Fake Halloween Candles Which Look Like the Real Thing

by JoHarrington

Want to dot candles around your home for that atmospheric glow, but wish to avoid open flames and smoke? These LED tea-lights were made for you.

Admit it, you had a double-take when you first saw the picture. It looked like some idiot had lit twelve tea-lights inside a cardboard box. Your imagination supplied the resultant bonfire and noted the stupidity of the one who'd lit them.

These candles aren't real. Those wicks, which flicker like genuine candlelight, are not ablaze. It's electricity powering those flames.

For flame-free, smoke-free, worry-free tea-lights, which fit in any votive holder, these are the 'candles' for you.

A Romantic, Festive Homeliness Without a Care

Nothing says cosy like candle glow in your home. As the dark days of autumn and winter slide into ever longer nights, there's a smug tranquility about being huddled indoors lit only by flicking flames.

But if you have small children and pets liable to knock things over, then your warm, inviting atmosphere can take on the aspect of a death trap. Or perhaps you just like the notion of being able to wander around or fall asleep, without feeling the need to watch those naked flames.

The answer is LED tea-lights.  All the relaxation of the candlelight, without an actual flame.

Tealight Candle LED with White/Yellow Flickering Flames

Flameless Candles for Halloween Decorations

LED tea-lights are perfect for dropping into plastic Jack O'Lanterns to line your driveway or your home.  Or else they could just as easily be placed into the scooped out innards of the real thing.

These are not static lights.  They flicker and move like real candle flame, casting a white and yellow glow over their surroundings. Your pumpkin will still seem animated within its ghastly grin.

Or pop one in front of your Halloween features, statues and posters, without fretting about fake cobwebs and gauze catching alight. The illumination will make those decorations seem to come alive too.

At the very least, these flame-less candles could be dotted about your darkened hallway, to maintain the atmosphere and guide your way, as the Trick and Treaters come knocking.

Flame Free Candles for Christmas and Fall

Then, once Halloween is over and the spooky decorations are down, leave your LED tea-lights out.

What's good for the spooks is good for the Santa.

Now they become the gentle glow illuminating your Nativity scene, or flickering beautifully amidst your Christmas feast.

They'll grace your festive windows, their lights touching the tinsel, and dancing in the glitter of your spray-on snow-dust. From the outside, your home would look so welcoming and warm! You'll have people knocking the door, just to give you mince pies and ask where you found the fake candles.

It's not like you won't be able to find a use for them in the months between October and December. The Fall cries out for peaceful dens awash with candlelight; the winter practically demands it.

And imagine the possibilities in the bathroom. Those tranquil bubble baths, relaxing in the glow of candles that can dot your windowsill and fixtures, without setting fire to the net curtains. Though if you're going to place them on the rim of the bath, you'd probably be better off with the real thing.

Battery Powered LED Candles for your Home

As may have been gathered by now, these LED tea-light candles are battery operated. Naturally the battery may be replaced as needful.

There's an on/off switch on the bottom of each one.  Otherwise, they work pretty much like Christmas tree lights.  And just like them, there have been people who have found that their candle LED may occasionally come out of storage not able to switch on.

The trick here is to open the battery cavity and fiddle with the tiny wire until it connects. It'll be fine then!

More Light Decorations for your Home

This Halloween, light up your garden with glowing pumpkins. Spooky, cute and eco-friendly, all at the same time!
Most people make do with a classy line of white lights; others with the glorious festive burst of flashing, colored lights. But you're a geek and you know what you want.
Your little one loses all uncertainty about when it's time to get up; and their exhausted parents gain precious hours to catch up on their sleep. Everyone's a winner!
Your toddler or small child adores the peaceful lights playing out on their ceiling. A star-filled tableau awaits with this brand new ladybug night-light by Cloud b.
Updated: 07/19/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/07/2013

I keep switching between the two. Real candles have an undoubted charm, but then, I don't have small children or pets to mind. My goldfish have never knocked a candle over in their lives. :)

JoHarrington on 10/14/2013

It sounds like you have the perfect household for them! All the atmosphere without the risk. :D

AlexandriaIngham on 10/14/2013

These would be perfect for my home. We have a wee one running around the house and she loves to knock into anything and everything. I do love traditional candles but they have to remain in our bedroom only. We're planning on doing a carved pumpkin this year so will have to get some of these!

JoHarrington on 10/12/2013

I hadn't considered it from the point of view of sootless pumpkins. True story though!

jptanabe on 10/12/2013

Oh these would be great inside a real carved pumpkin - they wouldn't cook (burn) it like the real candles we always use do!

JoHarrington on 10/11/2013

I can totally imagine, though not too much, as I'm pyrophobic. I do love sitting in a room surrounded by candlelight. These appeared to be a really safe way of doing that. Thanks for your input!

ologsinquito on 10/11/2013

These are much safer than candles. My uncle, now deceased, was a firefighter and he warned against using candles in the home because he had seen too many fires, started by candles.

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