iCloud Service Review

by Michey

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announces: iCloud Music Service, Mac OS Lion and iOS5


Apple conferenceAt an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Moscone Center, on 6th June, the Apple CEO, the one and only Steve Jobs and his team (VP Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall VP of iOS engineering) announced 3 new products:

  • iCloud Music Service
  • Mac OS Lion
  • iOS5 

To the delight of the auditorium, a skinny Steve Jobs, he is a cancer survivor, came on stage to present iCloud... which has the potential to stop Music piracy.

It was emotional, he entered on the stage and the James Brown's "I Feel Good" started playing.

iCloud Service

Steve iCloudKeeping all the devices on sync was hard, so iCloud service was created as a repository. The entire digital staff will be move into the iCloud which is a FREE Service. iTunes is available today in beta in the iCloud.

iCloud features:

  • iCloud stores all your content, and wirelessy moves it to all your  devices
  • it is integrated with all your apps
  • Calendars are stores in cloud , moved to all devices, and sharing is allowed
  • New messages are mver to all decices as well
  • Existing Appscan be download and new purchaseswill be sent to all devices
  • iBooks syncs across all devices 

 iCloud applications:

  • Documents in the cloud - you creat a doc in an eWork appit will be stored on the cloud and moved to all devices
  • Photo Stream - Take a photo anywhere, and view it on all devices...
  • iTunes in the Cloud - New purchased tab in iTunes store lets you play the music you already bought

How this is working:

  • You download songs from iTunes 
  • Automatically iCloud stores the songs
  • Automatically songs are propagated to all devices:  your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC 

What is happen with the music which was obtained using not ethically means? That music is not on iCloud. Ups! This service is viewed as a possibility to stop piracy.

Mac OS Lion

Phil Schiller present Mac OS Lion which will be available in July, and sold exclusively through the Mac App Store.


  • Multitouch browsing - no scroll bar, just flick a finger to scroll, pinch and zoom
  • Full-screen apps -  A swipe gesture make you to go back to the desktop, users can have more than one full screen app running at once, with a swipe gesture you can switch between them
  • Mission Control - A combination of Spaces, Expose and an App Switcher. which allow Apps to be deleted od added on the fly 
  • Window Migration - It is a easy way to switch from Windows
  • Photo Booth - The effect of photos and video mini-app are amazing: automatic googly eyes, all kind of animations ( as... following your head round...)
  • Mac App Store
  • AirDrop - It is a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network option... see friends on your network with AirDrop open, and send files
  • Launchpad
  • ...  there are more then 200 features...

So Lion will cost you $29.99 in July.


iOS 5VP Scott Forstall revealed:

  • A new notifications capability for iOS 5. Instead to interrupt users with a confirmation dialog box - an auto-dismissing animation appears
  • A new Notification Center and new lock screen show all notifications and open apps for any notification with a gesture 

iOS is consider a major release, it supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, 2, iPod Touch. At the conference, Forstall point out new features as:

  • New messaging service
  • Integrated Twitter
  • PC free use
  • ... turn out to be around 200 new features

iOS 5 it is a beta version at this point, but it will ship in fall.

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Updated: 06/17/2011, Michey
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Michey on 06/13/2011

Yep! But there is a category which will hate iCloud service... the music pirates... LOL.
Hey, we cannot please everybody, so we must pick and choose from time to time. i think Apple made the right choice!

ajgodinho on 06/13/2011

I heard about iCloud briefly earlier this month, but reading a little more about it, from this page, I have a better understanding of what this service is. I'm sure Apple users and fans welcome this new service.

Michey on 06/08/2011

Nightbear, iCloud is on, the others one is in Beta, and one will come in July.
Thanks for stopping by

Michey on 06/08/2011

Yes Nancy, it was emotional because the Internet world love Steve Jobs, and they follow his progress, his enthusiasm is contagious, and if Apple is a great company today... it is because Steve is such a great personality, full of ideas and hard working normal guy.

ohme on 06/08/2011

I haven't heard of iCloud before now so thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed reading about the presentation of his new products by Steve Jobs and I imagine that was a very emotional introduction with the playing of "I Feel Good!" by James Brown.

SidewalkPhilosopher on 06/07/2011

Great job, as always!

nightbear on 06/07/2011

It sounds wonderful, but most of there stuff is, now isn't it? I am surprised by how thin Steve is, but I didn't know he had cancer. Good for him! I hope he beat it thoroughly.

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