Chicken Soup For The Lottery Winners Soul - Can You Actually Win The Lottery Just By Wishing?

by Jerrico_Usher

This Is A Story Of Inspiration And Coincidences. Its theme is to open your mind to the very real possibilities in the world if you just wish and take action...

This is not to say wishing for ANYTHING is going to work or bring you the result your expecting, but more so that wishing for something you can actually acquire given time and actions it will be yours. At that point the path will lay out in front of you with breadcrumbs that lead you right to it; the hard part is knowing what is breadcrumbs and what isn't! You do that by simply following them all and sorting it out later!




You may have to go through some "transition" periods to sync up with what you want. We can't have people poor and depressed and walking around with a 300 million dollar bank account, can we? A destructive mindset with funding is scary. The "sync up" is where most people quit, but it's just evolution of self to allow you to maintain the new status quot by syncing your environment to your goal.  Think of it like not having food in the house when you want to lose weight.

At first it's hard, but over time it becomes easier because "you"  AND your environment has synced up to optimize  your goal. Every goal is both the result you want AND the environmental factors surrounding you when you get it. If you reach a goal and your environment isn't synced up to support keeping things that way- you'll reach your goal but it won't "stick".

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Money Bag



If I Did Win The Lottery This Would Be The Article I'd Write


To Put This Into Perspective: This article began it's life with the title "How I Spent My 54 Million
Dollar Lottery Winnings". It was launched on HubPages 5 years ago to see if the headline would attract more visitors. It became my order to the universe to win the lottery. By the time it was launched it was now a true story of how I tried to win the lottery through pure wishing, action, and patience. I wanted to prove the law of attraction works so I spent 20 years trying to make something happen.

In the end I didn't win millions but I did win an incredible lottery winning that was more powerful than money. Many thought this was a real story of how I spend the money- but by about half way in they said they figured it out but were inspired by the story. I bring it to you here without the alarming title (I doubt wizzley would let me publish it with just that tile. The story is updated for 2012 (just adding notes of hind sight) but is in 98% of it's original condition. Thank you for reading!

In this article I am going to tell you a true story about what happened to me, and throughout the story is some (obvious to spot) fiction. You won't be duped though- I think you'll see where I'm going when you finish it. It's a fun read many have told me. I wrote this on Hubpages as a joke and to test the power of a good headliner (was: "How I Spent My 54 Million Dollar Lottery Winnings") and it turned out to be VERY popular!

This story here is the exact story I used to tell my friends as a way to pull it down from the universe (without as much detail of course) - I figured if I told people enough times and in enough different ways, it would come true. Nobody really believed I won, but they always liked the story!

That was the other reason I wrote this down. The 34th year passed and the millions weren't mine, but there was so much more wealth that came of that one event when I was 18 (37 now)! Wealth is truly relative and if feeling like you won the lottery for a fortune can happen at 150.00 (believe me it does for MANY) (perceptively/relatively) then THAT IS the same thing.

(this was written in 2008, roughly at 33 years of age)... I hope my story enlightens you and inspires hope... The ONLY thing that is fiction here is the actual winning of the lottery- but this is a chicken noodle soup for the soul type of story about a journey that started from a single perceptively minuscule seed ...

During a time when "my whole life was a flood"


It all started when I was 18 and attended a grade school fundraiser fair


When I was 18 years old I went to a grade school fundraiser fair where their was a psychic giving tarot readings for a quarter. I thought it would be fun to get my reading done and although she said it was just for fun, everything she said came true.

I was pretty impressed by this but didn't realize it until about a year later when everything she said played out. The question I asked was will me and my current girlfriend Dawn get married soon. We were having troubles financially and getting along but we loved each other.

She said with a worried look on her face that it doesn't look good, but reassured us that if we worked at it, it may still happen. (We kind of chuckled because we thought we'd be together forever but we also worried because everything she told us was true, the difficulties, the friction etc...)

We wanted to change the subject and walk away with some good news so I ponied up another quarter and asked her a fresh question. Little did I know at the time that it would change the course of my life drastically over the next 16 years! (so far this is all TRUE other than actually winning the lottery)...

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I shuffled the Tarot cards and handed them back to her and she spread the cards out in the Celtic cross (pronounced Kel-tick) formation. She smiled and said this looks promising.

Excited I asked her what she saw. She said it looks like you are destined for a great deal of wealth and from what she could see it looked like it was going to happen somewhere in my thirties.

She said it would probably come in a windfall and pointed at the abundance card the wheel of fortune card and one other card I can't remember, I believe it was the card where this guy was giving what looked like two homeless people money (generosity?).

I was like, wow that's cool... and I could see myself as a philanthropist, as I was always more concerned with helping others than having a lot of money to blow on myself. I've always thought it more enjoyable to watch people come out of what they thought was a hopeless situation and into a position where they could see the silver lining. I had always saw myself helping people because I enjoy watching people become happy.

I tend to get excited pretty easily and it's mainly just because I have a lot of passion, but I started to talk about all the things I could do with the money and how I could help start places where people could get funding to accomplish their dreams and so on.. I went off basically in an excited stooper :)


She saw how serious my expression got and said...

"This is just for fun I think your taking this reading way too seriously", then she said she wasn't even a psychic she was just someone who read a book and learned how to interpret the cards, and that this was just for charity to help the school.


She could have fooled me I mean she had the whole madam crystal ball look going and in a tent :) I was a bit nieve at 18 but I wasn't gullible I just enjoyed the positive flow of thoughts that this all provoked.

I always believed that if you truly believe something with all your heart and focus, take action and go for it, it will happen eventually- I think this concept came about in the early days of Sunday school. I remember thinking that I could walk on water if I just practiced believing it! 

I loved wishful thinking and didn't believe anything was impossible just unlearned abilities.

As much as I tried to believe her I was very inspired by this information. I learned that how you think, what you think about becomes your reality (what you believe becomes what you achieve because you set up your dominoes based on what you believe) if you make it real in your mind.

