoughts a closer look. Pay attention to the instructions (good and especially bad) that you’re giving your Genie. Sound too simple?  Go grab your magic lamp and read on…

What we say to ourselves matters a great deal. We may not think it does but the culmination of what we say and the reactions therein are what create your environment inside and out. The very climate of your day is determined not just by that day’s events, but events every day since you were born.

Even when you say random or fleeting things, think fleeting thoughts that seem benign, the reality is, what you say to yourself (your internal Genie) absolutely counts (and more than you think)! A fleeting thought made today will determine the course of your day, week, year, and even years into the future. Something benign may sound that way or seem that way but in the bigger scheme of things, it could be a very important piece of a larger puzzle that unfolds but you won't fully see the "big picture" until it does.

Think about it like this:


If you post something on your Facebook page that seems benign, just your feelings- nothing wrong with that right? You post hoping friends will console you or congratulate you, but what you find out is that you really just annoyed them because although what you said was likely benign- in the context of everything you've ever posted on Facebook (that your friends read)- this can be the straw that broke the camel’s back!

So how do you contact your Genie for a consultation? You access him/her/it through your subconscious mind. That is the hub that most of your life’s choices, actions, and motivations draw from and instigate. It all happens in the brain and the brain creates the outside world through your actions/reactions in it. The subconscious mind is like a computer that acts like an operating system - one bad command and the system crashes (then reboots into safe mode; anxiety or depression for example).

Here’s the rub though… You don’t get to decide if you give the Genie instructions- it happens every time. This Genie monitors our every thought like loss prevention (cameras) at stores watch customers and employees- indiscriminately.

When you have a thought even one you’re not consciously aware of, the Genie grants the wish (reason habitual negative thinking is dangerous). If your day is going to hell, realize you made a lot of bad wishes thus wrong choices (for what you wanted to accomplish or how you wanted your day to turn out relatively speaking of course).

Our only true point of control here is the type of instructions we provide. You do have control over that but not always in real time. What I mean is, with practice and changing the way you think- your mindset- and the way you do things, what thoughts you allow to pass and what you won’t allow yourself to think about in detail will literally change your luck.

All these things give you the power to write the script you give your Genie and you can regain a pretty good amount of control of your life simply by taking steps to sync up your goals, dreams, wishes, and so on, with an environment that is more cohesive to the Genie’s wishes working FOR you, not against you or a combination.

I know what you’re thinking, “life sucks, and this really sucks!” but your internal genie also hears THAT! You may think the genie moderates positive and harmful wishes, wishes made in emotional blasts or self-talk you’d think he’d ignore due to circumstances, but the reality is it doesn't see the difference. It just works hard, and I mean hard, to grant the wish- one way or another. This is where focus is powerful in manifesting the things and situations in your life.

Even when your genie grants a bad wish he/she thinks you’re proud of him/her! This Genie is very disciplined, the problem is, the genie has no reasoning capabilities at all, none, nada, zilch. That’s YOUR responsibility (or your conscious thinking flow, technically). His/her only job description is to take data and process it to the best of it's ability then give you instructions for taking the next steps (breadcrumbs in the form of aha moments often).

When you find yourself pondering “this is going to ruin my day” or “my luck sucks so today is going to suck” or the worst one I've heard "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"- the genie hears your command, folds it’s arms (ironically the brain is a bunch of “folds”) and says “your wish is my command” (booming voice) “here is your bad day, enjoy!” (…Then holds his hand out for a tip).

Of course your intentions weren't to get that wish granted, or for the genie to take what you said literally. You thought you were just indulging in quiet contemplation that meant nothing- but it didn't It means everything! You may not even realize you just used up a wish with that thought!

"I Hear You..."


Think about the last time you played trash can basketball (wad of paper, trash can, shoot). You wadded up that paper good, compressed it for density and speed when you threw it and of course accuracy to land your target. You hit the can and heard the thunder of the shot, felt its glory, and praised yourself for how amazing you were/are. You decide you were so accurate the first time that it’s VERY possible you can “easily” make the next one. This round you give it more thought.

...You process all the variables and this is where you messed up



When you start contemplating something the quiet part of your brain where the Genie lives is woken up. He had some terrible neighbors who are always complaining and being pessimistic, being so loud your brain starts to contemplate (focus) more on it (like a group mentality). The voice says “that was just luck, I’m not usually that good” (based on your past this script is forged) especially if you've missed more times than you made it before.

