Miniature Electronics For Dollhouses-Laptops, Cellphones And Mini TV's

by LPerry

A look at some of the cutest miniature electronics like cellphones, laptops and tv's for decorating the interior of dollhouses.

Today's modern dollhouse decor demands the latest in technology. Manufacturers are making some of the cutest mini laptops, televisions and teeny cellphones so dolls can stay hip with the times. I don't think you have to have a dollhouse to appreciate how cool these miniature electronic devices really are.

What Doll Can Be Without Her Laptop?

In today's world, children grow up surrounded by the latest technology. For many, life has never existed without access to play stations, cell phones, tablets or computers. Decorating a doll house can be a lot of fun when you have accessories that look exactly like the things you find in today's home. Maybe your doll likes to log on to do research for homework. Maybe she just likes to pretend that she is sending messages to her other doll friends.

Miniature Cellphones Are So Cool

I couldn't imagine Barbie lounging out by the pool without a cell phone to stay in touch with Ken and all of her other friends. These tiny phones have pretend smart app sophistication which can make for some very interesting conversations. Even though these miniatures are made for dolls and child's play, I could see them working as party favors or gag gifts.

Teeny Televisions For Realistic Dollhouse Decorating

Aren't these little television sets adorable? I like how they come in a few different styles so a child can decorate her doll house to her taste. The first television shown below on the left even has a remote control on top of the cabinet for amazing realism. The hi-fi set has large speakers to make watching t.v. feel like a theater experience. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are just plain cute.

Remembering My Childhood Dollhouse Accessories

Way back in the olden days when I was a kid, cell phones, laptops and flat screen televisions didn't exist. I had two Barbie dolls that lived in converted shoe boxes with wrapping paper decor for the walls.

I remember gluing cardboard scraps to make furniture pieces like chairs, beds and sofas. If Barbie wanted to watch t.v., I would draw one and tape it to the wall.

Dollhouse accessories before laptops and cellphones were invented

Vintage Dollhouse Accessories
Vintage Dollhouse Accessories

Collecting Or Making Miniature Electronics For Dollhouses Could Be An Interesting Hobby

When I first started checking out these miniature electronics, I was just impressed at how far dollhouse accessories have come over the years. Miniature toys that resemble modern electronic devices would be a unique thing to collect.

 Not only are they a sign of the times as far as kids toys are concerned, they seem to inspire a lot of DIY fans that can come up with very clever and creative ways to make their own mini electronics.

Learn how to make your own play iPhones and cases with Popsicle sticks, nail polish, stickers, and lots of imagination.

Updated: 02/20/2021, LPerry
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