Facebook Threatening To Sue 'Mark Zuckerberg'! Shocking Entrepreneur Goes Too Far

by Jerrico_Usher

Who would have thought to change their first and last name to a famous person just to try to drive business to his site? This guy did. I don't think he thought it through!

Facebook Threatening To Sue 'Mark Zuckerberg'! Shocking Entrepreneur Goes Too Far

Some guy decided to open a "Like" store- which is actually against Facebook's TOS, and they tried to get him to shut it down. In rebellion, he decided to get a name change to Mark Zuckerberg as an overzealous and ridiculous attempt to trump the company by spoofing his name and their business.

Facebook quickly reacted to this as you would expect and are threatening to sue him. Will he win? It's not clear yet as the name does contain two non-unique names, however, I think the courts will see through his claim that it's a benign name change when in reality it's a business tactic and likely illegal way to do what he's trying to do!

The New Zucc
The New Zucc

Mark Zuckerberg II

An Israeli man owns a "Like" store which essentially sells people with facebook fan or business pages "Likes" they accumulate somehow. In a stunt to boost his startup he's gone and actually changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg! The video below shows him actually doing this in real time.

He claims he's doing it for personal reasons but in reality it's exactly what it looks like- a marketing stunt. The man was born under the name Rotem Guez and has officially and legally changed his name to the Facebook founder's first and last name! Mark should be a little flattered but his legal department likely isn't in the least.

The change came about at the end of 2011 of this year and the legal team quickly found out about it but not directly.

You see they have a terms of service section that specifically dictates you cannot sell "fans" or "likes" to their facebook site for obvious reasons. It's akin to creating counterfeit money and how that would affect the real value of money.

In trying to shut this site down (as well as any others like it), they ran into Mark Zuckerberg as the contact! Can you imagine their surprise?

They have threatened to sue Mark (two) and I believe they have an excellent case as he not only has a store that is profiting from the Facebook site concept(s), but his name is a clear identifier of the owner's true intention.

The guy really had the nerve to even utilize his new clone name as a ploy to trick the public by calling his site MarkZuckerbergOfficial.com! Oh that's not going to fly guy...

Mark II claims to have first filed a lawsuit with Facebook in January of this year (2012) after the social network refused to allow him to access his profile which it promptly shut down due to the way he was using the service and his breaking terms of service.

This is an obvious ploy to both revenge and to trying to ride the coattails of the mad genius behind facebook. The sites text states (translated) "Are you sad no one's visiting your FB pg? We have a solution! Need 1k Likes? 5k? 10k? We'll get them for you!"

In September the law firm of FB called Perkins Coie, threatened a lawsuit against the Camellia Mark based on the TOS violations with his "like" store. The firm stated (firmly?) that he is to shut down the company site and his company parts that break their TOS and to never return to the site again- ever for ANY reason.

Below is Zucc II's Journey to the interior Ministry where he made the official name change legal. He says (and I laugh and gasp in horror at the same time) that he plans to also change his family's names as well!

He not only set up another facebook page and a twitter account (he's likely saying "you can't watch every page haha")- but I think they will win this suit no holds barred because although it seems on the surface to be a brilliant ploy- the fact is it reeks of intent, and the site has every right to protect their business from leeches and ridiculously immoral businessmen the "Likes" of this guy.

The Twitter account name he chose (of course) is @iMarkZuckerberg and I believe (but not sure) that Twitter has the legal right to remove this name as well based on it's misdirecting the public and his companies ploy at a form of fraud not to mention truth in advertizing.

His Facebook Page includes photos of his new identification card and passport. (shown on this article as well).

So what do you think of this stunt, this guy, and his ploy to skirt his entire company image as well as his family name on this likely unsustainable plan? Let me know in the comments!

(If the video below doesn't load you can view it here: Name Change Office. It's loading then not loading for some reason)

Updated: 05/13/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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