Insulated Casserole Dish Carriers & Fun Food Tote Ideas

by HomeArtist1

Insulated Food Tote Carriers like these make easier work of taking your favorite covered casserole dish on the road--and in one piece!

If you're like me, your presentation is half the food gift. During the holiday seasons and at other family, office, school and church picnic functions, baking and carrying food and keeping that award winning casserole dish hot/cold is oh so important.

Enter the insulated casserole food carrier! With these cute-to-lovely carriers, not only will your casserole get there hot or cold, but their special thermal design with handles gets your food from kitchen to the next function in one solid piece. B

Large Expanding Rachael Ray Insulated Food Carrier

Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger, Orange

Find Your Size: Fit Your Dish to Your Casserole

Even the Most Basic Insulated Food Carriers Perform Well

I'll start out with what I know best: I have this 'straight-from-the-oven-to-fridge-to-car-without-nary-an-accident, Anchor Hocking Oven Basics Food Carrier. I can say that it's ideal for your award winning casserole that deserves to be pampered! The best part for me is the lid that's perfect for my world~famous (ok, well maybe in my world!) baked beans. I did use aluminum foil, though, as leaking baked bean sauce is icky and sticky, not to mention all the ants it attracts! Perfect for church functions and family reunions, this 101 uses and counting insulated food carrier set will get you and your casserole there--intact!

Set includes: 3 Quart Baker with a blue plastic lid for travel, a 2 Quart Baker with a blue plastic lid for travel, a convenient baker tote and a Hot/Cold pack.



Insulated Food Tote Set with Extra Glass Pans

Another true-to-its-name Pyrex Portable insulated food / casserole carrier. This set comes in handy for events where you have several side dishes, or dishes where you need a complementary dish, like cole slaw, that needs insulating. I like things to match on the table and having a dish for everything is a real plus.

This set has the same durable, nonporous glass as featured above. You'll love the easy pack up and go!

If You're Only Needing a Simple Food Carrier Set


just the basics: insulated food tote with casserole dish and gel pack
Pyrex Portable 4-Piece Set with 1-ea 3--Quart Oblong Food Carrier a...

I began my 'carrier collection' many years back with a set similar to this one by Pyrex, although the outer carrier is much improved, now; it makes me wonder how I ever managed. But this is a great starter set and a great value.

This 4-piece Pyrex tote and casserole dish includes matching lid and hot/cold pack to get your favorite casserole or favorite baked dish to that picnic, reunion, church or anytime function. You'll have the same features of the food tote above but a few less pieces. For pot luck suppers and work parties where everyone brings a dish, I'd consider this insulated set, as it's budget-friendly, should something happen and the dish goes missing.

It's always nice to have your contribution look presentable, especially among folks you don't know well. I suggest you write your name in permanent marker on the bottom of the casserole dish. At functions where lots of people are in attendance, these food carriers take on the same appearance and you can easily lose it.

My #1 Pick Casserole Food Tote for Size and Function


expandable large food carrier by Rachael Ray

Here's my fave: Rachael Ray's lasagna tote in avocado green. It's the same top~rated carrier as above with the same room for those extra special gatherings! Rachael Ray's food carriers are highly rated by great cooks like you. You'll enjoy key features that have cooks everywhere raving! Expect your food to arrive at that important function in one piece and toasty warm.

My favorite features:

  • Superfoam insulation & therma-flect radiant barrier keep food warm
  • The lining is easy to clean
  • The zippered pocket is great to avoid losing (or forgetting) utensils
  • Its padded carry handles keep the food tray from tilting while carrying
  • Large; accommodates most 9 X 13 in/22.86 by 33.02cm baking dishes (not included, though)

Food Carriers for Your Crock Pot Slow Cooker but Don't Restrict Its Use

I love the idea of having an insulated carrier for carrying your slow cooker food intact and still in the crock pot. Who knew? These totes are generously sized and fit the slow cooker and its lid--just plop it inside the carrier (food and all), zip it and go. If you use slow cookers frequently, you know that once the food inside cools, a slow cooker isn't the place to warm the food again. With these insulated carriers, you can keep the food a nice temperature until you get where you're going.  

Double Decker Expandable Insulated Hot & Cold Food Carrier Tote

Dimensions: 18"W x 11"D x 8"H (expanded)

This Hot and cold insulated food carrier includes 2 food containers. You can pack those containers and add your own oblong casserole dish, too.  A Thermal foil lined lower section holds up to a 11" x 15" (5 quart dish size - not included) and an expandable top section. Pick a pattern and enjoy great food, friends and plenty of compliments!

  • Insulated & leak proof
  • PEVA lined top section
  • It's super attractive (does that count?)


Take a second to share where you're headed first with your casserole carrier before you see the rest of my recommendations. It's fun to see where we're going with our latest sensation!

My Secret Deviled Egg~Toting Tip

I worked in the food industry for several years, lovingly arranging food for presentation, so I learned a few things along the way Here's one trick for carrying those pesky, roll~around hard boiled and deviled eggs:

Get out your most unsightly (yes, I said unsightly) large plate. Unfurl a large piece of (preferably) heavy~duty foil wrap, large enough to cover the plate entirely. Now, gently wad the foil up, not tightly, as you'll need to unfurl it again. You should have a very wrinkled piece of foil. Don't not try and smooth the foil. Wrap the plate in the wrinkled foil. Place your eggs on the foil. The wrinkles keep eggs arranged and help prevent them from sliding around the plate (and tumbling to the floor). If a wrinkle prevents an egg from laying properly, simple mash the wrinkle culprit under the egg, just enough to steady it.

For a nice touch, arrange your deviled eggs in a spiral pattern on the plate. For more decoration, use budget~friendly fresh greens like mustard and kale, or perhaps parsley (it's slightly more expensive) under the eggs. Viola! You've a nice presentation you can be proud of!

Why the ugly plate? That's in case you forget and leave it behind. You won't be brokenhearted!

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Where are you going first with your new food carrier?

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