Magic Party Supplies and Ideas

by TerriRexson

My favorite magic party supplies and ideas for hosting a magic themed kids birthday party or other event.

A magic party can be very entertaining. Kids love to be amazed and will love to learn a trick or two that they can impress their family with when they get home.

This party theme works with boys, girls and mixed groups of any age from preschoolers and little kids through to older kids and tweens.

You can choose this theme for kids for a interested in magic tricks, or for fans of Harry Potter or the Wizards of Waverly Place.

Planning a Magic Party

On this page we look at how to plan for a magic party. We'll look at magic party invitations, decorations and tableware. And share ideas for magic-themed party food and games and activities, and of course some fun party favors for the kids to take home. 

You may want to get in a professional kids party magician, or maybe you'll be learning some tricks to show the guests. Many children having a magic-themed birthday party will want to do a trick themselves to entertain their friends. 

Right, this party is going to need some guests. These party invitations will save you some time and look very good. You can fill in the details of your party and they will arrive nicely printed and customized. 

The Magical Party invitation is very stylish and great for a traditional magic party for any age child. The cute bunny in the hat is great fun too. 

Magic Party Supplies Pack

Magic Basic Party PackPulling a bunny out of a hat is a classic magic trick. In this magic-themed tableware set, the bunny is center stage. 

You can get various versions of this pack that include tableware for the right number of guests, and also matching decorations. 

And there are sets with matching prefilled favor boxes too. 

The magic bunny also appears on individual tableware items too. 

Click to see options: Magic Party Pack

Magic Birthday Box

Magic Birthday Box


The magic birthday box range of party supplies is another fun option. 

This range features square plates with a theatrical curtain and magic show. 

You can choose between a basic magic birthday box party pack and a deluxe version with lots of extras. 

And again there are lots of extra magic party supplies available. 

See: Magic Birthday Box

Optical Illusion Posters

A lot of magic relies on tricks of perception. The human brain fills in gaps and sees patterns that aren't really there. 

Optical illusions are clever visual tricks that rely on this. I love this purple concentric circles optical illusions poster. It looks very 3D, but it's just a clever effect. The purple color works very well with a magic theme and I think the cone looks like a magician's hat. 

Put this poster up on the wall at your magic party and everyone will have fun looking at it. This illusion impresses everyone from toddlers and preschoolers through to grandparents. 

Concentric Circles Optical Illusion Poster

Big Magic Props

Big magic props are a fun way to decorate for your magic-themed party. Get a deck of giant playing cards and dot them around the walls, some on their own, some in hands, some layed out in formation as if for a card trick. This is a cheap and effective way to create a magical look. (You can also stick party invites to big playing cards, and scavenger hunt check lists.)

Inflatable dice are another fun item for a magic party. They look very cool hanging down from the ceiling. Or you could just leave some lying around on the floor for the kids to play with. 

Giant Playing Cards

Only $10.99

Inflatable Dice

Inflatable Dice 2ct
Only $9.49

Magic Party Dress Up Ideas

Magic Wands

Magic Wand


When guests arrive at a party, you want to get them into the theme straight away and a dress up item works well for this. 

These magic wands are inexpensive and lots of fun. You could also add black top hats to add to the effect. 

Please don't give them real white bunnies though!

See: Magic Wand

Serve Food in Black Top Hats!

Black Top Hat (1)


You can get plastic party top hats like these quite cheaply.

Line a party top hat with a napkin - either in black or red or purple to match party supplies - and then place snack food on top!

This works well with potato chips. It also works brilliantly with rabbit shaped cookies or small sandwiches cut with a rabbit cookie cutter. 

See: Black Top Hat 

Magic Cookie Cutters

Rabbits cookie cutters work well for a magic themed party. Use them to make rabbit cookies, rabbit-shaped sandwiches, rabbit shaped brownie shapes.

You'll get to use the rabbit cookie cutters again at Easter! I like items that I can use again. 

This set of Easter cookie cutters include three different rabbit cookie cutters including a rabbit head shape. You could make rabbit head cookies and have them coming out of chocolate brownie top hats. 

