Herbs for Arthritis, Inflammation and Joint Pain

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Healing Arthritis goes a long way from changing lifestyle habits, stress and herbs show promise in treating this painful ailment. Certain herbs are known to reduce inflammation.

Herbs for arthritis were known to us from ancient times. Whether it is due to old age or immune system disorder, herbs can be remarkably effective in treating joint pains. Joint pains or inflammations would also suddenly appear as a reaction to certain food and medicines.

This allergic reaction can be temporary, however in many cases Auto-Immune System Disorder tends to be permanent. Many therapies show promise, but none can remove it from the roots. Allopathy has been able to treat chronic diseases but has failed to remove it from the roots.

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Treatment of Arthritis with Herbs

Inflammation and Joint Pain


Arthritis is of many types and can attack a person of any origin and age. There are 100 different type of arthritis classified today in modern medicine. Treatment of herbs for arthritis is nothing new. Acute attacks of inflammation, redness and joint pain made their presence in the early ages of human evolution. Although the root cause for many Arthritis is still not known, it is accompanied with Immune system disorder.

Out of the many types of Arthritis, the prominent are “Rheumatoid Arthritis”, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout and Osteoarthritis. The triggers for each of these diseases is inflammation, irritation, redness and acute pain of joints. The joints could be any joints out of the 360 joints found in human body.

Supplements with Herbs

Ayurvedic Blend
Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine 95% ...

Herbs for Joint Pain

Anti-Inflammatory Plants for Pain Treatment


There are at least 18 or more herbs that are used to treat inflammation viz devil’s claw, turmeric, basil, bay laurel and so on. In addition to herbs for inflammation treatment, certain spices like black pepper, garlic, cloves, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne are immensely popular and are considered anti-inflammatory natural spices to reduce pain.

The yellow turmeric root contains curcumin, an active chemical that blocks inflammatory cytokines. It is widely used in Indian curries. Raw garlic contains antioxidants and allicin. Allicin is briefly present after it is crushed. Raw garlic is antibacterial and antifungal. Many sulphur compounds present in garlic give rise to its pungent taste and smell.

How to take Herbs

Potions of Herbs



A word of caution though, if you are taking strong allopathic drugs, there can be ‘herbs with drugs’ reactions. Or if you are mixing many herbs, there can be ‘herbs with herbs’ reactions. Unless one is experienced, one should not mix two streams of medicine. General practitioners and Doctors can seldom advise, they are new to these territories.


I take certain herbs and spices but not with my usual prescribed medicines. I take them in known form – raw and organic. For instance, I take basil leaves with morning ‘khada’ (Indian concoction to boost immunity) and garlic (raw cloves) after my breakfast which has done wonders to my arthritis and joint pains. I take raw garlic, mesh it and gulp it with water.  I grow my own garlic and basil herbs. 


I would suggest starting small with no mixing and in small potions. A potion you make yourself at home which is not bought from any store. The ingredients of this potion are not unknown because you made it at home.

Alternative Therapy

Ayurvedic Remedies
The benefits of Yoga are immense; I have come to know with experience. Here are some tips on how to do Pranayama, so that you bring tranquility in your life.
There are many legends and myths doing rounds on home Ayurvedic remedies. Here are some facts and truths to ponder before establishing any views on Ayurveda.
The basics of Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam and Panchakarma, the Alternative Medicine Remedy lies in fact that every individual is unique and the therapy is customized for the person.

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Home Remedies from Youtube

Sources Consulted

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Veronica on 06/20/2021

BSG. Agreed. That is why these things were placed on earth. We need to educate ourselves on what to use.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/08/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Do you take your basil, garlic and khada in the morning with chilled, hot or room-temperature water?

blackspanielgallery on 05/08/2021

It is amazing how much natural benefit one can gain from the proper plants, especially herbs.

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