My 1,000 Wizzley Hits per Day Challenge : Or Haz I Lost My Mind Here?

by Regi_B

Good day, aspiring Internet marketers and pros alike!

Herein, is a wizzle that will not fizzle! It is a wizzle that will shine a light on ways to build a strong stream of income via Wizzley.

The Plan:

  • Use the excellent Keyword Strategy tool plus The Keyword Academy's all new Niche Refinery to develop high traffic, low competition longtail keyword ideas.
  • Write full-fledged wizzles, each targetted to a given longtail -- with keywords and titles that have the potential to go viral, so make sure your shots are up to date!
  • CAVEAT! Included in my wizzle ideas will be those about things that just grab me -- like, if the subject is funny and I just have to write about it. (See my new wizzle on inflatable taxidermy -- HAH! -- for example.) You've got to have passion, baby!
  • Tweet -- with hashtags! -- wizzles regularly via my new twitter feed @MyLifeAsRegiB -- to give each a chance to go viral, like a sickness with a quickness!
  • On Twitter, do more than just repeatedly tweet my new wizzles -- so as not to seem a spammy sammy.
  • Give regular updates here on this wizzle -- to keep all yalz posted on the progress of Regi B's little shimmy shammy wizbang experiment.
  • Rinse, repeat, yada yada yada.

The Reasons:

  • I love what I see here at Wizzley -- xoxo.
  • The authors' collective Internet marketing concept has always appealed to me, and I feel Wizzley is doing it right -- yeah, nice, w00t!
  • The regular tweeting will be a good way to get organic backlinks, and I have never been good at manufactured backlinking -- it bores me to tears!
  • 1,000 hits is no magic number, but it is scaleable. Once I know what kind of revenue 1,000 hits bring -- and how many days & wizzles & tweets it takes to reach 1,000 hits -- I can scale up to the income I desire -- and I do desire some income, hmmm.

(Of course, I know that 1,000 social hits is not the same as 1,000 Google hits, but my hope is the latter will feed off the former. Does that even make sense? Hah!)

The Tools:

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Niche Refinery by The Keyword Academy
  • Google Chrome (Required for Niche Refinery)
  • A light and hopeful sense of humor -- you need that in any entrepreneurial endeavor.  (Who talks like that!)

The Duel:

Who thinks Regi B is smart to do this, and who thinks he has lost his everlovin' mind?
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No! He has lost it!
Lissie on 02/16/2012

Everyman and his dog, and me, have spent years chasing long-tail high traffic low competition kws - unfortunately the data you are using (based on Google's search vols) is deeply flawed.

You don't need traffic to make money - you need buying traffic, I make far more on low traffic sites that have the right traffic than on high vol sites with lots of lookers

humagaia on 02/16/2012

I don't think you are smart. You would be smart in my eyes if you aimed at $10 or £50 or $100 a day from all your income streams. It ain't smart just to aim at traffic - you gotta earn money, dosh, mazuma, cash, folding stuff, you know that stuff you spend or put in the bank

Oh, yeah! This is smart -- lookin' forward to the results!
JoHarrington on 06/19/2014

For the record, I was getting 1000 hits a day after my first year. I'm heading towards double that now.

katiem2 on 02/16/2012

I like it! I will be keeping an eye on you as you maneuver your crazy strategy.

TerriRexson on 02/16/2012

I'm definitely looking forward to the results. I'd be interested to know how much time you invest in this project too.

Regi_B on 02/16/2012

I feel smahhht! I got this!

The Updates:

February 20, 2012 -- With great input from Wizzley peers, I have been writing targeted content for wizzles I will soon publish. I will definitely have 10 wizzles published this week, and I will be tweeting about them. More soon.

February 16, 2012 -- My first step as I see it is to write 10 killer -- and clever! -- new wizzles. The wizzles I have published to date are "good enough", but I am trying as part of this challenge thingy here to publish the very best, interesting, informative, can't-take-your-eyes-off-it content I possibly can -- and quickly.

Once I have those 10 new wizbangaweloos, I'll be ready to tweetaleedeetaleedoo! I will write those as fast as I can, begin tweeting, and keep you peeps posted. :-D

PS: In addition, I am going to explore how to use Google+ as part of this "assault". Is "assault" too extreme? Try the reduced sodium kind. (Oh, noooes! A pun I did!)

Updated: 02/21/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 02/16/2012

@BrendaReeves -- I will let you know, for sure!

@Sam -- Thank you!

@humagaia -- Many thank yous! You have given me much useful info -- something others can follow, as well! Cool!

humagaia on 02/16/2012

1,000 hits a day is no big shakes if you create content and have a good following on Twitter that you entertain regularly. Tips:
Make sure you got 2,000 followers, at least, on Twitter
Tweet each article daily, for a month, with a new shortened URL each time, and a catchy title tag (I sure know you can do that) - only do this from Wizzley the first go.
Post each article to Stumble as you finish it - that's 20 hits a day
Post every article to Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn and FB - unless you have a following at each, this will be a waste of time - 2 hits per day
Make sure your brand is established so sites other than Google pick up on your stuff (If you want income, this is essential - if someone comes from G, likelihood is they are Adsense blind)
You'll probably need a portfolio of at least 20 Wizer's to hit your traffic targets
As for income it all depends what you write about, whether the audience you attract is motivated (to buy or to click that little adsense ad) - traffic don't mean income!
Oh, by the way I hit the 1,000 mark on 12th Feb when I received 1375 hits (22 wizers). Since then 981 on 13th, 1053 on 14th & yesterday the counter was down. My 2 best traffic wizers get > 100 hits a day, none get < 25 except my whizzography. OOf that traffic 19% is Wizzley (that should decrease significantly over time), 8% comes from G, 23% from, 3% stumble. The other 47% comes from other search engines and Twitter (the Twitter %age will decrease as well).
If you need any more data to add to yours, let me know.
Oh, these figures have built over the 25 days I have been here, writing 1 articles a day and promoting for half hour to an hour per day.
Good luck with your challenge, it is eminently do-able.

Sam on 02/16/2012

I am sure you can do it, good luck!

BrendaReeves on 02/16/2012

Let me know when you hit 1000. It's a good goal.

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