Loving Hands a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay

by jfay1995

Loving Hands a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay. It is a poem about loves gentle touch and how we are moved by love.

Loving Hands

Loving Hands a poem by Jennifer Jo Fay


I feel the depth of your touch,

your gentleness

and the promise of tomorrow

holds no bounds.

Fingers entwined and

hold me tight.

I love you for who you are.

Everyday, I embrace your warmth

that radiates from your hands.

Love holds me tight

and I snuggle in for loving caresses.

Your loving hands

tell a story of your vows.

They are softly spoken

and do not harm.

They hold keepsakes and memories.

We hold each other's hands

and know that we possess

a love so true.

You and I, dear,

are all that matters.

We will stroll through life

together, arm in arm.

We share eternity

so true.

I love you forever

in the palm of my hand.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 2011


When we love, we always hope that it is forever.  We want to know that we are loved and that it will be sacred and pure.  The depths of our emotions are like a vast cave, the infinity of the oceans waters.  As far as the baby blue sky.  We love as if we wear our hearts on our sleeves.  We are sensitive people with immediate needs.

Holding hands is a sign of affection and enduring love.  It is great for couples to express our emotions and trust in each other's love for sharing our goals and dreams.

The physical touch is a true found happiness that we love to give our hearts and souls to.

Poetry is a window into the soul and we love deeply.  A writer's need to write down thoughts of love and any other desires is a common goal.  We are always searching for new things to write about.  Life is just a stones throw away and we wake each morning to sit at our desks and write about what we love, things we know about, and anything that is going to move someone.

We want our readers to leave satisfied.  Knowing that they are going to feel something about our words.  Take it throughout their day, and wish good things towards others and humankind.

We as writers are here to put the words in place, learn as we go and try to strive for perfection.


Loving hands come in many forms and sizes, different colors.  But all are the same  in one way.  They share the touch of giving towards others.  Hands that stay with you forever.  They follow you where ever you go and are always by your side, through thick and thin.  It's yours to share with others.  Things come from holding hands.  Comfort, warmth and sometimes solitude of a quiet moment shared between two who are bound to each other in many ways.



Flowers in our hands

Jennifer Jo Fays photograph
Jennifer Jo Fays photograph
Updated: 12/04/2011, jfay1995
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DebbieBrooks on 05/04/2012

Just beautiful I .love it.. thanks for sharing

Audrey Howitt on 01/07/2012

This is lovely! I am so glad to see poetry up on this site

writer20 on 12/05/2011

Lovings hands is such a beautiful poem you have out shone yourself this is one.

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