Sure enough, you shoot and bounce it off the rim, off the wall, or nowhere near the center of the basket. You quickly get up and try again from the same position. This is a great example of your Genie in motion- executing the commands you give it- consciously or subconsciously.

We have to be careful to monitor what we say to ourselves because like big brother, the Genie is always watching. It’s not a bad guy/girl, it’s not even a good guy/girl, it’s more like the referee in a badminton game sitting on the side of the net watching both sides but not taking sides. You have to be very careful when making wishes, thinking fleeting thoughts, and especially losing your temper, because the Genie cannot distinguish real intentions, no filters involved at all. Heightened emotion behind a wish is like empowering it so if you say something negative in anger, you just may be pushing that wish to happen faster.


Information Overload

We Often Invoke The Genie...

"...When We Think We're Padding A Potential Failure"

I know you may be thinking, “this is asinine/stupid, I’m not going to give it my all because I’ll just fail and feel like a loser- again”. Our intention may be simply to cushion the blow if we do fail (I knew this would happen so I’m prepared for the consequences if I fail).

The problem with giving ourselves an out is it’s not an out at all- it’s a request the genie will take very seriously. It will do everything to make sure it happens, even if it means pushing success out the window. It’s not malice; it’s just the nature of the Genie which is non partial. This "out" you think your setting up as a cushion is actually going to undermine your goal- to do the best you can and be the best you can be.

You will find yourself subconsciously infected with a mental virus you created when you fed the genie the wrong instructions and your actions will reflect the failure your genie thinks you so desire.

Thinking Is Manifesting...

Look around you right now. Look at the glory that is your space and all the things in it- including the walls, infrastructure, pictures, sofa, desk, computer, and so on. Everything and I mean everything you’re looking at was once born in the thought stream of someone’s mind. It became a reality ONLY after someone or several people made wishes to their genie and the genie pushed them to manifest them into the real world from thought forms. None of these things would be here today if they hadn't originated in the mind of their creator.

Keep in mind that we are all creators, we are all gods of a sort (we control our life more than we realize), and we can do amazing things that every other creature on this planet would line up to see.  We create our own destiny; there is no predestined destiny other than the one you yourself create. We are the author of our own life, our own stories, and our own destinies. If anything the term destiny should be synonymous with Planned Life- not by some supernatural force but through careful living, thinking, and taking the right actions at the right times. Destiny is created when you make a macro plan i.e. going to college, moving out of state, moving to a new home, starting a new job, and so on. Once you set that in motion, destiny is just all the details being executed in a planned structure (not rigid, however).

My Luck Story...

...My Story Early On Was More Of A Nightmare

Before I figured out how life worked, about the genie inside, concepts explained in “The Secret” and “What The Bleep Do We Know”; I was creating my own nightmare and blaming others for my results! Incredible arrogance huh? I became more comfortable with my Steven King storybook life than what I really wanted (because I didn't believe it was possible given my circumstances). I grew up so poor we ate ice-cubes with salt on some days when my dad didn't sell a house in his real-estate business for weeks.

I thought I was doomed so I portrayed that story and lived that life.  I still shiver when I think about how I didn't have to live that way but was too ignorant of the truth to know better. Had I landed on an article like this early on my life would have “played out” differently. It took me 20 years and some hard core reading and application of psychological principals that gave me the insight I needed. I raised two little girls in an old relationship and came to love them very much even when me and their mother parted ways (over 8 years ago!).

To this day I still keep in touch (so Facebook is good for something after all), and my motivation in building this site, this concept, this book- is my hope that when it’s all done they will read it and never have to live in the hell I did. I already see signs of one of them going down the same road I did and that made me take action to develop this concept in a way that was exciting, metaphorical, and easy enough for a 9 year old to grasp fully.

Today I have reached a pinnacle of success I only dreamed of or thought would happen to other people. I’m by no means wealthy in the financial sense but I’m not poor either. I’m very comfortable and everything I do to earn my living is on my terms.

My job is online and my hours phenomenal. I’m living the dream but I created it- it’s my dream manifest, not serendipitous luck. I've reached heights in my development that have afforded me immense free time to explore my passions, I love all of my work and would do it free if my landlord wasn't always nagging about paying rent every month :) 

What's Your Story?

"Nobody is immune to the Genie’s magical powers."





We all have it, we are all manifestors and creators and we all shape our destinies (and we contribute to others shaping theirs too). We tend to be reactive creatures. When something happens to us we react by labeling it and attaching a story to it. 

