Lime Green Comforter and Bedding Sets

by HomeArtist1

Adding lime green to your bedroom with these bedding sets will breathe an air of crispness and light you'll love retreating to after a full day.

Green is one hue on the color wheel that speaks to natural beauty--nature at it's finest where life springs forth and everything around us begins anew. What better color to bring into your own space? Lime green has a hint of sunshine yellow with a splash of white melded into its mix making for one hue that's clean, fresh and alive, no matter the weather outside. Begin your decorating venture with fabulous lime green comforter bedding sets that promise to bring your room from blah to AAAH! And I'll help you get there.

Getting Started with Your Bedroom's Focal Point: Your Bed Set

lime green and black comforter set: opposites attract (attention)

Starting any decorating venture is best begun with your focal point--the room's 'main attraction.' Bedrooms have the benefit of a large element: the bed, to take center stage and introduce your theme; so a nice bedding set is crucial to your room's success.

I suggest you choose bedding with bold color and/or design; you want it to seemingly POP! away from the wall and command attention all on its own.

That's quite a lot to expect from one piece, so it makes great sense to go as lavish as practical with your budget without regretting it later.

Here's a few bold and beautiful lime green and black bedding sets that serve well as focal piece.

Begin with great bedding and you're off to a roaring start.

lime green and navy blue: gender-neutral comforter set
Navy Blue and Lime Green 3 Piece Full / Queen Comforter Set Stripe ...

Lime Green Bedding & Decor and Your Natural Light

Often, bedrooms don't have adequate lighting--be it natural or added ambient; either way, it's best to add light at every level: overhead, bed level and floor uplights. A great decorating job can be stymied by looming shadows and creepy dark corners, not at all the serene retreat you're looking for.

Lighter bedding is another great way to add 'light' to lift and brighten the space. This light-background lime green comforter set is ideal for any level of light. With its cheerful design and fun lime accents, it's a sure winner to get your bedroom off to a bright start--literally.

Dressing Your Windows: to Use Lime Green--or Not?



Saving on Your Window Dressing

As I've mentioned, it's not a good idea to have too many like pieces in a space, particularly if your bedroom is smaller.

Instead, opt for window panels in a color you've pulled from the bedding. Even small splashes of color from your comforter can make a great color choice for your window. The lime green and pink bedding set here on the left will look smashing with sheer panels of the same colors hung side by side on each window.

Four sheer panels per window in complementary colors makes for a nice transition from bed to window. You'll be surprised to see that these sheer panels can be had at less that $20 per pair.



Too Much of a Good Thing: Less is More


l was happy to come across this cute lime green bedding set to talk about the "too much of a good thing" syndrome I often see. This model room is the quintessential design gone awry; I referring to the black peace-signs-a-go-go in case you're still wondering.

This lime green tween-friendly girls' comforter set is really cute but the peace sign motif should stop at the comforter, with the accessories supporting, not overwhelming a room's focal point (the bed, here). I'd suggest solid pink panels, and perhaps a lime green accent pillow with other lighter lime green or contrasting pieces.

The eye should move from each decor piece with ease. There appears to be a huge assault going on in this model room, not at all the "peace-ful" abode you're after for a bedroom.

As I mentioned above, these sheer drape panels can really dress up your window for far less than those matching drapes often offered along with bedding sets. I'm all for a restful treat after a strong design and contrast from the "WOW! of the comforter.

Don't be afraid to stray from a total match situation.

Sheer panels keep the space light and bright, letting just enough filtered light bathe your bedroom in nature's own opulence.

The price tag of these panels is almost too good to be true we're told to be wary of but the reviews betray happy bunch of decorators. I'll take 'em.

Adding to Your Lime Green Color Palette


It's obvious you're after lime green but adding accent colors into the mi can lead to more options with accessorizing and wall art.

The turquoise in this bed set can be paired well with a like-colored or lime green rug of the same shade. A high-pile rug adds texture and helps ground your space. Keep to three colors, max; don't add a dizzying number of loud colors, lest you be overwhelmed and your bedroom takes on a cluttered appearance.

Less is more.

Reversible Comforters: Re-Doers' Dream Bedding

I've known so many people who love to rearrange furniture, move wall art from this room to the next and paint walls again . . . and again.

Reversible comforters like this lime green and turquoise bed set are perfect for us perpetual remodelers.

You can change the entire course of your bedroom's palette just making up the bed. You'll save all the way around.

Making Lime Green from Lemon Yellows


Sometimes that gotta-have comforter or bedding set has just one important flaw (to you) --even if it's perfect in every regard: the color is off a bit and you're torn between the yea and nay.

I chose this cool but lovey lime and blue comforter for the purpose of melding colors visually rather than discounting it as not being the perfectly-lime color you're after.

While this bedding set shown here is more mediocre green rather than true lime, you can make it appear more your preferred color, tricking the eye by using lime green accessories and wall art that sport the hue you're after. Notice how the bedding looks more 'limey' beside this green background. Play up the line around your bedding and you've the 'lime-from-lemon' set you're after.

Mixing Complementary Colors

The opposite of its solid lime and turquoise reversible comforter, this bedding set has all the visual energy a focal piece requires, though you will be limited in your choices for decor.

Match similar lime, green and turquoise blue accent pillows with this comforter and perhaps a rug in the color you most appreciate and want as your dominant hue and you'll have a more balanced space

Like the Lime green and blue bedding above and below, these sets have the same fresh appeal with style differences you might appreciate all the more.

Be sure to use solids with designs or patterns to keep your bedroom space on the relaxed side. A mix of highs and lows is a good idal to stick to when decorating.

Aren't these bedding sets shouting, 'fun?'

Choosing Your Wall Color: To Paint in Lime or Not?

To add interest, you might opt to paint one wall as an accent wall ~ preferably behind your bed for a perfect first impression.

Using this simple rule can help you with your choice of paint color: Dark bedding, light paint; light comforter, use same or slightly darker wall color. Don't be afraid to experiment; many home improvement stores offer custom sample mixes you can use to brush each wall you plan to paint. It's a good idea to let the paint dry completely; then, check in it at all times of the day before making your decision. 
Paint is some powerful stuff. Let it be a fun venture in exploring your creativity.

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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CruiseReady on 09/12/2015

Wow . . . these lime green coverlets look so fresh and pretty and springtimey, especially the ones with some turquoise in them, too. But my favorite is the tricolor one that also has some lavender in it

Mira on 05/05/2015

I had to smile at all those peace signs. :) Nice selection!

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