I decided to make this my destiny and started to boast to my family and friends about the psychic and her prediction. I truly believed I'd win the lottery... but I won something better.

3 years later when me and Dawn broke up after I enlisted in the Air force.  I told my family and friends that this just shows it will happen (and it reinforced my own belief in it too!). I figured if the first prediction was absolutely true the second was right behind it- I just needed to find the breadcrumbs!

I also thought that even if it wasn't true and my belief in what she said made it true, made it happen, that was still a powerful motivator that we actually do control our destiny and I could be rich if I wanted to be, just by believing, talking to others enough would reinforce it. 

I don't think you have to be a skilled psychic to use tarot cards and years later I learned how to read them myself, realizing they are pretty powerful.


Psychic Network


A Year Later Another Psychic Made A Similar And Related Prediction...

Psychic phone

When I was 19 years old I called a psychic on the psychic friends network (I know but I saw one too many commercials and thought I'd call for fun) and the psychic made some fascinating predictions that at the time I thought were just a bunch of hooey.

That call cost me about $20.00 for a 3-6 minute call (Dawn was not pleased with the phone bill..).

What the phone psychic told me was to ask her some questions and she could answer them, (I could hear her shuffling cards).

I remember thinking about how the call was costing like 4.99 a minute so I had to hurry, my first question was again, will me and Dawn get married. The psychic after a short pause to deal some cards said:

"It's not in the cards (which I now realize she meant literally not actually), I see a lot of friction and a very unlikely chance that this relationship will last much longer".

I didn't like hearing this but based on current circumstances I couldn't see it lasting long either... I mean an Aries and a Capricorn? forgettaboutit.

I realized that she just figured that out because after all if our relationship was a sure thing for marriage why would I even ask? 

I asked her next what kind of work I would be doing ten years from now. She gave me an answer that made me think but again I thought she was full of it- none the less. She said "I see you working with your hands".

Puzzled I said, "working with my hands? like how, I don't understand". She said it seems like you will be doing something using your mind and hands, not like labor but like typing, or an author, I see you typing" I thought about this a second and thought, what the hell? I don't even like to write!

This woman said I'd make my living with my hands and she sees a keyboard. At the time there was barely a home PC in existence (other than Apple's Mac and no internet) so this gave me no real leads that made sense.

When I started writing for money it all came true! Did the phone psychic plant a seed like on the movie Inception (2012)? Possibly. It would take 10 years for that to happen though. But just thinking about that reading so much pushed those thoughts in my head to flourish and evolve. I never even thought about writing at all until that day. For many years later I thought about writing a book. I figured if she was on about the other stuff writing a book would mean a windfall publishing- perhaps.


Final Question?


Is that your final question?


I shrugged this off and then asked her one final question out of curiosity. "Will I be rich in the next 10 years?" Again she shuffled and dealt the cards and their was a long pause, probably about 10 seconds but to me it lasted much longer.. I was biting my nails at this point...

She said "I see wealth and abundance in your future yes, it seems that you will have some kind of a windfall, an inheritance or some kind of a contract" I smiled but wasn't clear what she meant by contract..

she said she wasn't sure but it seemed like I would either win the money in the lottery or I'd have it given to me in the form of some sort of a legal inheritance... that the contract card, wheel of fortune card (cycles), and some other card was drawn which to me meant nothing as I never even knew what any tarot cards meant anyway. Silly me thought the woman was psychic.

She then consolidated the reading for me and said that maybe I will write an amazing book and get a writing contract for a lot of money, the book I write may bring in so much money it will feel like free money... she then asked if I wanted to know anything else and at that point my mind was blank, and I thought about how long the call was going and said no thank you and hung up.

I sat and pondered everything, even wrote it down and when my girlfriend came home I told her about the call, I thought she'd be more upset but although she was irritated, she was also curious as she said she thought about calling them. I told her what the psychic said and we talked about it, but came to the conclusion that it was a bunch of BS. I never let this coincidence go though- I couldn't! Maybe this was the two people that lead my mind down the path of thinking about becoming a writer? The things my mind conjured up more than 20 years later baffled me.




That was then and this is now...


So that ironically jump started my thinking about writing books for a living. I thought what could it hurt? I fancied myself an author for years and started learning how to type faster and more accurately.  By the time I was 23 I had become proficient on the computer and wrote a lot of books that were never finished, but fascinating to read none the less. I liked to write non fiction so the stories weren't working. Ironically this article IS A STORY (A mostly true story).

I had discovered this writing thing for me was a fun outlet and over the years honed it into what it is today. I didn't think this would make me rich and in fact abandoned the idea that this would be my doorway into wealth.

The irony of what the psychic said coming true regardless of if she fed me the ambition or if it just happened to be my destiny, I did find myself eventually making a living 10 years later as a writer and to me working 100% online is a windfall one that uses my hands and mind!

I don't write books (unless you consider 3k word articles books), but I do write for a living and love it! I do have a book coming up (it's actually a consolidation of all the other books I'd written over the years about human potential. The book is called "The Luck Source"... so who knows right?

An interesting segway happened here actually, call it a thread that ties everything together from that moment to today. One that will tie every lesson I've learned before that day and many more I learned after, and as a result of, that day. One day can change your life, even if you don't realize it's happening!


Luck Source Book


The Luck Source

The Title Says It All

I didn't realize it until years later, but the book I have been working on for 20 years didn't even get started until 2009. I built a site/page for it to motivate myself to finish it (link above). I had been writing it since 1993-4 till still writing it today.

Although it had no real form back then, the things I wrote down would evolve into more things, and more things, until one day I had a hard drive full of half started/finished books (I say finished because often I wrote endings without beginnings!) that all had a common thread but that were about different things.

The books were always about human potential and lessons I learned turned into stories that taught through entertaining story telling. In 2007 (oct) I joined hubpages and continued my "therapy" by doing a lot of research on psychology concepts I'd learned long before, and writing about what I found from my perspective.