Many outsource "life" to others, subject to their opinions, which are little good to your well being so it's a mistake to do so, but in the end our choices, our wishes, our very thoughts are what make us what we become. Paying attention to the events in your life and ignoring the responsibility of keeping your Genie pure; keeping its actions pure, is why many people are where they are.


Where The Genie Derives Its Power - The Vault

Our genie will store these stories as definitions and will dutifully recover them just as you filed them so be careful what stories you attach- even benign (seemingly) stories and events are essential to the overall well-being of your life. When we enter a similar circumstance in our life the genie pulls the record, reads the definition, then uses that to create what happens next (wish fulfillment).

This story/definition can be years old and never updated so when he pulls the file and you've evolved out of the situation but THAT story is in another file, the genie will pull the old one and this could have disastrous results. Think of it like this (example), how did you think about food as a child? As an adult?- yea… it’s like that.

We often outgrow not liking certain things because we open our mind more as we mature into adults- we discover foods are beneficial to us and we clamp down and try it with an open mind only to discover we actually like it. This is how we get our reactions, rather how we develop an action to take based on a stimulus.

At first, this sounds amazing right? You have within you a living dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus at your disposal in cahoots with your own “Genie Librarian” that will enlighten you with the correct response in any situation!

The Challenge, however, as I said above- is that these “entries” are often out dated and not only useless, but powerful at derailing you if not checked and updated immediately! Even if we've outgrown a response that has been grown, matured, and conditioned, we continue to blurb out inappropriate behavior, regardless of how self-destructive it may be because we've forged the code into our subconscious genie’s library card and don’t realize we’re checking out books that no longer contain valid or useful data and trying to use the information in our current life which has a different environment and even more evolved solutions not resolved through old habits.

Choose Your Thoughts

Our existence today, our very being is the culmination of every detailed, fleeting, or pondered thought we've ever had. No thought was unchecked or dismissed- if you thought it, it went into the vault. If you embrace this concept and take full responsibility for your life you will realize you have the power to change it, to go for anything you desire, to acquire anything you want, and to be abundant in every way- not just financially, simply by changing how we think, how we react (stored “cards”), and being more attentive of our internal dialogue- the tape running all the time waiting to react and utilize the information you've stored to handle that situation.

You can rewrite your story with new and exciting experiences, reframed reactions/responses, and an aware outlook on life. Looking through the eyes of your source code is what the luck source code site I built and coming books/products will show you how to combat, become aware of, and utilizing the luck skill set you can achieve ANYTHING. Life doesn't have to be hard, in fact it’s designed to be incredibly blissful. Heaven on earth is just a matter of awareness and the right choices!

You become what you focus on, what you think about the most and with the most detail. This is how habits are forged! Deepak Chopra said it best “Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life.”

Making sense of our life and surroundings makes us feel comfortable. Whether you choose to see things in the positive or negative, you get to be “right”- that doesn't mean you get to be happy or you get to bask in the glow of a good decision, just that whatever you believe is right- for you- IS. Believing your right when your wrong can have bad repercussions when your Genie tries to fulfill your wish to be right!

Will you choose to be right about the right things? Things that help you grow, that help others, that help you network, grow a business, live the simple life, or give you purpose Anything that gives you purpose also gives you hope, inspiration, and dare I say it? LUCK.

Keep in mind we live in a duality (positive/negative) world and the two cannot exist in the mind at the same time actively. In other words you can’t be positive and negative at the same time- so choose your destiny and give your Genie the commands you need, want, and deserve. Give it well-nourished thoughts to manifest what you want in your life.

Like a good friend, treat your genie with admiration and respect and feed it positive reinforcements towards your goals. Your thoughts are always met with “yes sir/ma’am, your wish is my command- so shall it be!”

Good Luck Out There! (Now you should know fully the definition of "Good Luck"!)

Preparation + Opportunity + Action = Luck


If I've peaked your curiosity and you'd like to dive deeper down the rabbit hole- visit my site linked below. Thank you for reading!

The Luck Source


Updated: 07/20/2017, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 02/14/2013

thanks Mira, if you like this you should see my site in a year... I'm working on facilitating the mind through meditation to reprogram based on the principals that work... going to use a Meditation DoJo to do it (see EnterBrainMent section on the site)

Mira on 02/14/2013

Well, I actually read it all this time. You have some great points there! I agree, we need to train ourselves to think positive thoughts. Our unconscious is always listening.

Jerrico_Usher on 02/13/2013

Thanks, I tried to make is as concise as possible lol, but a lot of good information in here... thanks for reading!

Mira on 02/13/2013

Wow! This is a huge article. I'll come back to read it. It looks interesting. :)

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