Internet Marketing Poem - The Realm In A Nutshell [Inspiration For Newbies]

by Jerrico_Usher

Internet Marketing Poem Depicting The Many Obstacles You Will Run Into And How To Deal With them, Persevere, And Become Awesome!

This is a poem I wrote in 2011-12 somewhere based on my last 4 years of experience as an internet marketer. This poem is my journey laid out based on the obstacles you often endure in the journey to making money online and figuring it all out. I felt ambitious one day and thought why not merge that ambition (convert it to) into poetry that I can read when the world crashes around me (common phenomenon in this business but well worth the potential rewards if you stick with it!).

I've found comfort myself in reading this poem several times over the last year or so since I wrote it. I was feeling a bit down today in writing motivation and read it and now am about to embark on some writing work. After reading my own poem I got motivated so I hope it does the same for you. (this reads in my head like standing up at a poetry reading where you get passionate about what your saying and change your inflections... so read it like I'm yelling it with motivation inflections like Anthony Robbins would (or in an EminEm type rap style (but positive).... oh and live with passion, always! Comments are appreciated!


This Poem Is Not About Wizzley, It's About How Wizzley Is Getting It Right, And Others Are Getting It Wrong- I Updated it only in the respect of changing Hubpages to Wizzley :) But It works with both.


Wizzley, “old school” internet marketer's menace

(moderating spam),


Doing things the right way,


No longer being proud,

To cheat the system making users yell out loud

(like old school SEO Black hat Tactics),


Pop up, pop under’s, annoying ways to reprise,


Does nothing but infect most real internet marketer’s eyes,


Wizzley is different,

It's about time people realize that there is a way to do this thing man,


Using Your Mind, Keyboard, Mouse, and Hand,


You can help others get to the promised land($$$)


Not of just wealth but of construction that's good for your health, building muscles of mass, marketing by working your arse- off,

At first, learn the realm, quench that thirst, first, then burst, on the scene, teaching the newbie’s the scheme,

How to dream, real-istic-ally, you know what I mean?

(don't chase money at first)


Sign-ups, saving the mass, from the old ineffective marketer’s blast, courses that do more harm, promising to arm, people with the skills to pay the bills, but instead forcing them to chill, and back to the drawing board trying to find the real- deal-


WZ, getting in the bad marketers way, good content copy being displayed, not crazy black hat stuff leaving readers dismayed, moderated, showing the newbie’s the correct way to play, to display SEO and putting in the work, no longer feeling like you work, without reward, or reading through bs on the forum bo-ards of the warrior type, most of that chit is hype,


Not building false hope, selling marketing dope, old school, it was limiting their scope, dissolving ambition and hope, before they even reach the end of the rope... You want to be an Impresario man, you need to stop, think and, realize this is going to be a little work, but it's better than being lied to and going berserk,

(like offline work)


When you can just learn to build some mental muscles not mental fatigue, those that do the work at first are in a whole new league, intrigued? Sure, this is the real thing man, they won't teach you how to market with a gun in your hand, instead show you the Promised Land, by walking you through it, slowly teaching you the ropes,


We have wizzles that show you everything - blueprints? 



If you have a question and find yourself in doubt, leave a post on the forum and 10 people will help you figure it out


Wizzley’s Staff, working night and day to update the landscape, WZ will teach you to make money in time, but realize, until then you'll be doing just fine- patience skill, perseverance, concentration of will, to build the skills that really will pay the bills...


I know it takes a little time, but when it hits you'll feel sublime, even if all you made was a dime; realize that that 10 cents will show you the light, that making money this way works,



Ambition is based on mental nutrition, having a mission, participation brings fru-ition if you just follow the plan


If you get in there and fail, don't put your ambition in jail, just work a little harder and figure out where you failed- inevitability states that your first run will not be perfect, it's a process man, get back to the keyboard and learn from the plan, failure just tells you what you need to work on and


To Keep going, that's the part most people forget, unlike the courses of the past this chit is legit, but it's not always an easy ride, it's part of the process to render your pride, inert when it's cumbersome, alive when it's needed,


Every effort you put in ... a new skill set seeded.


Don't give up, don't lose all hope, I know it's likely your broke, but just persevere and keep hope,

If others can do it, you have to realize, that what they are doing is simply putting their work in front of more eyes-


To think that they'll come, this isn't the movies, promotion is one of the first major tools, it opens the door, Google, Bing and yahoo see this and bring you much more- but if you don’t think you need to seed, try to build your business on greed, your going to find your a weed, to the SE's and won't get any love, but the others who do will be looking at you from above- still giving you love, holding out their hand, trying to show you how to reach the same land,


They're not mocking you, gloating or anything of that kind, they often want to help you but most failures become blind- distracting their mind, full of distain, thinking the failure wasn't part of the game but it is, oh it surely is, but not a bad part, it's a form of art, designed to cultivate a skill, building more muscle in your power of will.


Don't give up at the first sign of monetary failure, that's only going to jail your ambition, the rest is disease- a bad form of thinking that cuts the forest at the trees, then all you see are all these, dreams you had cut down, but the truth for real- is that YOU cut them, nobody or entity else, because you didn't think past the pain, to realize, again, that it's part of the game.

Take a lesson from trees, even the baby seeds have to push through the dirt, get hurt by mother nature, but continue to spurt- upward bound, looking all around, at the other big trees, fortified over many years sometimes centuries- but one day they think, I'll be a big tree, grow my leaves instead of thinking dis-ease.... be the seed, then be the sprout- grow like hell, not thinking about- the path so much as the destination in mind, be dynamic and strong not blind...


If you fall, so what? Many have before you too- today they are still failing too- but the difference, is they persevered and kept going- money kept coming, even through failure showing, it's about opening your mind, seeing the truth, not thinking or running through time thinking everything’s sublime, all-the-time...


Brush your shoulders off and get back up- I promise you, if you put in the time but make sure you don't just work fully blind, part of that process is to not just take the time, but to rewind, reconfigure, and open your mind, to see what's before your eyes all the time.

See the things that you did wrong, things you cut corners, or realize the market may have changed, the search engines are funny, they like to always rearrange- the rules, making you feel like a fool, but perseverance and time, getting with the times, changing things to the new school.

Realize that this isn't going to be a lazy way to earn, if you slow down or stop- all your bridges get burned. Don't believe the hype of the old school thinking that you can make a lot of money doing nothing- there is no set it and forget it- although in time with fortification- to some degree- there is- but it's an earned right, it won't come overnight!


Realize also Wizzley is always updating, keeping up with the times, so if you can't figure it out, they've already done it for you, just get in there and update your sites anew, and give it more time- it's not 100% success, this isn't a game of laying down and getting hit by quarters all the time- it takes some effort of mind, but the moments of bliss, financial success, if you persevere can cover your losses, remove offline bosses, and give you your freedom, that's got to be worth something right?


Good Luck Everyone- I've been in a poetic mood lately :)



Practicing My Video Editing Skills I Turned This Video Into A Parody (and it was already a parody!)

Kinda dumb, but the goal was to play with my new sound effects, visual effects, and attempt to make a 3 minute segment for this article...
Updated: 01/06/2013, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 01/07/2013

yeppers :)

dustytoes on 01/07/2013

A good reminder that making money online takes time and continuous learning is essential to success. There is no better place than Wizzley for that, in my opinion.

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