Star Cake Pan

Wilton Star Pan
Only $29.95

Magic Star Cake

And other magic cake ideas

A magic star cake works well for a magic party. Bake a star-shaped cake and then decorate in fondant and edible glitter to match the party theme. 

Or you could make:

  • a top hat cake from two small round cakes and a larger round cake stacked on top, or
  • a long magic wand chocolate cake with white fondant on the ends
  • a magic table set up for a card trick
  • a wizard hat
  • a pile of dice cupcakes - bake a big sheet cake and then cut it into cubes and decorate them as dice

Add some fun colored candles for a touch of magic. 

Wizard Hat Cupcakes

Bake some cupcakes and then turn the into wizard hats. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Create little wizard hats from fondant and pop them on the top
  • Pop a Hershey's Kiss or other cone-shaped chocolate or candy on top
  • Put a chocolate sugar cone on top of the cupcake
  • Bake a large sheet cake and cut in into individual triangular mini-cakes

Decorate with melted chocolate or blue fondant if needed, then add a sprinkling of edible gold stars. 

Edible Gold Stars

Wilton Edible Glitter, Gold Stars
$6.99  $4.99

Magic Food Picks

To create magic-themed food picks, a fun option is to get a pack of miniature cards and and tape them onto wooden food picks. 

I love to have a standby like this for turning ordinary party food into magic party food. Use these on sandwiches, pizza squares and other savory snacks. 

Kids love food picks or food flags of any kind and this is a very easy way to create a very cool look on the party food table. 

Mini Playing Cards

Mini Playing Cards [Toy]
Only $6.98

Magic Party Games and Activities

A Magic Show

Of course the main event at a magic party will be the magic show! You may choose to have a professional magician in for this part of the party. Taking this route does give the parents a chance to relax and enjoy the party while the expert does his or her bit. 

But some parents will enjoy taking the stage themselves. Or maybe there's an uncle or aunt or grandparent who likes to show off? Make sure you practice the tricks beforehand. Hang up a thick velvet curtain as a backdrop. And a good stage costume will help you pull this off!

If your child is getting a magic set for their birthday you might want to choose a trick or two for them to practice so that they can get a round of applause at the party. 

Magic Show with Performance Table

Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table
Only $29.99

This magic set gets very good reviews for durability and entertainment value. It includes a DVD which makes it much easier for kids (and adults!) to learn the tricks. 

Magic Scavenger Hunt

A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is always fun at a birthday party. For a magic themed party, you could print out about 10 magical themed pictures for the kids to find: dice, cards, top hat, white bunny, wizard hat, etc. For older kids, write a letter on each picture for them to assemble into a word. 

Give small prizes for completion of the scavenger hunt. 

There are a few different ways you can use simple magic tricks at a party. The birthday child might like to learn a few tricks so they can do a little magic show to amaze their friends. 

Or you can split the kids into small groups and have an adult take each group and teach them a trick. Then get the kids back together and they can put on a show with a volunteer from each group. 

Or you can show the tricks to the kids and see if they can work out how they are done with prizes for those who get it right. 

Wizard Hat Pinata


A wizard hat pinata is a fun way to end a magic-themed party. 

Fill it with magic-themed candy and small favors. Adding some gold star confetti works well too. 


See: "Wizard Hat 19"" Pinata"

Prefilled Magic Party Favor Boxes

Magic Ultimate Favor Set This magic party favor pack is very cool. It actually includes magic tricks that the kids will be able to learn and perform at home.

The pack comes in different versions and prices, but even the basic magic favor sets include magic tricks.

What I would do with these sets is take out the magic tricks to use during the party and then add some candy or chocolate to the party bag.

You can teach the kids how to use the magic tricks during the party so they will know what to do when they take them home.

See: Magic Ultimate Favor Set


More Magic Party Favors

I also like to check for magic party favors on eBay. You can find lots of little inexpensive magic tricks, stickers, magic rubber duckies, magic-themed candy and more. 

Updated: 02/17/2012, TerriRexson
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