That turned into over 300 articles that also lead into part of what's in this book. In writing, you see, I've extracted the plant from the seed- I've pulled it out like a magician with the never ending colored scarves, and like a kleenex box, it keeps coming out, all leaves, fruit, and branches- I have yet to see the trunk, but there is so much here! Each pull is like an article I wrote or a site I built, or something that takes me to my goal (happiness, security, wealth, but above all fun and learning always).

In 2009 I was thinking about this article here and started to realize the common thread of all my work 1993-2009 was actually not several books- it was ONE. The reason I never could finish some or start others is that they weren't actually either- but part of a synergy of ideas that culminated in how to live on purpose, how to regain your power, and how "luck" can have everything to do with it. Not magical luck but the opportunity met with action brand.

In 2010 somewhere, I had evolved these books into a fully built TOC for the book. It had become one book, but the data needs moving and translating into one thread. The TOC took me a year to build and in 2011 I had completed the formatting of the book. The book is in pieces and books and has a structure so we're half way there!

The cool thing I realized was that looking at the TOC I can literally see my own evolution into who I am today, rather how I got there!

I make my own luck and know the "source code" of how it's done. I keep feeling there are things I need to learn/experience still before I can actually push the books content into the framework. Something is stopping me from doing it even though I'm ambitious to do it!


The Journey Keeps Going!


I realized in 2012 that there was a real reason for this "writers block"- and it's that although I have the information- a few pieces lay in need of evolution through experience. In other words I need to experience something and learn from it and then it will come out. I'm already seeing my experience add to the book since 2009, so if it takes another 3 years to complete the journey needed to write it- so be it. What's funny is this is literally "my life's work" and I didn't even know I started it- with lots of questions over the years...

The point of this book's magic based on that day is that this one day started a snowball reaction that led me to all points in that books TOC, but had something not triggered "the writer or philosopher" in me who knows where I'd be today?

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I started blogging and have written over 4,000 articles (for pay and for investment) articles and have work all over the web earning me money. This completes the prediction that I'd be a wealthy writer in a windfall type event somewhere in my early thirties. The windfall was more of a working windfall- but the job I got was and still to this day is, an amazing opportunity that has spawned both resources and powerful awareness's that serve me to this day.  

To date everything both psychics said would happen has happened; I didn't win millions but I've won the lottery more than 50 times since that day. I've won as much as $150.00 in scratchers and several hundred 2.00 winners... wealthy from the lottery? Not yet, but I'm starting to realize more and more that winning the money is too easy- and having that much money would not be good for my career path (which I happen to love). Money would be fun and easy but it would likely corrupt me at this point. I'd stop doing what I'm doing that is "work" if I had millions thus it would hinder my ability to make my mark in the world. I still need to mature in the realm of wealth too, for too much too soon can crush you under your own finances!

  • Me and dawn broke up for good when I was 21 years old
  • Within ten years I would be working with my hands and mind "typing"
  • I'd won what felt like windfalls in the lottery- not millions (she never said millions to be clear, she said a lot of money- and when I won 150.00 on one scratcher to me at the time, this was a lot of money- so there you go!) but enough- I felt I would win 54 million later in life and still may!
  • The 54 million dollar number I made up a year after the psychics... I needed to put a number on it to quantify it for the universe.


Believe It


If You Believe It You Can Achieve It

Phase II: Keeping The Dream/Visualization Going/Alive

Since I was 18 I have been telling my friends the story of how the psychic said I would win the lottery before my 34th birthday. Over the years I added to it and made up my own lucid version of this "tale" so that it would happen the way I told it.

I truly believed that if I kept the story alive told people with conviction and believed it with all my heart and soul that I would be in essence asking the universe to make it happen. The funny thing is over the years I started to believe it so much that I almost forgot which parts of the story were elaborated and which parts were what the psychics actually said.

I went above and beyond this by actually trying to convince myself every day that I am wealthy and that I'm just working in the trenches to maintain my gusto. I believe if you want something you have to put yourself in the future and believe its already happening.

This way you do things based on the desired future and the universe will move the rest into place to match up with your ideals. My little brother does this, he was wearing expensive suits and driving nice cars long before he was doing as well as he is today. I watched him mimic the lifestyle he always wanted for so long (making fun of him for living beyond his means to a ridiculous degree) but I'm not laughing anymore since I watched his world sync up with his personal goals.

It's like he put on the clothes, and NLP trained himself to a degree where he truly believed he was there and all of a sudden he was, no longer was he pretending, he was actually there. He was evoking principals taught by Anthony Robbins, The Secret DVD, What The Bleep Do We Know, Dress for Success, Think And Grow Rich and many others (that I've also read and put into play after seeing him do it).

Somewhere In Time

A movie called "Somewhere in time" with Christopher reeves shows this concept all too well and although his time travel experiment was not realistic the concept is very real and works as well (I saw Jay do it!).

In fact athletes use this in a format called mental rehearsal where by they actually practice succeeding in their mind while meditating and when they get out there their mind has built the habit and they succeed. The mind doesn't know the difference between mental action and actual action, to it its the same thing. This is why watching a scary movie makes you jump, your mind thinks its happening to you, its called mirroring neurons (look it up/Google it). This is also why commercials use "I" and "Me" a lot in their advertising where they want you to feel like they are talking to you. When you hear "me" your brain thinks what's being said is about you- to some slight degree. Enough repetitions and your buying whatever it is.


The latest story went like this:


The irony of this story is that for years my lifestyle had been upgrading consistently as I continued to tell the story and prepare myself to meet my destiny. I stopped telling the story verbally- I now just point them to this page to read the legacy as you just have. Just having the page on HP for almost 5 years brought amazing responses and even pushed me into certain directions, meeting new people- and yes there is always a bunch of nuts out there who comment about their hard luck story and think I'm just going to send them money even if I did win. There were 20 of those over the years. (they obviously didn't read the post just the title "How I Spent My 54 Million Dollars". I even had investors contacting me! I can see the power now in just those events.

