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by TerriRexson

The Nook Color Tablet from Barnes & Noble now comes in 8GB and 16 GB versions.

What is the Nook Tablet?

Or Nook Color 2

The Nook Tablet is the name for the Nook Color 2, the new version of the Barnes & Noble color eReader and tablet. 

The Nook Tablet is a Kindle Fire competitor with a high specification, affordable price and a range of deals to bring content to users. 

There's now a new cheaper 8GB Nook Tablet available as well as the original 16GB Nook Tablet.











Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet Price

At time of writing the price of the original 16GB Nook Tablet is $249. There's also a new 8GB Nook Tablet at $199 - the same price as a Kindle Fire.

Nook Tablet Spec

The Nook Tablet has had a hardware upgrade from the Nook Color. The Nook Tablet looks similar to its predecessor but has a more powerful specification. 

  • Dual core processor
  • 1 GB of RAM (Kindle Fire has half this amount)
  • 16GB of storage (more than the Kindle Fire) - or 8GB in the cheaper version
  • 7-inch color touch screen with 1024×600  resolution
  • microSD expansion slot.

Nook Tablet Media Content

What can you use the Nook Tablet for?

The Nook Tablet is designed to be used as an eReader and also a device for playing other media and apps. The content available for the Nook Tablet includes (at additional cost):

  • Netflix movies
  • Hulu Plus movie and TV show streaming
  • Pandora internet radio for music
  • Barnes & Noble eBook library
  • Wide range of magazines
  • A range of popular apps 


Nook Tablet Key Features

If you're considering buying a Nook Tablet then these are the key features that distinguish this color eReader and media player. 

  • High specification fast hardware at a reasonable price
  • Lightweight (under a pound)
  • Free support in Barnes & Noble stores if you need help
  • Read and record for children's books - voice recording so children can hear a parent or grandparent read them a story. 
  • Extra long battery life

Nook Tablet Video

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

Movies, apps, games, music, reading and more, plus Amazon's revolutionary cloud-accelerated web browser - 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books - Amazon ...

Only $199.00

So, Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire? Which is the better tablet and eReader? Well, it's going to depend on what is most important to you. The Kindle Fire is less expensive, but the Nook Tablet does hjave some points in its favor. 

If you look at the hardware specification, the Nook Tablet has more RAM memory (used for processing) and a slightly faster processor, both of which should make it faster for many tasks, but Amazon would argue that the Kindle Fire has been heavily optimized so it doesn't need such a high specification to perform well. 

The Nook also has twice the storage for books and other media content on the device. And it also has a Micro SD card for additional storage. Amazon would say that their cloud storage means that extra storage space on the device is unnecessary. The Nook Tablet also has access to the Nook Cloud for additional storage.

The Nook Tablet certainly wins in terms of hardware specification. Though the Amazon Kindle makes up some of that ground through clever software. 

The Nook Tablet is slightly lighter than the Kindle Fire which will be important to some people.

Barnes & Noble also offer in store service and assistance for the Nook inside many of its stores. This will be a key factor for people who are less technically savvy and appreciate being able to talk to someone in person about any issues they have.

Amazon have not yet discussed parental controls for the Kindle Fire. The Nook Color enabled internet access to be disabled, so this may be once area where the Nook Tablet is preferable for some users.

But the deciding factor for many people will be whether you want to make use of Amazon's hugemedia library and cloud services.

The NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight

If you don't need the full function of a tablet, but do need a light for reading in the dark then you could consider the NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight. It's a NOOK eReader with a touchscreen and it can be used with the light on or off. 

Buy the Nook Tablet

Or, Buy the Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
Only $199.00
Updated: 04/13/2012, TerriRexson
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Michey on 11/08/2011

Any source which make us save time and in the same time read more is welcome... as we use to postpone things based on time constrains argument which some time is a real day-by-day struggle.
All of them: Nook, Kindle are useful tools created for out convenience.
Great post

Digby_Adams on 11/07/2011

I own two Nooks. There are times when e-books are not for sale on nook but are on Amazon. I think it's because these are books that kids read in school and Barnes and Noble still wants store customers as well. I trust Amazon a bit more in the content realm as well. But my next e-reader or tablet will be non-aligned.

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