Nautical Paperweights

by CruiseReady

Nautical paperweights are a great desk accessory, whether you want to add a personal touch to your space on the job, or your home office. They also make nice display pieces.

My mom collected paperweights, and I still have many from her collection. What I need is a few more nautical paperweights to add to those I have.

Some of nautical paperweights I've been searching through to find my next acquisition are shown here. I've come across some attractive and unique ones. Maybe some are ones you'll be proud to display on your desk or anywhere in your home for decorative accents.

Nautical paperweights cam tale the form of anchors, boats, fish, seashells, mermaids and more.

Nautical decor is a blast to use to decorate rooms in your home or office! These nautical paperweights will add a nice touch of the sea anywhere they are placed. They can even be used as decorative accents on a shelf or side table.

Mermaids - The Stuff of Sailors' Dreams

Monument to Alfonso XII of Spain, Madrid
Mermaid Statue in Madrid, Spain
Mermaid Statue in Madrid, Spain

Mermaids Continue to Capture Our Imagination

Mermaids have appeared as artistic themes for centuries.  Mermaid statues are often built at harbors and other places frequented by sailors.  One of the most famous ones is the statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.  It memorializes the Hans Christen Anderson fairy tale by the same name.  

These half woman, half fish creatures often fueled the dreams of ancient seamen.  

Through the ages, there have been claims that they actually exist, though none of the claims has been substantiated. Still they remain part of our fantasy, and today are a popular subject of cosplay.  

Due to their continuing appeal,,mermaid paperweights are widely available, with cast iron being one of the most popular materials for these lovely creatures.


Anchors Are A Universal Nautical Symbol

They are Recognized Everywhere

Anchors - a Favorite Nautical Theme

They Have a Lot of Meaning

Why do so many people count the classic anchor as their favorite nautical symbol?  Perhaps it's because it's so universally recognized as an essential part of life at sea.  It's been that way for generations.  But it also represents steadfastness, faithfulness, and safety.  

Whatever the reason, that classic configuration, like the one shown in the above photo continues to have wide appeal. That particular design is called the Admiralty Pattern. 

However, the Admiralty Pattern anchor wasn't the first thing used to keep a boat from going adrift.  Nor is it the only design used today.

Early mariners used heavy stones and rocks.  Holes were drilled in large rocks for attaching a rope.  Early fishermen loaded up sturdy baskets with heavy stones.

 Today a number of designs are used.  Some of them are variations of the classic Admiralty Pattern.  Others bear little resemblance to it.  One style looks like a giant upside down mushroom!

Nevertheless, if you want something nautical for your desk, chances are you'll gravitate towards some representation of the classic anchor.


Anchors to Weigh Down Your Paperwork

Nautical Desk Accessories in Brass or Marble
Handcrafted Nautical Decor Solid Brass Anchor Paperweight, Brass
Anchor Paperweight

Popular Nautical Themes

Include Sailboats, Lighthouses, and more
Cape Cod Lighthouse and Sailboat
Cape Cod Lighthouse and Sailboat

Other Nautical Themes

There are many choices in themes for a nautical decor.  if you just want an accent here or there, then small items, like a paperweight or business card holder is easy add.  Here are some of the types of things you might consider when looking to add a bit of nautical flavor:

  • Shore birds, including seagulls and pelicans
  • Ships wheels, or the captain's helm
  • Brass sextant
  • Spy Glass
  • Boats and ships of all kinds
  • Lighthouses
  • Sailor's knots
  • A working compass or a compass rose
  • Fish and other sea creatures
  • Seashells


Old Seashell Themed Glass Paperweight

Seashells and corals in glass paperweight
Seashells and corals in glass paperweight
Old Nautical Paperweight from my mother's collection

Collectable Paperweights

Make a Lovely Display

My mother had a collection of paperweights, mostly ones made of glass. I still have some of them. The one shown in the above photo was one of hers, and I believe it's over 80 years old. They make a lovely display.  Some are in my china cabinet, and others are set out on one of the selves that is built in to our den.

Paperweight collections are still popular with some people.

Are you one of them?  (A poll follows)

Do You Collect Paperweights?

Or Do You Know Someone Who Does?

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CruiseReady on 09/26/2015

Yes, we all love Mom's paperweights. I've passed a couple on to my daughter already, and she is proud to have them.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/22/2015

CruiseReady, Thank you! The paperweight from your Mother is lovely! Your collection must be quite a treat for family and friends during holiday celebrations.
The knots, spyglass, and wheel themes sound particularly cooperative with classic and contemporary settings.

CruiseReady on 09/12/2015

Awww, thank you so much. And sorry you can't be in S Florida right now. Weather is so nice there. (and here in the central part of the state, too)

HomeArtist1 on 09/11/2015

OMG! Is that too-cute adorabl-isious (I made that up) blown glass turtle paperweight to die for? I love blown glass and if I had my way, I would be wall-to-wall with it! I miss South Florida SO much . . .!

CruiseReady on 07/24/2015

happynutritionist - the seashell one is a lovely reminder of mother whenever I look at it

CruiseReady on 07/24/2015

I am tempted to get one of the anchor ones myself!

sheilamarie on 07/24/2015

I like the seashell paperweight that you have here the best. My grandmother used to collect paperweights.

Marie on 07/24/2015

This is a really lovely collection of collectible paperweights. Any of these would look really good out on display and make great gifts for someone who loves this nautical theme.

happynutritionist on 07/23/2015

Collecting paperweights is a nice hobby. I have to say I love the one with the shells that is part of your mother collection, the mermaid ones are nice as well!

CruiseReady on 07/23/2015

LOL Yes, that woiuld be for the desk of a giant, I guess.

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