Jo_Murphy: Passionate About Intercultural Understanding

by Jo_Murphy

I have always been an artist and a writer. The trick for me has been to find away to work with other artists from all over the world to promote intercultural understanding.

I have worked in various places and spaces with people who could speak no English. We worked through the Creative Arts. Whilst it has been fun to work this way, I now seek to broaden my understanding by travelling abroad and joining classes where I can't speak "their" language. At the moment, I am learning how to be an ESL teacher and how to speak Spanish. Most of my articles are about the Creative Arts and how they can be harnessed to help bring peace to the world.

Teaching: Visual Arts, English and the Creative Arts

Learning about the "other" through the Arts.

I have been an Art Teacher for over 20 years. I work a great deal with cartooning and I like to animate as a hobby.  For a while I was a freelancer occasionally teaching in a university or at a college - but - writing about Art and doing my own Art has become my passion.  I enjoy social media. Writing online keeps me connected while living all alone working on my Art.

The Whistling Kite


Recently, I showcased the final stages of an evolving exhibition called Cultures Coming Together it was held at the Cunnamulla Fella Information Centre Gallery. The theme of the exhibition was held together by the symbolism of birds flying towards each other.


First there was the Whistling Kite, a painting that symbolises local culture

Then the was the painting called Taking Off. The pelican is the logo of the local school and it is flying towards Cunnamulla from the other side of the exhibition.

Taking Off

 Most of the paintings in the exhibition are stretched canvases with a textured surface. They are painted in acrylic with heavy glazing. 

Also exhibited were products produced by the students of the school.

And some work that shows the working partnership between RESQ and the school.

All You Need is Love

Exploring the contribution selected people make to bringing peace to the world

My Articles So Far

Creative Arts
Dali's work was prophetic. Scientists still struggle to explain the concepts of time that the talented artist valiantly portrayed.
Paul Signac had a propensity to systematize everything within his arts based practice. That is why he was the ideal artist to be at the forefront of the Pointillist movement.
Edit Piaf's birth name was Édith Giovanna Gassion and she was born in Belleville, Paris in 1915. Edith first began her singing career busking in the street.
Nolan's Australian landscapes captured the untidiness of the outback and arid desert wilderness. He superimposed 'portraits' of rogues, bushrangers and castaway personalities.
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Jo_Murphy on 12/13/2023

I only experienced English but the people I worked with had heavy accents.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/12/2023

Your comment below acquaints us with FRAB -- or frasb or both? -- as "filled with storytellers from all over the world."

Was the site in English or in a number of other languages?

Jo_Murphy on 12/08/2023

I was a paid writer for FRAB for a while and loved it. The idea was similar to Tweeting. Short sharp posts that captured wht you were thinking with one essential image.
I used to write short poetry.
This is the blurb......."frasb is a great way to turn your life into real-time stories! With frasb, you can create your own media by making frequent posts and engage and inspire other users in the process with your stories.

frasb is filled with storytellers from all over the world so you'll never run out of something interesting to read.

What are you waiting for? Download frasb now and discover the world of stories written by people just like you!"
I think it just didn't compete with Twitter and the like. It just suddenly disappeared.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/08/2023

Please excuse my asking, particularly if FRASB no longer exists ;-{!

But what is FRASB an acronym for?

Jo_Murphy on 12/06/2023

I see the comments below. Yes! that is gone now.

Jo_Murphy on 12/06/2023

I think FRASB might have gone out of existence. Thanks for pointing this out.DerdriuMarriner, I tried to take these links out - I'll go check again.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/06/2023

The comments below reference an acronym perhaps explainable by the link in your comment Jan. 4, 2014.

That link reveals only the message "Yikes! Something ate this page ...404 not found Either this page does not exist, or there was a terrible server mistake."

Would there be another way of accessing that article?

Jo_Murphy on 01/04/2014
Hi Mira,
I have written the article, Jo

Jo_Murphy on 12/30/2013

Hi Mira,
I'll write an article about FRASB as that will make it easier to explain, (Thanks for asking) Jo

Mira on 12/30/2013

So what's FRASB then?:)
Your plan of teaching online sounds great. And congrats on your book!

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