Mysterious Forces


It Seems Destiny Has Some Mysterious Forces...


Well it seems that all of this has been an amazing journey and I don't know to this day if those psychics were telling me what I wanted to hear or if they truly saw my destiny, but now it's all happened just the way they hinted to, although not literally- the "wealth", the work, it all happened and I made it happen- the readings were just idea provokers, seeds, if you will. Chasing a bigger dream makes smaller dreams so much easier to achieve. 

As my 34th birthday was getting closer I was spending a lot of time pondering this money. It was about to happen and I was convinced of it. I even started planning my life around this event. I bought a lottery ticket every day until the day I turned 34.

When I saw the jackpot was at 54 Million dollars and some change this only reinforced my ambition and excitement.. could it be? I thought as I bought my tickets. I had even saved up for years to buy an enormous amount of tickets to increase my chances of hitting it.

I knew when the jackpot hit 54 million or higher this was my sign to drop the entire savings into tickets. I had amassed over 300.00 for tickets (pennies, nickles, etc... saved in lots of water bottles (the big ones that go on water coolers) and I had a deep intuitive feeling that today (being January 12, 2009) was the day and with that I went in to get my tickets. I did take some time with my family to come up with numbers to play. Here's where it gets interesting.


Generating The Lucky Numbers


First I asked all of my friends and family to give me their numbers. I would buy them a ticket and myself a ticket for those numbers they supplied so if they hit we both won. I then played my special set of numbers which I figured would be the winning set. It came to me in a dream one day and I never could get it out of my head.

In the dream the number 23 which by the way had been following me for several years always positive had me asking constantly what it meant.

Was the universe trying to tell me something? Then one day I had this dream that I played the number 23 and won the lottery. I just knew this was the answer to the 23 stalkings :)

In my dream when I looked at the numbers (which were a quick pick!) the numbers I played were all derived from 23:

2, 3, 5, 10, 20, Mega number 23

When looking at the numbers on the ticket I realized that the mega number was 23 and that the other 5 were created in line using 23 as the base starting point, in fact this is how I remembered the numbers when I woke up, I just had to remember how the addition went and it was very simple:

Start at 2,3 (base number) then add those together 2+3 = 5 then add all of those together

2+3+5=10 then 2+3+5+10= 20 giving us the first 5 numbers and the mega:

2, 3, 5, 10, 20, Mega 23!

When I bought my tickets I used all the accumulated sets of numbers from family and friends, and I bought one from the above set of numbers.

This left me with about 250 tickets left and for all of those I decided to cover my "destiny" bases and do quick picks.

I figured if my numbers or my family or friends numbers weren't the ones that would win then I'd leave it in destiny's hands to pick the winning set!

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Persevering pays off- Literally!


In all the time I bought tickets I always got quick picks "just in case" and along the way those were all generating 1.00 tickets but no winnings. I started to lose hope but kept buying my tickets anyway. Some days I had to do some tricky maneuvering to get the dollar to buy the ticket. I went so far as to recycle cans and bottles to generate the money!

It is pretty disheartening however to go through that only to see none of your numbers hit. This I think was the universes way of testing my resolve. I was tenacious!

One month I was so broke because I was behind on all my bills, things were getting pretty bad financially but I always justified buying that dam ticket! Then I ran into a month when I couldn't. I was completely broke and just didn't have the strength to hustle for that dollar. I had given up, thinking I'll just pick it up when I do get some money.

I worried that my numbers would hit though and sat thinking about this a lot. I needed some air so I went to the mailbox about a block away to walk off the stress I was going through because this would be the first week in my entire goal that I didn't buy a ticket.

I remember walking to the mailbox praying, and I'm not a religious man, but I looked up and said "God, please give me a way to get just one frikken dollar, please!" then I arrived at my mailbox and got the mail. I found a piece of mail from Google, and thought what's this?

When I opened it it was my first Google Adsense check ever for 102.00!!!

My heart sank then exploded as the adrenalin jumpstarted my blood again, YES! I yelled as I jumped up and down. I ran home got in my car and went to cash the check, then bought my lottery tickets. I bought about 20 tickets that day. Whew, I thought... thank god I wrote all those hubs! This was money derived 100% from HubPages adsense (the only place I had adsense code at the time).

I didn't win a fortune but in a plight of irony, I bought enough tickets over the past 5 years and won enough from those tickets that did win, to cover the entire expense of playing. In other words I made enough winnings to break even- and the final day, I didn't even come close. It was the next several years that opened my mind to what I really DID win- and it was more valuable than money.

I had never been in as much shock as I was that night, I didn't even believe it, It thought oh I get it, now I wake up right? (I had many dreams like this and even in my dreams I caught myself saying this and every time I actually did wake up and thought how cruel is that?!)


Never Stop Dreaming. Life Is Dream Manifested



Before I go I want to say that the moral of this article is that we are powerful beings, we can manifest ANYTHING we can imagine. If you don't sit around thinking in minute detail about what you truly want, you won't make it happen. If you want to be wealthy some day you have to define EXACTLY what being wealthy is, not just money but how you would live, who you'd help etc..

You don't first make the money then plan how to spend it, you plan how to spend it as if you had it already, then hold that focus in the minds eye as vibrantly as you can and the universe will reorganize your world to provide a fertile ground to make your dream a reality. It doesn't know its just a dream, it thinks these are its orders. I think of thinking like a TV that's always on- broadcasting what's coming into the brain externally through your actions- micro-actions and macro ones.The "programming" your "running" will determine your actions and even your reactions so make your program a hit!

You dream it, then you utilize the furnished opportunities. There are no free lunches.

The real trick to reaching your goals is not to pray for the resource (money, love, sex etc..) but for what you really want, and let the universe show you the quickest route to it.. for me I believe money is the quickest resource for my goals but I trust that if it's not the universe will facilitate it none the less in another way (which is fine by me, I'm not motivated by money, but results).

