Lots of Fun and Easy Hobbit Crafts

by Marie

Lots of fun and easy fantasy themed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit crafts for both kids and adult fans to enjoy making and creating. Get inspired by Middle Earth with these projects.

Need some crafting ideas for a birthday party, a themed event or just a fun fantasy fix for a fan of The Hobbit? Here's a page filled with plenty of Hobbit Crafts that both kids and adults can enjoy. If you've read the book or seen the new movies, you'll be inspired to get creative with some of the popular characters or themes such as Bilbo Baggins, Thorin the Dwarf, the iconic round Bag End door, Smaug the Dragon, Legolas the Wood Elf, Gandalf the Wizard and lots more.

This page is handily divided into basic crafting sections including papercrafts, fabric and textile crafts, crafts for kids and cooking crafts. Use the headings below to easily find what you need. And if you find plenty of Hobbity fun, do leave a comment or share the page on.

1: Hobbit Papercrafts

Creative Middle Earth Ideas to Suit all Ages

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Make a Cardboard Sword
With all the brilliant Middle Earth weaponry and swords belonging to Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and Thorin the Dwarf from The Hobbit, it's no surprise that making your own sword will prove to be popular. This is an excellent video that creates a really g

FREE Template and Tutorial: Hobbit Home Bag End Card
You get a free picture tutorial and a template so you can make a handmade card that looks just like Bilbo's Bag End home.

HOW TO Draw a Hobbit
Step by step graphics giving a great idea of how to draw a cartoon version Hobbit character just like Bilbo or Frodo Baggins.

HOW to Draw a Chubby Hobbit!
Step by step pics on drawing a very rounded Hobbit character.

ORIGAMI Paper Folding Swords
One resource page featuring links to lots of Origami swords you can make, including one that looks just like Bilbo Baggin's sword called Sting that lights up blue when orcs are near.

Hobbit Themed Paper Folding and Origami
Lots of themed projects based on folding paper items associated with popular Tolkien characters and items.

Bilbo Baggins origami sword sting folded from paper and foil
Bilbo Baggins origami sword sting folded from paper and foil

This photo here shows my completed origami sword which is based on the sword called Sting which was owned by both the characters Bilbo and his younger cousin Frodo Baggins. The reason why the blade of the sword is blue (this project is worked with 2 sheets of paper) is to highlight the magical property of this Elvish forged weapon which glowed blue in warning when orcs were nearby.

Visit My Origami Sword Page to Make One!

If you're inspired by the Hobbit Dragon, Smaug, and the wizard Gandalf here's a fantastical coloring book shown just below featuring some brilliant stained glass designs that even adults love to color. It's a great book to get everyone involved with for an easy family craft.

  • LOTS of Hobbit Inspired Origami Projects
    A fun resource page featuring links to lots of Hobbit themed paper folding and origami projects for items like cloaks, wizards, dwarves and weaponry.
  • HOW TO Make Bilbo Baggin's Sword Called Sting
    An excellent photo tutorial showing how to make a cardboard sword replica of Sting which is the sword that belongs to both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
  • Origami Dragon Instructions
    A packed resource page featuring easy, medium and advanced paper folding and origami projects for all ages and abilities. Make a red dragon like Smaug.
  • HOW TO Draw Gollum
    A sketching tutorial on how to draw Gollum - the creature from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

2: Hobbit Crafts for Kids

Hobbit house door perler hama bead design
Hobbit house door perler hama bead design

Fused Perler and Hama beads are a fun craft that many kids as well as grown-ups (like me!) like to indulge in. This is a refrigerator magnet that I made and (as any Lord of the Ring or Hobbit fan would know) it is based on the round, green door of the Bag End home that belongs to Bilbo and then Frodo Baggins.

Visit my Hobbit Perler Bead Crafts Page to see how to make this and other projects.

3: Hobbit Fabric and Textile Crafts

Make a hobbit inspired fairy tree house from felt
Make a hobbit inspired fairy tree house from felt

Make your own little wee Hobbit home from felt. I've been rather obsessed with fantasy houses since I was young and I love sewing different creations from felt to make free-standing plush designs. You can use these as pincushions. Of course, Bilbo's door would be completely round but you can add in that detail yourself.

Visit my Felt Fairy Home Tutorial and Template Page to see how you make this.

4: Hobbit Cooking Crafts

  • Bilbo's Seed Cake
    At the start of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins ended up serving some of his precious seed cake to the unexpected party of dwarves. Now here's a recipe so you can make your own.
  • Lots of ideas for Hobbit Party Cakes
    Lots of great ideas for Hobbit themed party cakes and cupcakes ideal for birthdays and celebrations.
  • Hairy Chocolate Feet Cookies
    Another fairly easy cookie bake using cookie dough and chocolate to make hairy hobbit feet.
  • Make These Dragon Treasure Cupcakes
    These are actually pirate treasure cupcakes but they could just as easily be adapted to dragon treasure cupcakes and they are a real fun make.

If you know of any cool Hobbit themed crafts, be sure to let me know of them so I can add them to this arts and crafts resource page. Which Tolkien themed crafts are your favorites?

Bilbo Baggin's Hobbit home round door cookie idea
Bilbo Baggin's Hobbit home round door cookie idea

These are easy to make cookies based on Bilbo's round, green Hobbit home door. To make them you need to use a selection of round cutters and some colored fondant icing. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun with your Middle Earth selection of crafts.

Visit my Tutorial for Bilbo's House Cookies to see how to make these.

Updated: 12/19/2018, Marie
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