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by TerriRexson

The Octonauts is a lovely show for preschoolers and little kids featuring undersea creatures and their adventures. FInd out all about Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and the crew.

Disney Octonauts

In January 2012 the Octonauts joined Disney channel! This is excellent news. The Octonauts is a wonderful show for preschoolers and little kids. 

This page is a resource for parents whose kids love Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso and the crew. You'll find out more about the show and find lots of ideas for Octonauts fans. 

The Octonauts and the The Only Lonely Monster

The Octonauts and The Only Lonely Monster
$10.99  $1.65

The Octonauts is based on a series of books by design team Meomi. Usually it's the other way round and books come out based on a popular TV show. But this time the books were the inspiration for the TV show. 

Click on the book above and 'Look Inside' to see how gorgeous the Octonauts books are. These are books that adults will enjoy sharing with their kids because the design is beautiful. There's plenty of gentle humour too. 

I love the description in the book: "Combining the appeal of Hello Kitty and the spirit of Star Trek, the Octonauts will entertain children and adults alike."

If your kids enjoy the Octonauts TV show then do check out the range of Octonauts books. 

The Octonauts TV Show

The Octonauts TV show has been running in the UK since late 2010 and is quite faithful to the Meomi books, the graphics and the characters will be familiar. My boys (aged 3 and 5) love the show and so do lots of their friends. We ended up at the local children's playground after school one day with a group of kids aged 5 and under - they launched into a big game of Octonauts. All the kids knew about Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Dashi and Professor Shellington!

Our kids don't want too much TV and a lot of it is nature shows, but they do watch the Octonauts. It's cute and colorful and also packed with lots of facts about undersea creatures. My boys have learned lots by watching this show. It's also a show that I'm happy to have on. And you'll even catch me watching it some of the time. 

The episode with the aggregate anemones is our family favorite. You'll often find us pretending to sting each other and laughing. (Watch out for that episode!)

Because the Octonauts has already aired in the UK, a range of Octonauts toys has already been designed. One of the main ranges is Octonauts themed playsets than can be used in water so you can reenact scenes from the Octonauts in the bath! You can play with them on land too!

Some of these international Octonauts toys are available in the US. We expect that you will see more Octonauts toys appearing as the show becomes more popular. 

Octonauts Toys
Find out more about the Octonauts range of toys.

Why are they called Octonauts?

Why are they called Octonauts? Well there are eight main characters in the Octonauts. And naut means sailor, as in nautical. So they are the eight sailors. Very appropriate and it ends up being a cute name that fits the characters well. 

Who is Your Favorite Octonauts Character?

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That's a good choice. Well they all are!

Octonauts Coloring Pages

Of your kids enjoy the Octonauts then they'll love to color in cute Octonauts pictures. The artwork is delightful and makes brilliant coloring pages. 

Octonauts Coloring Pages
Lots of fun Octonauts pictures to color.

Disney Octonauts Trailer (US Only)

Check out the trailer if you haven't seen the show yet
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Kaye Ferguson on 08/06/2012

My granddaughters loves them but can't ofind any

yvonne on 05/04/2012

my almost 4 year old grandson loves octonauts,has most of the figures and the available gups,wish they would bring out the in-accessable ones,he caint wait much longer!!!

Marie on 01/08/2012

My daughter certainly likes the Octonauts. I know it's popular at school too.

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