Nook Tablet for Kids

by TerriRexson

The Nook Tablet is a new eReader and tablet pc from Barnes & Noble. It's new for 2011. Let's look at what the Nook Tablet offers for kids.

Nook Tablet for Children

Color tablets and eReaders are increasingly popular for children. The Nook Tablet is Barnes and Noble's new 7" color touchscreen tablet, released in November 2011 in time for Christmas. ey 

Barnes & Noble have even included a Read and Record feature that is designed specifically for children. They have realized how much kids enjoy color picture books on an eReader. 

The Nook Tablet isn't just an eReader, it can play apps including kids games and educational apps. It has a web browser and it can be used for watching videos. 

The Nook Tablet isn't specifically for children, but there is lots of content available for them. 

The Nook Tablet











Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet Kids Books

At the Nook Kids store you will find over 1000 color picture books for kids, plus a range of Read and Play Interactive kids books for the Nook. 

Barnes & Noble are very much focusing on providing kids content for the Nook Tablet. Here are a few popular titles:

Nook Tablet Read and Record Demo

Nook Tablet Games and Educational Apps for Kids

The Nook Tablet has a library of free and paid apps for kids. You'll find favorites like Angry Birds which the older kids will enjoy and preschool learning apps. 

Nook Tablet Videos for Kids

For movies, TV shows and music Barnes & Noble have partnered with online content providers including Netflix, Hulu Plus™ and Pandora®. 

This means you get access to a wide range of videos and movies including children's titles. 

Nook Tablet Parental Controls

For many parents, parental controls are very important for a tablet that they will allow their children to use. 

The Nook Tablet allows internet access to be password protected with a PIN number to prevent kids browsing the web unsupervised or using social media. 

There are also purchase controls that you can set up so kids can't buy anything without a password. 

What if you drop the Nook Tablet?

Is it child-safe?

One of the other things you might be wondering about is how sturdy the Nook Tablet is? Clearly this is an electronic device - it's something kids need to be taught to be careful with. But accidents do happen. 

In the video below you can see a drop test of the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. Both devices survive a drop onto concrete with only damage to the cases (the Kindle Fire does a little better.) But a facedown drop breaks the screen on the Kindle, whereas the Nook Tablet gets protected by the plastic bezel which sticks up around the screen. Both devices seem reasonably sturdy though. 

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire for Kids

In terms of the content available, the Kindle Fire does have more eBooks and apps available. But Barnes & Noble have a pretty good selection too. The Kindle Fire is cheaper. But only by $50. 

The Nook Tablet wins on parental controls. The Kindle Fire does not yet have a proper set of parental controls (it does have controls for in-app purchases and you should be able to turn off 1-click ordering.)

The Read and Record feature is unique to the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Both tablets have a range of interactive books and apps. 

See Kindle Fire for Kids for more information. 

Nook Tablet for Kids?

The Nook Tablet is getting good reviews for ease of use and Barnes & Noble are really focussing on making it a good eReader and tablet for children. 

Parents will appreciate the built-in parental controls which are easy to configure. 

The Nook Tablet makes a good purchase or gift for a family with kids. It has plenty to keep kids occupied. 

Updated: 03/13/2012, TerriRexson
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A on 04/13/2012


AGE 11

Jimmie on 11/29/2011

Love the crash testing! That would certainly be my concern with buying a Nook for a child. My daughter got her Kindle at age 10. EReaders are perfect for expats and those who travel a lot.

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