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by Jo_Murphy

I have always been an artist and a writer. The trick for me has been to find away to work with other artists from all over the world to promote intercultural understanding.

I have worked in various places and spaces with people who could speak no English at all. We worked through the Creative Arts. Whilst it has been fun to work this way, I now seek to broaden my understanding by traveling abroad and joining into classes where I can't speak "their" language. At the moment I am learning how to be an ESL teacher, and how to speak Spanish. You will find most of my articles are about the Creative Arts and how they can be harnessed to help bring peace to the world. The painting you see pictured below was painted for Amnesty International on the topic of (anti) Capital Punishment.

Teaching: Visual Arts, English and the Creative Arts

Learning about the "other" through the Arts.

I have been an Art Teacher for over 20 years.  I work a great deal with cartooning and I like to animate as a hobby.  I am now a freelancer almost full-time, just occasionally I will teach in a university or at a college - but - writing about Art and doing my own Art has become my passion. 

One of the things I have been doing lately is FRASBing.  I enjoy social media. Writing online keeps me connected while living all alone working. 

I have set out FRASB images below.  Soon I will upload a movie to show how the concept works.

As It Is Above

So It Is Below
Compassion, Tolerance and Justice
Compassion, Tolerance and Justice

What Ever Goes Around

Comes Around
What Ever
What Ever

Global Citizens' Creative Arts Text

The first in a range of workbooks

I have written my first Creative Arts Text Book. It is a fun book all about the 60s.  I explore improvisation and conceptual art among other creative 'ways of working'.  This gave me scope to look at the work of Yoko Ono. Having had fun with that I then talked of John Lennon and giving Peace a Chance!

Yoko On - I Felt Like a Fish

It will be followed with various books of lesson plans.

My passion is the development of Communities of eLearning Inquiry and Practice. In the context of eCLISPs, I am working towards teaching online full time as an independent contractor.

From the beginning of my artistic career I was inspired by the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. SJ:  Explorations of Positive Intelligence and Collective Intelligence and the concept of Noosphere.  Needless to say that when Transmedia came along I was hooked. 


Somehow along the line I became distracted and wrote a book somewhat off topic!

It is called Virtual and Traditional Jigsaws in the Classroom a workbook designed to show how to develop co-operative learning strategies by working with students as learning partners through the medium of jigsaw.  It is through this text that I develop my ideas about creating communities of learning in the classroom via Blogging.   To do this I have used lessons about creating Virtual Jigsaws.  

All You Need is Love

One of the Units in the Book

My Articles So Far

Creative Arts
Dali's work was prophetic. Scientists still struggle to explain the concepts of time that the talented artist valiantly portrayed.
Paul Signac had a propensity to systematize everything within his arts based practice. That is why he was the ideal artist to be at the forefront of the Pointillist movement.
Edit Piaf's birth name was Édith Giovanna Gassion and she was born in Belleville, Paris in 1915. Edith first began her singing career busking in the street.
Nolan's Australian landscapes captured the untidiness of the outback and arid desert wilderness. He superimposed 'portraits' of rogues, bushrangers and castaway personalities.
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Jo_Murphy on 01/04/2014
Hi Mira,
I have written the article, Jo

Jo_Murphy on 12/30/2013

Hi Mira,
I'll write an article about FRASB as that will make it easier to explain, (Thanks for asking) Jo

Mira on 12/30/2013

So what's FRASB then?:)
Your plan of teaching online sounds great. And congrats on your book!

Jo_Murphy on 10/26/2013

Hi Dusty I have music and poetry that goes with FRASBs but can't find a way to upload a file so I will make a short movie - upload to Youtube. Jo

dustytoes on 10/26/2013

I've never heard of FRASB... interesting.

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