Good Luck!

Comments are appreciated and enjoyed :) 



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mistyhorizon2003 4 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)Level 7 Commenter

Thought provoking Hub, and I for one truly hope you do win it, as clearly you would use it for unselfish causes. I doubt I will ever be rich, as I tend to be over generous with any money I get simply because it feels good to see the looks on people's faces when you get them that extra special gift or give them a special treat they weren't expecting.

ToddieM profile image

ToddieM 4 years ago from Diamond Bar, CA

I was so thinking all throughout the Hub that this dude didn't win 54 million dollars. Especially the bit about "I forgot my camera."

While I do believe in manifesting via thought, I believe it's mainly for things you have a locus of control over.

Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 4 years ago from Bend, Oregon

We have control over everyting in our universe, it doesn't have to make rational sense to be within our control, but we do have to believe we can access it before we can take steps towards it.. see my hub called be careful waht you wish for

as for "I was thinking this dude didnt win..." the truth is when you win that kind of money (actually win) writing a hub about it is like saying, come stalk me! so when I win, I will unpublish this hub hehe, but not delete it)

Misty, thank you!

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 4 years ago from Southern California, USALevel 6 Commenter

I believe in positive thought, but we do not have control over everything. Sometimes it is fun to see what will happen too. Just my two sense.

RicarteRiveradotcom 4 years ago

It worked to get calls from Oprah producers. It was actually extremely easy. First I chose my favorite superstar product. Then I googled how to be on Oprah and invested in an audio course. Then was beginning to do the 8 steps to get called by Oprah and on step 3 a Harpo Productions researcher from Chicago calls me next day at 6:58AM.

If this could happen to me ANYTHING is really possible. ;-)

marketingcoach profile image

marketingcoach 4 years ago from Georgia


I really enjoyed the hub. I recalled another hub you wrote saying you were going to win the lottery. I thought 'Well I guess he did it".

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 4 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Creative of you to write a hub about your future win in the present tense. I too am generous with money as I have been on the receiving end of generosity when I needed it.

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 4 years ago from AustraliaLevel 3 Commenter

Great story Jerrico, really hope it works for you? The only prob with the athletes analogy is that in a race there are 8? runners. If they all do the thought process thing there is only one winner? So a 1 in 8 chance of failure.

I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking .

think poor - be poor?

Although a bit of hard work also helps.

Great writing.


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 4 years ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

Work not only helps it's required. Who ever said that positive thinking alone makes things manifest *wink* The laws of manifestation include at least three major things: Thought (wish), action (networking resources to bring about the physical manifestation), and cause/effect relationship must be respected. True manifestation doesn't require you to (in fact it prefers that you don't) know the exact path to recieving what you want, your supposed to make the wish, then leave it to the universe to organize your resources, the next step is to pay attention to opportunities that come and use them to (in a rat maze analogy) get to the cheeze! No work means you had every opportunity but you said "pass".

To manifest anything in this third demensional plane (our existence here) you must follow the rules of the plane, maybe if you lived in astral space you could just think it into existence but here things don't work quite that way, but thinking is the first and most important step to get the ball rolling. 

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 4 years ago from Southern California, USALevel 6 Commenter

There is more than one kind of success in this world. I have oddles and buckets of success and happiness, and money cannot buy this. Also, I know where to get more of it, and it is not something wealthy people clamor for either. However, I appreciate your point of view and style, I guess as for me I just have to do things differently.


agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 4 years ago from AustraliaLevel 3 Commenter

Beautifully said Sweetiepie, success is not a measure of your material gatherings in life, but how happy you are within the life that you lead.


entertaininstyle profile image

entertaininstyle 3 years ago from Southern California

I agree, as long as you put it out there, it will happen to you. But when you go buy your ticket, make sure you buy it in Nebraska, so someplace in the middle of nowhere because that is where everyone lives that wins!

Nikol S 3 years ago

You and I are on the same wavelength  to a scary degree. I hope you win because you will do almost everything I would do. I hope I win too, but I have learned it is best to wish more for others what you want for yourself and your vision is so similar to mine =) You have a beautiful plan and I pray that it works out! Keep visualizing, my friend.

Joceeco 3 years ago

This was a great story. I could have written this, because I have lived my life believing that I too, will receive all that I desire if my desire for the things that I want will make life better for those people, who are less fortunate that I am. I have always worked hard and I have never been without a job since I was 14 years old (I am now 43).

Ginger Martin 3 years ago

I can not believe how many things we have in common. The positive thinking and acting as if, planning and dreaming on how I will spend the money. I also have had a dream of helping others. I do have a business plan and spend all my time doing outreach and promoting the potability of that dream MO/PEACE. I volunteer at a food bank each Saturday morning at 5:30 am to add to the food stamps that never seem enough.

I was working at a faith based nonprofit doing outreach with women living on the street untill I was laid off on January 12 of this year due to the economy. I still do volunteer work going into the jails cause that could of been me untill I got clean 23 years ago. I was crying when I read your story cause the number 23 came up. I do buy a ticket when I can because I believe that someday things will turn around for me. I have someone in my life who has done more than her share paying more than half the rent and bills to keep us afloat risking her credit just to keep us afloat so I know how it is to want to and plan to be a person of my word and pay her and those with so much kindness back some day.

I was just Googling to try and find someone who was doing something good with their money and after many pages of research I came upon your story and this page. Bless you for giving me hope... MO/PEACE is about peaceful solutions to conflict. My mother died from Domestic Violence and I dedicated this dream to her two years ago. I made $500 in donations at the dedication not quite enough to invest in the business but enough to keep me believing... Bless you and thanks

pokerpro 3 years ago

I think life is a beautiful thing and it is true. If you can dream and see it , you will get it. I play professional poker and all i would do everyday is think of how i would win my next big game,since i was a little kid and all i do is win now. Remember if everyone helps each other out togther we will all grow together and help people that need help and give people a home and food on their table for their familyies. Together  as brothers and sisters we can change the world and make it a better place and overcome evil. your friend


Tim Blackstone profile image

Tim Blackstone 3 years ago

So did you win? How does it feel?

