New Playmobil Sets for 2011

by TerriRexson

An overview of the new Playmobil Sets for 2011. Playmobil come out with brilliant new toys each year. Let's look at the toys that are new to the US market for 2011.

We Love Playmobil

We love Playmobil in our house. I have two boys aged 3 and nearly 5 and they spend hours playing with Playmobil. We've had cheaper plastic toys and always been disappointed - they break or just don't work well. With Playmobil you know it's going to be well designed and the kids are going to get lots from playing with it. 

We're always really pleased when the kids get Playmobil as a gift as we know the kids will enjoy it and it will be high quality and encourage them to play independently and imaginatively. They love all the little bits and pieces and details in a Playmobil set. 

Let's take a look at the Playmobil sets that are new to the US market for 2011. (Some of them have been available in other countries previously.)

Playmobil 4850 Big City Zoo

Playmobil 4850 Big City Zoo
Only $579.99

More of the Playmobil Zoo Range for 2011

Playmobil 4851 Petting Zoo
Only $49.99
Playmobil 4852 Asia Zoo
Playmobil 4855 Zoo Vehicle with Giraf...
Only $34.99
Playmobil Zoo 4853 Suricate Rookery
geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG
Playmobil Zoo 4854 Koala Tree with Ka...

Playmobil Large Zoo

The centerpiece to Playmobil's new Zoo range is the Playmobil 4850 Big City Zoo. This set includes the main zoo with entrance and, ticket office. The focus is on African animals, there are adult and baby sets of elephants, giraffes, and zebras, plus a pride of lions with a male lion, lioness and two lion cubs. 

You get the pieces needed to build enclosures for the animals including signs. Just make sure you keep the lions separate from the herbivores! You get two zookeeper figures (a man and a lady) and a visiting Mom with her son and baby in a buggy. 

And of course there are loads of extra bits and pieces including flowers and plants, a very cute set of tiny toy animals and accessories for cleaning and feeding the animals. 

We have an earlier Playmobil Zoo and it's lots of fun. The animals are really well made and jointed so you can pose them (but well-designed so they don't break.) The boys love setting up the zoo and all the Playmobil figures get to visit, knights, pirates and all ;-)

Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide

Playmobil 4858 Open Air Pool with Slide
Only $164.95

Playmobil Summer Sets

Playmobil have released a range of summer toys including the Playmobil 4848 Open Air Pool with Slide. This is a fun toy for playing with in the summer, or preparing for or remembering a family holiday. You can put water into the pool which kids really have fun with! There's also a working showing that operates with a push button. 

The set includes a family with Mom and Dad and four kids. And of course lots of poolside accessories including a lounger and parasol. 

There's more to the summer range including a new version of the Playmobil Camper Van and other Summer Playmobil sets

Playmobil 4875 Secret Agent Headquarters

Playmobil 4875 Agents Headquarter
Only $162.06

Playmobil Secret Agents

The Playmobil 4875 Secret Agents Headquarters is the key set to the new Playmobil Secret Agents range. The range has a brilliant back story. Dr Devil (he's not going to be a good guy is he!) and his evil Robo Gang are launching virus satellites and causing hi tech havoc. It's up to you and the Spy Gang to save the world. 

This range is great fun, it reminds you of James Bond or Jason Bourne. It's full of technical gadgets and vehicles that transform. 

The range also includes a real spy camera that can be mounted on a vehicle, motorized boats that really float and move on water, and even a dynamo-powered UV flashlight. There's lots to like here. 

Check out the rest of the Playmobil Secret Agent range

Playmobil Grand Mansion

Playmobil Grand Mansion
Only $499.95

Playmobil Grand Mansion Dollhouse

The new Playmobil Grand Mansion Dollhouse is very impressive. It's designed for easy access to all the rooms and can eaily cope with multiple children when you have friends round to play. 

There are seven room sets available for the Grand Mansion. Each is full of details. Kids, especially girls, will love laying the table for tea, putting the kids to bed and then getting everyone ready to go out for the day. 

Playmobil 4865 Knights - Lion Knights Empire Castle

Playmobil 4865 Knights - Lion Knights Empire Castle
Only $222.99

Playmobil Lion and Falcon Knights Sets

New Playmobil Castles and Knights

The Playmobil Lion Knights and Falcon Knights are the latest additions to the Playmobil medieval universe. The Lion Knights are loyal to the King and Queen (who come with the Lion Knight's Empire Castle). The Lion Knights must protect the royals and their treasure (also included.)

Of course there are less reputable knights too. Those Falcon Knights will make off with the treasure if they manage to break into the castle or capture the treasure when it's being moved. The Falcon Knights also have a castle.

And lots of other sets are included in the range. There's plenty of scope here for grand battles and the Falcon Knights storming the Lion Knights' Castle. There are loads of weapons and armor in the range too. 

Check out the Playmobil Lion and Falcon Knights Sets

4228 Pick-Up Truck with Quad Bike

Pick-Up Truck with Quad Bike
Only $59.1

Playmobil Pick Up Truck with Quad Bike and optional remote control

The 4228 Pick-Up Truck comes with a ramp and quad bike and rider. The bright yellow and red colors are very striking and will appeal to kids. The quad bike has a pull back engine which is great fun. 

And you can upgrade the Pick Up Truck with Playmobil's remote control (RC set) for lots of extra fun. 

4162 Advent Calendar "Dinosaur Expedition"

Advent Calendar "Dinosaur Expedition" by Playmobil

More Playmobil Advent Calendars 2011

The Playmobil Advent Calendars 2011 range is very cool. Playmobil Advent calendars are packed with great toys. You have a choice of calendars to suit your child.

Playmobil Advent Calendars 2011

And finally, Playmobil's latest range of Advent Calendars. We love Playmobil Advent Calendars, they are packed with great toys and very good value. 

We've shown the Dinosaur Expedition Advent Calendar above which is a very cool theme. But it's very hard to choose between the available Playmobil Advent Calendars. 

Updated: 07/23/2011, TerriRexson
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mivvy on 07/24/2011

My favourite is the dollhouse, I would have loved them so many years ago, but Playmobil had not been inbented then

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