How to Buy an Infuser Pitcher for Cheap

by Regi_B

Infuser pitchers are pretty neat. Not pretty neat is overpaying.

I have to admit, I only recently began to pay attention to infuser pitchers.

I honestly feel like I have been missing out.

There are a number of different models of infuser pitcher.

Correspondingly, there are a number of different price tags on these things.

Let us go forth now and find a quality infuser pitcher at a value!

Infuser Pitchers Put Flavor into Life

(I'm silly. I know.)

Infusion Pitchers Are:

  • A hot item,
  • Good for cooling off,
  • Capable of adding flavor to water, tea, etc.,
  • a.k.a. "fruit infusion pitchers",
  • Pretty neat!

Examples of Infusion Pitchers

$24.99  $18.74
$27.17  $25.0

The Best Fruit Infuser Option for the Money

Lowest-priced Possibility Here

Suppose you want to infuse your regular, old, work-a-day water with fruit flavors, and you would like to save a lot of scratch while doing it, there is the option of turning an existing pitcher you may already own into an infuser pitcher. That can be done with the "Water Infuser" from Jokari, shown below.

Only $14.97

How to Save Money When Buying an Infusion Pitcher

Fruit infusing pitchers are pretty neat, but also kind of a niche product. The more unusual a product is in the marketplace, the harder it might be to save money on it. With that said, let us look at what the options are.

The lowest-priced thing you could do, as previously mentioned above, is to go with the Jokari Water Infuser. All you need is a pitcher -- and if you already own that, ba-da-boom!

The next-lowest-priced option online is this infusing pitcher from Bodum for under $20 at the time of this writing. Bodum makes quality kitchen products, and that model has gotten mostly positive reviews by shoppers on Amazon.

Offline, finding a good fruit infusion pitcher at a deep discount will usually depend upon patience. But if you have the time before you need your new pitcher, then wait for a sale from places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, or Kohl's.

If you are a value-finder at Goodwill, from time-to-time they surely get infusers. This may not be an item you would normally find new there, but gently-used ones will go for a nice price when available.

I would not normally expect to find this type of pitcher at a yard sale, but if you are at one anyway, you may get lucky. 

Finally, be sure to keep eBay in mind for savings on fruit infusion pitchers. I have included some eBay auctions below to help you find the right pitcher for you. (No need to thank me. j.k.)

May your new infuser pitcher infuse flavor in your life. Yes, I am cheesy. (I wonder what putting cheese into an infuser pitcher would do -- bad idea! Sorry.)

Infusion Pitchers on eBay

Updated: 05/17/2012, Regi_B
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