LEGO Ninjago Party Favors

by TerriRexson

Lots of ideas for Ninjago party favors that will make LEGO Ninjago fans very happy!

LEGO Ninjago is very popular and lots of kids want a LEGO Ninjago birthday party. But it can be tricky to find official licensed party supplies. And of course kids want the real deal!

On this page I've included the best Ninjago party favors I can find including Ninjago books and small LEGO Ninjago sets. The original red Ninjago theme with skeletons is still popular and the new 2012 snakes theme with the green color is a big hit.

It's probably better to go for one nice Ninjago item and then just add some candy. This is likely to be better received than a selection of cheaper items.

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Ninjago Books

Make Good Party Favors

There's a range of Ninjago Books available including first reading books - these are colorful with lots of pictures that kids will enjoy and they have large text that tells the Ninjago story. Parents will appreciate a party favor like this as well as the kids!

The Ninjago Reader books have a RRP of $3.99 but at time of writing they are on a 4-for-3 promotion at Amazon. It can be better to offer one good item in a party bag and just add a small item of candy. 

There are other Ninjago books available too for older kids including graphic novels. 

Ninjago Booster Packs

The new 2012 Ninjago spinner game (Spinjitzu) has booster packs. These packs include a minifigure, game cards, weapons, lego blocks and attachments for spinners including a crown that goes on the top. 

They're like a complete Ninjago party favor bag in themselves. There are a few different kinds available so you can buy a mixture. 

Ninjago Kendo Cole Booster

LEGO Ninjago Kendo Cole 9551
$29.98  $39.99
There are new Ninjago booster packs being released throughout 2012. The Spinjitzu boosters are a cheap way to get some cool new Ninjago minifigures and weapons.

Lime Green Lego Bricks

The new 2012 Lego Ninjago theme features the amazing lime green Lego color heavily. It works brilliantly with the snake theme and many of the Lego Ninjago sets include some lime green Lego bricks. But we never seem to have enough of this color for my boys to make all the stuff they want to. 

So look for a collection of Lime Green Lego Bricks on eBay and sprinkle a few into each party bag. You could do this with mixed Lego brick colors too, but the lime green color is fantastic. 

Red and Blue Lego Pencils

These LEGO pencils are actually from the LEGO City party range, but they work really well with the Ninjago theme because of the colors.

Kai the red ninja and Jay the blue ninja are favorites with kids and they'll enjoy these red and blue LEGO pencils. 

You get 12 in a set, 6 red and 6 blue. 

LEGO Pencils

Lego Pencils
Only $6.97

Ninjago Sale at the Lego Store

It's also worth checking the Lego Store Sales and Deals icon section at the Lego Store online. They often have Ninjago items on sale. These probably won't be the very latest Ninjago items but you might be able to find a bargain. 

Ninjago Party Favors on eBay

It's also worth checking for Ninjago party favors on eBay. You can sometimes find bundles of Ninjago themed items that work well as party favors. 

Ninjago Party Favors

More Ninjago Ideas

Updated: 03/15/2012, TerriRexson
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