Halloween Toys for Baby

by SusanM

Great toy ideas for babies at Halloween - as an alternative for candy and chocolate.

Young babies aren't old enough for the traditional candy and chocolate that's part of Halloween tradition. This can make it hard to find a way to include them in the fun of Halloween.

Older babies can have a little bit of chocolate as a treat (although most candy is a safety risk because of the choking hazard). But many parents would rather not give their baby chocolate because they're so young. Other parents might want to limit how much their baby gets.

So what do you buy babies to celebrate Halloween when you can't fall back on the usual candy and chocolate?

There are some Halloween toys made especially for babies. These are usually a better choice than candy and chocolate for a baby.

My First Pumpkin Playset

This is a cute first Halloween gift for any baby. 

It's been made to help baby's development and keep them interested. 

It has:

  • A toy Candy Corn that crinkles.
  • A Ghost that squeaks.
  • A Spider that rattles and
  • A Cat that meows. 

Cause and effect toys (ones that do something when your baby plays with them) are great for learning. Babies love them too. They love feeling the soft textures and making sounds. It's exciting for them. The Pumpkin, Ghost, Cat and Spider have the cutest expressions on their faces which is sure to appeal to babies too. 

The four soft toys that come with this pumpkin set fit inside the pumpkin so it's easy to carry about and to pop away neatly after play. 

Want the My First Pumpkin Play Set?

My First Pumpkin Play Set - Halloween Gift
Genius Baby Toys

Soft Halloween Album

This is a cute idea for a Halloween toy. It's made like a soft toy but holds 12 4 x 6 inch photos of baby's first Halloween. Babies love looking at pictures so it's lovely for them to touch and look it. 

It also makes a wonderful keepsake of baby's very first Halloween. Parents can add photos of their baby in full costume for this Halloween milestone (so cute!!). 

Even though this toy photo album doesn't have any real developmental benefit it's still a good choice. It's an especially good idea if you are buying a gift for baby's first Halloween holiday.  

Baby Halloween Books

Because there aren't many Halloween toys that are fun and safe for baby think about getting a book for Halloween. 

Baby's from about 6 months of age love books. As long as the book is designed for babies. (Younger babies also enjoy baby books but in a different way than babies 6 months and older.) 

Lift the flap books are great fun for babies. They're a good choice for their development too. This is because babies are learning that just because something disappears for a moment doesn't mean it stops existing. This is why babies love games like Peek-a-boo. 

Lift the flap books are like playing Peek-a-boo for babies. This is because the picture under the flap disappears for a moment. What fun. Babies also like lifting the flaps on a book like this. So it's a great choice for a baby's first Halloween - and because the book has something for baby to do it's as much fun as a toy. 

Find This Book on Ebay

Looks Like a Pumpkin

Although Ozzie is an orange he's design makes him look like a Halloween pumpkin. This is great  when there are few good quality Halloween toys for babies (especially younger babies). 

Ozzie is similar to the Lamaze baby toys that are so popular. 

  • He's about 10 inches long (that doesn't include the hanging ring.)
  • Is easy for a baby to grab.
  • Is soft to feel.

When Ozzie is opened there's a color surprise inside for babies. There's a surprise vibrating toy too that's hiding inside Ozzie (you can see the smiling secret toy in this photo). 

Ozzie has mirrored feet for peek a boo. Stretchy arms and legs. His hands can be chewed and used as a teething toy. He has bells inside that have a nice, light jingling noise

This makes him a really great toy for babies. So if you can use your imagination and go with the pumpkin feel of this toy he's a great Halloween gift (maybe call him Peter Pumpkin). 

Looking for Ozzie?

Ozzie Baby Toy
Tiny Love

Find Ozzie on Ebay Too


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SusanM on 07/08/2012

I love Halloween and the baby toys are so cute.
Oh congrats two new bubs expected soon. That's wonderful for your family.

katiem2 on 07/08/2012

Halloween is such a fun holiday for everyone. Love the cute baby toys for Halloween. We're expecting two new babies in our family (cousins) this summer. It will be fun to buy them a nice babies first Halloween toy.

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