I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking but the idea that things just happen because you think it... Not so convinced on that one, but there will always be someone who can say that they thought something and it happened. Sadly there will be a lot more people who thought things and it didn't happen but it's good to have hopes and dreams so who knows. Fascinating hub. Maybe your google check will be a few million this month :o)

Maria C Robles 3 years ago

I believe in the power of positive thinking but when you surround of negatively will set you back.

KJNCHRIS 3 years ago

Great Blog, I too have visions of winning the lottery. Using the LOA, NLP, Subliminal Programming, etc.... I already have plans to use the money, as a tool to help others with their dreams, goals, desires, etc... ADD ME TO YOUR LIST WHEN YOU WIN!!!! NOTICE I SAID WHEN NOT "IF". WHATEVER THE MIND CAN BELIEVE IT CAN ACHIEVE. THOUGHT ENERGY TRANSFORMS INTO MATERIAL OBJECTS. IE.... FERRARI CAR SOMEONE THOUGHT IT FIRST THEN MATERIALIZED THEIR THOUGHT INTO A PURE PHYSICAL MATERIAL.

francine armstrong 2 years ago

This story was a very good read and exactly what I believe in. So it's Saturday night in texas and I on my way to get my lotto ticket.

Good luck to you and see you at the top

janiek13 profile image

janiek13 2 years ago from Florida's Space CoastLevel 2 Commenter

Great Hub! You made me smile and I needed that. I hope you win and do all the wonderful things you have planned!



2 years ago

I believe there is nothing more powerful than the dreams we have. Visualizing the end result of what we want to create means we realize that we are the director of our life play, and are not going to play victim to other's perceptions of us or our lives. I was in Seattle last night to hear Mike Dooley speak about his new book, Infinite Possibilities. I highly recommend it.


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 2 years ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

We should also keep in mind that sometimes the dreams we have and that we work so hard to believe in, may not be the actual dream we need or end up with. The journey to one thing could unleash something else, sorta push you towards what you really want, so if you don't get what you think you want, keep your eyes open because the universe knows what you REALLY want, and money isn't always it....


CoachB profile image

CoachB 2 years ago from Blaine, WA

Absolutely! Money is simply a vehicle, to me, for making a difference in people's lives. I took a year long journey across America in 2005-06 to engage hearts and minds, create authentic connections, and transcend differences that separate us. We visualized it happening...even when we didn't know how it would be possible. When we committed and began to tell our friends we were doing this, the universe stepped up to support us, with a couple we met at a ferry offering us a 13 foot trailer to travel in and another couple offering a suburban to pull the trailer. Dreams help us to know we are alive!

Lose Belly Fat Fast 2 years ago

I believe in the power of visualization, it has worked wonders for me in the past, but you can't be a slacker, imagine yourself on an island and think that it's gonna happen all by itself. You need to work hard too!


openwater diver profile image

openwater diver 2 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

Jerrico, amazing how many friends you have after something positive happens like that. I liked the article, written well, funny, informative. Also shows compassion for others, hope you continue on your path in journey of life. Karma is stronger than realize, pass it forward too. Never been rich, but wealth comes in many forms ie. health, family, true friends... Good luck

Leó 2 years ago

this is some good shit, I was practicly glued to the screen.

Everything you say about positive thinking and such I have discovered through reading the book "Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill. I know there are many books out there like this but I felt that this was almost the exact same.

Great story, really inspiring.

Michele  2 years ago

Jesus said (paraphrased) What I can do you can do and more. Thank you for your amazing story. I play the lottery because I am an underemployed massage therapist in Los Angeles and have been looking for a full-time office job for four years. I pray hard to win hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. I think some of my blocks are that it is a "sin" to gamble, the odds of winning are very, very slim, I have never been lucky and I am sure I have more blocks including the fact that I am DESPERATE. Your article is VERY INSPIRING and AMAZING. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

ruth 2 years ago

You and my husband would get along great! He is always telling people he is going to win the lottery. I believe you need to be thankful for what you have and welcome any prosperity or wealth the universe would like to pass your way Good Luck with yours. You definely have the right plan for when you do win.

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 2 years ago from small college town in the Midwest

that is an interesting makes me think of the time I had on my profiles something about "writing it down and making it happen"...let's see if it works...I think someday you may be able to walk on water.

tru wight 2 years ago

walk on water and swim in sand. You my new friend are filthy rich from your lotto winnings... good job, it is nice to notice that other people believe exactly as me. I too am wealthy yet my millions came from my artworks and the love of the universe. so mote it be. KEEP IN TOUCH. 720-436-1839 call me some time.

love to pass it on. tru

Faithful 2 years ago

Send me some money when you win your $54 million!

my life dream 2 years ago

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

Fran Armstrong 2 years ago

Whoa .... great story ... I was so there with you. Your dreams are manifesting as we speak (err .. read). Keep up the great work!

RoMaNa 24 months ago

Love it! I cant wait for the party, maybe you can come to mine too haha! Yes all of you! :)


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 24 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

Sadly this was 2 years ago and I did not win the lottery. But the wealth I have recieved is love, fun life, and a better direction. I wrote this for fun, I spent 10 years trying to envision winning but it hasn't yet worked :) I'm getting emails from people who think I won and want money lol... I left this up though because it's entertaining and still gets great comments!

Massimiliano 24 months ago

We have to power to think stuff into being by virtue of the exercise of concentration and determination; this wonderful story illustrates well how we can do it!

Silva Hayes profile image

Silva Hayes 23 months ago from Spicewood, TexasLevel 4 Commenter

Very entertaining; I am sending positive thoughts your way and hope you win!

