Harry Potter iPhone 5 Covers

by SusanM

Add a bit of wizard magic to your iPhone 5 with these Harry Potter covers

Apart from being a fabulous story itself the Harry Potter world also gives us some great creative options for our iPhones.

Although there aren't a lot of Harry Potter inspired iPhone 5 covers about you can get some really good ones. So it's a case of quality rather than quantity. These six iPhone 5 covers are the very best ones I could find. They're inspired by both the movies and the original books.

Hogwarts Boat iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case has an impressive design that comes from the very first Harry Potter movie. This scene shows the lantern lit boat ride the new first year students take to Hogwarts Castle. 

I love this scene from the movie so of course I had to include this iPhone case. Apart from being one of my favorite scenes this is also an impressive case design because it's a nighttime image and because it has great symbolism about Harry's journey as a Hogwart's student.

Privet Drive iPhone 5 Case

The image on this iPhone 5 case is also from the first Harry Potter movie. It shows a snowy owl sitting on the sign for Harry Potter's street when he lived with the Dudleys in the Muggle world. 

This means this image also has an important role in the Harry Potter story. 

Again the white owl on the dark nighttime background is impressive looking. It's also one of the few Harry Potter iPhone 5 covers that has an owl featured on it. So I think it's a great choice. 

Gryffindor Crest iPhone 5 Case

I thought it was essential to include one case design that uses the Gryffindor house crest on it. This is of course integral to the Harry Potter story, especially given Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione were all in Gryffindor.

The crest design on this phone is a simple yet eye-catching one. It also comes in all the Hogwart's house designs not just Gryffindor. So if your leanings are towards one of the other houses not specifically Harry Potter's you'll be able to find what you're after (even if it's Slytherin). 

Brave Harry iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 case has an action shot of Harry Potter. The image is obviously based on one of the later movies but I'm not too sure which one. Is it Goblet of Fire? If you know which movie it's from please lets us know in the comments section of this article. 

Now back to this iPhone 5 design. This is a strong character image of Harry Potter. It gives the impression of him fighting not just for his life but for his friends and for a Voldemort free world. This is an image of Harry fighting for life and freedom. 


Although this Brave Harry Potter iPhone 5 case isn't technically available anymore you can still get a hold of it at Amazon. 

Harry Potter Friends Cover

This iPhone 5 skin shows Harry, Hermoine, Neville and Ron. it's a picture of solidarity that helps them fight against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. 

I find the colors used in this iPhone design really interesting. It's almost a blue tinted black and white image. This gives the photo a strange eerie feel that gives a good impression of the mood of the later movies and books. This effect was one of the main reasons I decided to include this design in my list.

Goblet of Fire iPhone 5 Case

This isn't an image from the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Instead it's a graphic image but one that I think captures the early mood of the movie.

A fairly young Harry looking over the glowing blue flame of the Goblet of Fire is one that catches attention. This glowing blue when added to the darker colors of Harry and the background create an iPhone 5 case that I think is definitely worth having. This is especially so if you have a special fondness for this specific book or movie in the Harry Potter series.

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