How To Remove Freckles - Freckle Removing Products

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Freckles are hereditary, however, there are ways that we can make them less visible. You can always get back that attractive complexion.

Freckles are very unsightly to the skin. Many women who have them want to get back that clear and flawless complexion. Freckles are not harmful or life threatening. Some women don't mind it but a lot find it embarrassing and are not comfortable with them. Millions of people buy freckle removing products every month hoping that they could improve their skin's appearance and fade out this skin imperfection.

There are many ways on how to get rid of freckles from your skin. There are natural ways to get rid of them and some women have tried them already. Others try lightening and fading creams that are available in the market while some consult their dermatologists and undergo different lazer and other kinds of treatments.

Lemon Juice, Vitamin C and Sour Cream on Freckles

Freckles is hereditary, however, there are some factors that can increase its appearance while
there are different ways on how you can make them less visible.


Lemon juice and sour cream are known to be effective in lightening freckles. Applying lemon juice on the affected area of the skin with your fingers a few times a day will give you significant improvement. Visible results will be seen after a few weeks. Lemon has bleaching and lightening properties which is probably the reason for its effectiveness. This is also the same with sour cream. Sour cream also works wonders to the freckles on your skin.

Taking vitamin C daily will not only increase your resistance against diseases but will also promote the skin's increased tolerance when exposed to the sun. You can either have a daily supplement from chewable vitamin C tablets or eat fruits daily that are rich in vitamin C like oranges, apples and mangoes.


How To Cover Freckles

Cape Fear Naturals - Kojic Acid Cream

People who have tried this product have only great praises for its effectiveness in lightening the dark areas in the body. This natural skin lightener can already deliver results in just a week or two of using this product.  Cape Fear Naturals - Kojic Acid Cream - Natural Skin Lightener naturally evens skin tones and helps lighten dark and age spots as well as freckles on the skin. You have to apply it daily in order to get faster results. In a few weeks, you will find that your skin has become smoother and has an even skin tone. It can also be used by women who has melasma. It has a very affordable price of less than $12. By clicking the product link to the right, you can read many reviews of those who have tried the product and who find the product very effective.

Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel

Many people who have tried this product believe that it gives amazing results. Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel treats those pigmented and damaged areas of your skin. It fades out unwanted discoloration and improves your skin's appearance. It results to a clearer and lovelier complexion. Aside from lightening dark spots, it also exfoliates damaged skin cells. 

You can click on the product link and go to customer reviews for more information on the effectivity of this lightening cream.

Porcelana Fade Dark Spots Night Time Treatment

Porcelana Fade Dark Spots Night Time Treatment contains hydroquinone and antioxidants in order to fade the dark spots and other discolorations on your skin. Regular use would help protect your skin from developing future dark spots and darkening on some areas of your skin. You have to apply a thin layer of the cream on the affected area twice in a day. Continued use is expected to show visible results after a few weeks. However, if you have noticed that there is still no improvement after 3 months, you have to discontinue use of this product.

This beauty cream is expected to lighten dark areas of your skin caused by age spots, liver spots,  freckles and other dark pigments in the skin caused by pregnancy and other factors.

Dermamelan Maintenance Treatment Cream

This product is safe to use for hyperpigmentation treatment in both lighter and darker skin types. It helps treat melasma by reducing or eliminating the brown discoloration. It helps the skin reduce the effects of sun and photo damage as well as it helps reduce the skin's pore size. It also regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands most espeically in oily and mixed skin types. 

Freckles and the Sun

Avoid exposure to sunlight as this will turn your freckles to become even more darker. Sun exposure can also cause premature aging of your skin. When you need to be under the sun, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer or sunblock with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 15. It will also help to use umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat.

Always remember that sun exposure is highly not recommended when using any of the above products. Prolonged and continued sun exposure while using any beauty product may result to discoloration and darkening in those areas exposed to the sun.

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