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A jump starter is a tool that boost a depleted car battery - and gets the car started. The five best jump starters for cars reviewed and compared.

A jump starter is an auto power tool that boosts a car battery if and when the battery power has depleted to a point that there's not enough power to start a car. Much like a battery charger for cars - they have a specific function and are useful to have around.

They come in a variety of makes, models and prices - the underlying principle being that they all provide the power required to turn the engine over, which in turn allows the alternator to recharge the depleted battery.

The five best jump starters are featured below. They're all highly rated product by previous purchasers, offer good value for money and of course they're the best selling models on the market.

Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter with Light

This is by far the best jump start and also possesses a perfect five star rating. It's a great little unit, includes everything you'll need to get your vehicle up and running again and compact enough to stow in the trunk or leave in the garage or workshop.

It seamlessly bridges the gap between having enough power to get your motor started, whilst remaining ultra portable. It's surprisingly lightweight for what it can do and it makes jump starting your car an easy task. Whilst it won't fire life into a monster truck or a battery depleted simply because it needs replacing - it will do the job it's designed for time and again. Awesome little 12v jump starter - well worth the purchase price.

Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12-Volt Jump Starter with Light

A great balance of power and portability, this ultraportable jump starter packs the punch of 900 peak amps of starting power into a unit that weighs just 9 pounds. This store ...

Only $74.99

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Stanley J5C09 500 Amp Jump Starter

This is the best Stanley jump starter and it's a bit bigger in terms of size than the previous mode, though it's amp output is smaller. This one works off 500 amps, as opposed to the Jump n Carry's 900 - but it still packs enough power to kick.-start an auto battery.

It also features an adequate air compressor - which is good enough to refill deflated tires. It is noisy and not the fastest of compressors out there but as a dual-function unit, it works well either way. Heavier and less compact, but that's because you're getting two for one. If you're looking for something that will get your car and tires up and running - it's a great buy.

Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor

The Stanley 500-Amp Battery Jump Starter with Compressor offers a convenient, portable way to jump-start your battery without the need of another vehicle. Simply attach the ...

$116.85  $116.72

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Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start SystemIf

If you've got the extra bucks to spend and want a jump starter and air compressor in one unit - this is the better model. It's lighter and more compact for a start and the accessories can be stored on board as Energizer have incorporated the storage into its design.

The case is good quality - feels and looks solid and lots of features built in - a small flexible light, easy access to the switches, two 12v DC sockets for powering any type of 12 volt gadgets and accessories. Ergonomic, awesome design and features - one best all-round quick fix solution to a range of unexpected car emergencies.

Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12V Jump Starter

Another great automotive jump starter - this time a professional standard heavy duty battery booster. It's possibly the most powerful unit on the market . kicks out a highly impressive 1700 amps if you need it and definitely the one to get the monster truck starts once again.

The clamps are up to industrial standard, which goes a long way towards addressing the issue of battery corrosion and the cables are manufactured to an equally high standard. It's also surprisingly compact for a model that's up to almost raising the dead. The ultimate model for starting just about anyvehicle, no matter where you are. Top product - recommended.

Clore Automotive JNC660 1700 Peak amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

Pound for pound the most powerful jump starter on the market, the Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter delivers 1700 peak ampere of starting power and weighs only 18 pounds. ...

$131.53  $130.21

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Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack 600 Jump Starter & Emergency Power Source with Radio

Another does-more.than-one-job jump starter - and the last on the best seller list. This time from Duracell it will ably jump start your vehicle with fuss - whilst letting you listen to radio. Which is the odd feature on this unit but - you've always got the choice to listen to some calming tunes in the event you're about to explode with frustration.

Providing it's fully charged up, you can re-charge an auto battery or, if need be, power several different 12 v gadgets using the front loaded DC outlets. Beyond its ability to boost a battery, its got a lot of function - if you're the outdoor type - providing that it's charged. Not the best of the jump starters but certainly adequate across a range of 8 cylinder vehicles - and offering lots of flexibility in general.

Duracell DPP-600HD Powerpack 600 Jump Starter & Emergency Power Source with Radio

The Duracell Powerpack 600 features an internal sealed, non-spillable 28 amp-hour AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery for reliable power delivery and recharging capability. This ...

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