Steve 23 months ago

Great story!! keep playing, focus on the happening, and less on the not happening aspect of it. Joy is the key!!

Ludivine profile image

Ludivine 18 months ago

Incredible story and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

Jeffery 17 months ago

Most people who win it in my home state ,which is quite common contact a trust company to collect the winnings leaving the actual winner(s) anonymous which IS the smart thing to do, also most banks are insured up to $250,000.00 meaning that you can have your winning funds in that one bank just allocated in various separate accounts up to $200,000 or $250,000.

Dan 16 months ago

Do you want it, or does the universe want it? Im sure alot of the people who want to be honest on this board would agree that when you want something so badly you push it away, and i suspect this is what your doing. When you leave it to fate, and make peace with where you are in each moment, then things happen easily. Lesson for all of us in this i think....

Dont cloud your mind by manifestation. It will blind you. However if that is the thought process you fall into, that is your destiny at the same time. Our current state is just a series of cause and effect, and so do you really have control over what your thinking right now? or is it just the workings of what has come before? You will always do what it is in your nature to do. So live your life according to your nature, there is no other way. Smile.

Simple question: if you flipped a coin in 2 parallel universes (hence being exactly the same up until point of flick), will there be a different result? i.e. does random exist, or is it just an illusion of our limited understanding?


Dan 16 months ago

If you think your the mastermind of your thoughts...conjour up immortality, or maybe defy the universal system? :)

If you want to understand whats truly going on, look to the greatest spiritualists and physicists of history and today. Look to the similarities in all human knowledge of this subject, and in that you'll find the truth. What is this realm of peace, bliss and timelessness that the great mystics of buddhism, hinduism, yoga, and islam tap into, sharing the common experience? Where there is no differentiation between past present and future. Is it this realm the psyhcics see, and is it they who see? or is it through other means they see?

Now relate this to our latest understanding in theoretical physics of string theory, which is now the foremost theory of the stucture of the universe. 10 dimensions (11 in m-theory). Now are the psyhcics only tapping into the first level? whats beyond that? how can that be reached? The level of understanding we have of our universe is maybe .1%, being extremely generous.

What of the energies tapped into through various ancient martial arts techniques involving such obscure practices of 'steel' techniques etc. not allowing blade to penetrate body. What energies allow for such fetes?

Your just simply playing with the 'illusion' of manifestation. Just as we play with the illusion of 'random'.

Nancy 16 months ago

Let's party!

Nick82 profile image

Nick82 16 months ago from Northern Minnesota

Helping people is the most rewarding, god bless you, remember there is always someone up above. Good post , Thank you for helping and sharing.


moneymarketing profile image

moneymarketing 13 months ago

I believe in luck, but we can not rely solely on it! if you want to win the lottery is necessary to use certain techniques to increase the chances of successes.


Laptop2Riches profile image

Laptop2Riches 11 months ago from Stockton on Tees, UK

I would agree that utilizing your good fortune to benefit others, while also enjoying the benefits yourself, is the correct thing to do. I will do similarly when my turn comes along. Well done and thank you for your honesty in sharing this with others. To beyond the impossible... Best regards, Paul

Cherster 10 months ago

Loved this. Was looking up lottery articles to see if other people use their winnings as seeds to help others-which is what I plan on doing when I win :) I totally BOUGHT that you had already won. I appreciate your spiritual approach to life and especially concerning this topic. Thanks for writing!


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 10 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

yea I bought it too but it didn't happen. I came to find out later in my widsom growth that winning the lottery would have been a problem back then as I was "starving" for money. Starving means I'd of spent it emotionally- granted I'd of helped many but I may have also drawn unwanted attention too which would have detered my lifes mission- everything has a time and place- it's not that I didn't deserve it or will it into existence but my "lottery winnings" turned out to be the connections I've made since writing that hub that are proving far more lucritive to me right now. I'd love to win the lottery but ONLY if I'm prepared to handle the responsibility and can better will my focus to the same degree Steve Jobs did when he said he never wanted to let the money change him- he lived in the same house in a normal neighborhood, not a mansion- until he died you could have pulled your car into his driveway! (read the book Steve Jobs the authorized biography, it's brilliant!).

Thanks for commenting! Keep hope alive lol

Kulbir Singh 9 months ago

If you buying lottery ticket, you are contributing towards making several millionaires. And hopefully, if atleast one of these winners follow, what you have written, then your dream will come true. Al least, I will follow, in case.....

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 9 months ago from Southern CaliforniaLevel 3 Commenter

This is great, I kinda knew it was just a story, but it kept me entertained the whole time I was reading. I was reading with bated breath, until close to the end. What a way to keep the reader hooked. I voted this up, and awesome, and "very" interesting!

adam maxwell 8 months ago

i believe that an individual can have their own possible explanation even if against all odds for all things. "there are three sides to every story," depending on how many story tellers are telling the same story can be more than just three sides, fact is there is only one truth and it is what it is you cannot change, alter, deny or not accept the truth, the truth is not even in the hands of God or in his control although god is the only one who knows the whole truth. the truth exists whether or not a higher power exists. truth speaks for its self

Levi Hawkins 7 months ago

I am inspired by people like you! I live my life exactly the same way. I look at a bigger perspective of life and its resources. I am actually starting a web based business. I would love for the opportunity to work with you. I have a really good idea and not only is it designed to generate an income. It gives back to others and will provide others with jobs. Somewhat like what you have built and done, just on a much smaller scale! I would love for you to contact me someway. You would inspire not only me and my co-owner, but many people we are working with that are college students trying to get a foot in the door and to do things right. Which is help others and to believe in a better planet. Humans united will be a happy happy day.

CarrieQ 7 months ago

Beautiful story..I very much enjoyed..and believe..if you believe then so do I, I am one that never realized that the power of visualization is's happened with my life but not with money...Keep your will come to light, then you can help me with my dream..a business venture, which I will tell you about when you've won!!!

Landfairy 7 months ago

These comments all sound like excerpts from the famous book, "the secret"..... I believe in manifestation as well and have a vision board as my screen saver on my computer. Vision boards help, I've already removed two things I've accomplished on tbe board!

Eleanor Rose Lamb 7 months ago

Hell of a story,

I cannot help but get emotional when I realize the strength of positive thinking. I am going to start making some changes in my life, and take off my dog collar and finally live!

Thank you.

April 7 months ago

2 3 5 10 20 and 23 mega.. hmm. Sometimes I have dreams like that or play the lotto with derivatives and am usually way off. I think that you should keep the mega 23, and try thinking hard about the other numbers (just try to get a feeling). The feelings I get when I think of your winning ticket is something like 5, 20, 21, 37, 38 mega 23. I can usually pick the lotto only being a digit off on each of my numbers so try that combo with also going up on each i.e. 6, 21, 22, 38, 39 mega 23. Just my 2 cents :-) Good Luck!


Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 7 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

I'll give it a go- I'll use the numbers base, and one up and one down (set up set down set normal: 3 sets). If I win how will I contact you to kick you down if they work? I didn't win the lottery when I wrote this (3 years ago) but I've been getting that feeling again that I should start playing- likely I'd of won had I played the numbers more :) Now I'm in Oregon (not California) but they have a simular Lotto type lottery system.. How cool would it be if I hit the 100M jackpot?

Lisa 7 months ago

I found the story very entertaining. I have also been told I would win the lottery and actually have hit 4 out of 5 numbers that I simply "pulled outta my wazoo" as my friends and family like to say. I love the making a list of people you plan to help...I often talk about that point and how hard it would be to figure out who should get help and who would be scamming so I plan on sitting down and starting my list soon.

Thank you for sharing

Real 7 months ago

Good story, and only a story. Some thinking can show its a story. If you won a $54mil lotto how would you have $54mil in the bank? If you took the lump sum youd have 51% of $54 mil so you would have less than $30mil in th bank. Sorry but you should have figured that out before typing the story.

Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 7 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

It's just a story :) I was actually trying to project by the law of attraction at the time (just finished the secret DVD lol). I didn't win but I keep trying :)

ezy20004 7 months ago

Nice story bro..I was convinced.

Jerrico Usher profile image

Jerrico Usher 6 months ago from Bend, OregonHub Author

So was I lol, it didn't happen the way I wanted to (at the time) but wealth did become mine (in a non money sense) in Many other ways that sprouted from seeds writing that hub created both in me and my actions taken. My point with the hub wasn't to decieve but rather it was an experiment in manifestation- I thought if I wrote out my entire story and really crystalized the belief in detail the hub would serve as sort of a picture board/dream board. Today it serves to get some amazing comments (and a few people emailing me as if I did win the lottery asking for money, investment capitol, etc...) so in a way I won without the money haha...

John Spivey 6 months ago

Your words have helped me begin a movement of my own. Your PAPERS have had a profound cleansing effect. It has been a positive experience that has lightened a load I have been carrying for a while now.

Clarice M. MIggs 6 months ago

I read your intuition filled story and thought "Ah, Goody"!

This is just the size and scope of the skin I want to wear. I have been waiting for some insights until I stumbled upon your message. All good things to those who wait. Being some great big fat girl all my life, I see a personal message in your story that can tickle me to act! Thank you.

Silencio Corderos 6 months ago

I like your idea of seeing a win not as the end in itself but as a means to obtaining your goals quickly (security for family, friends etc.) I can't help but think of a buddy up north. He would shower in public toilets, hanging his clothes atop the urinals. My friend definitely hung out with the wrong crowd, spending too much time with Lobo. Mosquito bites, the stink of insect repellant on him all the time (he slept outdoors most of the time). Man, he would eat sausages raw! Dude too lazy to cook them. Always showing up late. Why soooo late?? He couldn't answer that, always lost for words. If I had resources like the kind you describe, I could have helped him out of that dark place. Thanks for sharing this with us bro.


How Did This Article "Strike" You?

Have an inspirational Lottery story to share (or power of wishing and pulling the trigger) to share? We're all ears (and eyeballs).


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Jerrico_Usher on 12/13/2012


katiem2 on 12/13/2012

It was very clear upfront and honest. A motivational piece. I enjoyed it very much. In fact I related to SO much of what you wrote. BTW it was cool to see so many huber friends in the comments section. The entire process of creating hubs at HP was so different, this piece as per it's original format and content was just the sort of thing they love over there at the site that shall remain nameless. I had another thought while focusing so positively on that one thing you're intent on manifesting you give birth to so many unnoticed riches along the way. This hit me while I was stuck in traffic today after having processed this article. I do believe now this was or is a big part of your agenda with this piece, to inspire others to be inspired by themselves and all they are capable of and then some. :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 12/13/2012

I almost didn't publish this here, thinking they wouldn't let it through (in it's original form they wouldn't have- it was designed to trick you then inspire you when you realized the joke- I spent 4 hours last night rewriting it into an open story (true story) with the purpose explained not tricked... twas a lot of fun on HP, people responded positively which is great! I appreciate your commenting and reading my articles- where do you find the time???

Jerrico_Usher on 12/13/2012

thanks :) this journey isn't slowing down!

katiem2 on 12/13/2012

Congratulations on all you've accomplished and will in the future :)K

katiem2 on 12/13/2012

Nice story! I too think of all the things I can do to help others and make the world a better place if and when I win the lottery. I have the winning lottery numbers that is... Who knew both psychics would be right. It is a win fall to be able to work when you what where you want and stop or should I say pause any time during the day to do something else you need to do only to pick the work up later and finish when its convenient to you. Plus who's to say how much money you'll be generating by retirement. Most people don't have a retirement plan these days. Let me know when you finish the book of Jerrico, it sounds profound. I like the reference to you're being a philanthropist and a philosopher as you truly are both. Glad you moved this lottery winning spend thrift here with an upgrade. :)K

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